4 Huge Mistakes I Made When Starting My OnlyFans Agency

Since my last post 6 days ago, a lot has happened. Well, a lot and a little. That's the problem about our business: it feels like...

Since my last post 6 days ago, a lot has happened.

Well, a lot and a little. That’s the problem about our business: it feels like you’re never making any progress, but things gradually start to go in the right direction: producing a lot of money.

Sure, some people start out further along than others. Some start making money faster than others.

But in the end, the fundamentals never change.

Recruit, promote, and expand.

Of course, the magic occurs when you break those down.

In this piece, I’m going to try something new: I’m going to describe everything I’ve done wrong in the month and a half since establishing this agency.

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Mistake #1 – Recruiting Fresh Models With No OF

The first mistake I made in this journey was focusing almost exclusively on models that had never done OF before.

In reality, the majority of the reasons why models are frustrating can be linked down to one factor: they have no experience performing OnlyFans.

Consider this: what are the BIGGEST issues that people have with models?

  • They fail to follow through
  • They fail to deliver content
  • They fail to arrive on time

All of these are signs of their not performing what you need them to do, which is effectively 95% creating content and 5% verifications.

That is not to argue that ALL completely new models that do not have an established OF will be crap. Everyone has to begin somewhere.

But, given the option, I’d prefer work with someone who is already experienced with the effort necessary to be successful.

Furthermore, struggling OF creators are pretty much your ideal customer. They’ve tried it on their own, realized they’re not up to the task, and are now open to the concept of someone doing all the tedious labor so they can focus on their strength: generating content.

I’d heard this a few times before, but it always seemed risky to me. Experienced OF creators would undoubtedly seek a higher percentage, would be more finicky about how they were promoted, and would be more difficult to manage.

But I’d rather have someone who is DIFFICULT to handle than someone who is IMPOSSIBLE.

If they ghost, then they’re impossible to manage.

Anyway, this is most likely the most significant insight I’ve had in the last month and a half.

So far, I’ve only been trying to get fresh girls without an OF to join. Not on purpose, but if you aren’t deliberately seeking for chicks WITH an OF, you’re less likely to discover them.

Until now, my recruiting strategy consisted of “spray and pray” spamming of hundreds of accounts every day in the hopes that some of them might be interested.

And although it did lead me to where I am now (8 total models of varied quality), I believe that if I had focused from the start on attempting to recruit ONLY ladies who had previously begun, I would be far further along.

Does this imply that I will not recruit new girls? Naturally, I will. My best model (more on her later) has never done OF before and is rocking it in her first week.

However, such are certainly the exception rather than the rule.

Mistake #2 – Failing To Consistently Recruit

I’ve gone through two phases of recruitment since beginning this trip. The first period occurred within my first 2-3 weeks with the agency. Then I had a two-week vacation before embarking on another week of recruitment.

One thing I’ve discovered is that when I’m not recruiting, my general productivity seems to suffer. What’s interesting is that when I’m not recruiting, I don’t “feel” any less busy. I still feel like I’m stretched too thin trying to accomplish everything that I’m not doing.

But when I don’t recruit, I don’t have a steady stream of prospective new “customers” coming in.

This is a highly volatile industry where one day you have a model on board and the next she comes up with some nonsense explanation why she can’t provide you the pictures she promised.

This occurred to my second favorite girl, who was doing well until she got into a huge disagreement with her husband one weekend. Then she was on her period. Then, at the strip club, someone gave her a THC gummy, and she had to go to the hospital. Then, then, then…

She hasn’t sent me anything in over a week. And she was a girl who was on course to make $10,000 per month in just a few months.

But that’s the way it is. That’s why you should always be recruiting (at least when you’re starting off).

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Mistake #3 – Spending Too Much Time In Group Chats

When I started recording this journey 4 month and a half ago, I had nothing. No network, no skills, no experience.

I started writing trip articles to keep myself motivated, but I quickly found that it was an excellent method to minimize my learning curve by connecting with others in the same industry.

I got a ton of comments on my posts, DMs from people offering tips, and started joining group chats. I even started a group chat that I got tremendous value from because of the caliber/experience of the people in there.

So I began to associate group conversations with value in my thoughts. The more individuals I could network with, the shorter my learning curve would be.

The benefits of the group chats are pretty insane.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Partnerships with people who promote my models
  2. Product recommendations for new software that improves efficiency
  3. Model recruitment and promotion tips and tactics
  4. Other group chat recommendations

This saves me a lot of time attempting to sort out all of this nonsense on my own. This is also a very young industry, so you can’t just Google everything. Even on blackhat forums, there isn’t much information available.

So the benefit of being in a few group chats and being able to ask a question to 500 people is ridiculous.

The issue is that these group conversations are quite distracting. I sometimes spend more time on conversations than I do on actual business. And, although learning is important, when your immediate reaction to the “what should I do now” inclination is “check the group chat,” it begins to hurt your productivity.

So I’ve begun keeping Telegram and Discord locked when I work. I keep my phone next to me and check it every hour or so in case I need to contact someone special.

I’m no longer a casual social media user, but I view these chat applications the same way I used to see social media: something to do while standing in line at the grocery store.

Mistake #4 – Putting Off Spending Money

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I have a serious problem when it comes to making decisions that involve spending money.

Consider this easy example: a few weeks ago, I had someone scrape an adult jobs website for me in order to obtain 7000 phone numbers of girls looking for work in the adult jobs industry.

Even if the most of them were garbage, I believed there had to be a few gems in there worth reaching out to. However, doing so would entail paying $120 for a bulk messaging program on my phone.

I spent a whole day looking for less expensive options, but nothing truly suited the bill.

I hesitated over spending the money instead of jumping on it and starting my outreach (this was two weeks ago).

“Do I really need it? Could I spend it on something else? Gee my bank account is getting kinda low…”

$120 is not a large sum. It will not prohibit me from eating or paying my rent. But it’s a psychological hit I didn’t want to deal with.

So I did something far worse instead. I waited two weeks before choosing to face the bullet and resume my outreach.

After I had the app up and running, I recognized two things:

  • It didn’t perform as well as I expected (I was quickly blocked by my carrier)
  • I didn’t even had to pay for it (the functionality I needed was free)

But I wasted all that time by waiting two weeks. I could have found it out years ago if I had dug a bit further.

Another example: I recently discovered a course that explains how to attract struggling OnlyFans models (not brand new ones). I’ve seen a number of this guy’s videos, and they’re genuine.

What is the issue? It’s $200.

So, naturally, what did I do… Instead of buying it and going on with my life, I stopped, fought, and asked myself the same questions (“do I really need it?”).

However, if I had been consistently recruiting (error #2), this would not have been as big of an issue because I would have had a more consistent lead flow. However, I was not.

But I’m going to buy that garbage today. This time it’s for real. Really. I believe.

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Moving Forward

Here are some of the topics I want to concentrate on during the next week or two:

  • Sending 150-200 cold outreach messages every day
  • Recruiting struggling models (not brand new ones)
  • Posting material from my models on porn sites (including setting up profiles on all sites via my tool)

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Please let me know if I missed anything.

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