9 Business Lessons I Learned While Running An OnlyFans Agency

Before September, when I opened my OnlyFans agency, I wasn't a very popular guy. If my phone vibrated, I'd wonder, "Who...

Before September, when I opened my OnlyFans agency, I wasn’t a very popular guy.

If my phone vibrated, I’d wonder, “Who tf is messaging me?”.

It was a solitary existence.

Things have changed since I started my trip threads, joined various Telegram forums, and wrote these articles for OnlyFans agency owners.

Every morning, I receive 10-20 alerts on my phone. And I probably get hit on another 10–20 times during the day.

Most of the time, these aren’t just one-off messages, either. These are medium to long communication threads that I handle with people involved in various aspects of my business.

As you can expect, this wheeling and dealing becomes difficult to keep track of.

I was talking to a man yesterday, for example, who runs a dozen females out of Bangkok.

He first called me to discuss selling one of his ladies on my marketplace, but as we talked, options began to emerge.

His girls were making roughly $15k each month using simply Reddit. That’s good, but he expected more.

He requested if I could introduce him to someone who specialized in TikTok.

In exchange, he’d find a new girl, give her some Reddit traction, and then hand her over to me.

That’s a very decent prize given all I had to do was introduce myself.

In the last week, I had two meetings with agency owners who gained traffic to their ladies using TikTok.

But I couldn’t find them in my Telegram or Discord chats for the life of me.

Unfortunately, crap like this happens almost every day.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m getting a lot of material thrown at me, which is fantastic, but it’s gotten to the point where I’m losing track of who everyone is.

And now that I’m back to working trade shows on weekends (more on that later), it’s grown much more difficult.

I wouldn’t mind if I were a bigshot lambo-driver who didn’t need to nurture these connections since I was already making six figures a month.

I’d just buy a boat, travel somewhere warm, and write articles in front of the sea – preferably with 5-6 third-world hookers on board.

But, because we’re just three months in, we need to get better structured first.

So, if you haven’t guessed by now, this post will be a good old voyage thread update.

In other words, this is an attempt on my part to list all of the jigsaw pieces in the hopes that I’ll either talk myself into connecting the dots or that you, my dear reader, will do so for me.

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Lesson #1 – If You Don’t Have Something To Sell, You Won’t Be Able To Sell Anything

I’m not sure what triggered it, but my model marketplace has exploded in the last few days.

(I believe this is due to the fact that I modified my payout ratios from 50/50 to 70/30 in favor of the seller.)

But, whatever it is, I’ve been getting a lot of calls recently from people looking to sell their girls. I’ve added roughly ten more gals in the last two days. Some of them are even quite attractive.

Aside from selling a few underperformers early on, I never had much success in the market.

I opened it, received permission from OBH to promote it in his group, and then… nothing.

It presently has around 200 members. While none of the new females have sold (yet), they have got me in touch with a number of significant guys.

EDIT: One of the girls has sold for $1200 since I began writing this article. Not bad.

EDIT2: Four have now sold.

Because there are only two kinds of persons that wish to sell girls.

  1. Agency owners that already have a large number of popular girls and want to cut the fat
  2. Recruiters who have an abundance of easy-to-recruit girls

Those are two sorts of folks with whom I am quite pleased to be on excellent terms.

Women are currency in the OnlyFans Agency universe (as they are in the real world).

You can meet anybody you want if you show up to a party with 4-5 baddies. Simply approach them and say, “Hi, sorry for interrupting, but my friend here wanted to meet you”.

Who can say no to a lovely face and a large pair of… duck lips? Nobody.

The world of OF agencies is the same.

If you have an attractive lady that you are unable to handle for any reason, you may pass her on to someone else, make some money, and endear yourself to a very grateful agency owner.

I’m the man who throws the party as the owner of a marketplace. Everyone is socializing at my beach home.

There is a certain degree of respect shown to the “host” of the party, so I can talk to anyone and expect a positive [initial] reaction.

It does not ensure that I will obtain what I desire, but it does open the door.

A popular Telegram group accomplishes the same thing, but on a far larger scale.

Lessons #2 – Done For You (DFY) Solutions Always Win

Mr. Frenchie: Hey bro if you need a good boy on the French market for MYM (it’s like onlyfans but in France) it’s actually going hard in France. I can be your « manager » for girls in this country, I already manage 6 girls

I also have skills in all stuff you are looking for, I am managing girls since 7 months mainly in France

Me: Wow very nice

I don’t have any french girls and I’ve never heard of MYM

Would love to set something up there

How do you do your recruiting?

Someone just approached me with an intriguing suggestion.

There appears to be a popular French OF clone crushing it in Frogland.

Here comes Mr. Frenchie.

This guy had discovered the secret to generating money with his OF clone and was hunting for additional females.

He approached me and told me that if I provided him females, he would manage their profiles, market them, and chat with their fans.

This is my FAVORITE sort of person to meet, as I probably should have said before.

I refer to them as “operators.”

An operator is someone who manages all aspects of an account. They’re in charge of driving traffic, squeezing the simps, and coordinating with the girl.

Working with Mr. Frenchie is convenient since most of the information developed for OF may be reused.

Sure, they need some distinctive items to demonstrate that the girl is “really” in France.

However, the amount of effort necessary to make it happen is low in comparison to the return.

Who cares if the model has to shoot a few additional videos if you can scale them to $15k/mo very rapidly using a strategy you’ve proved on previous ladies?

My French G is also quite professional. Always a good sign.

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Lesson #3 – Always Say Yes To More Business (Even If It’s Russian)

Russian G: Look, I have a girl from Ukraine, 20 y.o. She have two accounts that I created for her. I took her from another agency who can’t even start work on her accounts for month. She’s agree on your terms

[A set of 5 photos]

Me: Good job buddy she’s a stunner

I’ve written about this guy before, but my Russian G has been sending me a lot of girls lately.

Models don’t always work out because of the nature of our industry.

However, two of them (a obese Ukrainian girl and a 45-year-old ex-porn star) have already been assigned to an operator, with more on the way.

I spoke with one of his girls yesterday, a big boobie black girl who stated she was in. She has also signed the deal.

But to me, a girl isn’t solid until she’s sent content at least twice.

(You can learn more about how to find strong OnlyFans models and get them to respect you here).

Here’s an advice for everyone interested in forming partnerships: be professional and generate results as fast as possible.

When he said he had 200 girls waiting for docs, I told him to email me all he had and I’d get them started.

Consider this: someone like this has a big resource that others do not.

What exactly is he looking for?

He’s searching for someone to dump all of these girls on so he can concentrate on acquiring more girls.

You don’t get 200+ chicks on accident. You get 200+ girls because you have a system in place that attracts them.

This individual could easily remove me from the photo and search for other agencies or operators. They are not difficult to locate.

But he’s working with me because I reply to his messages, communicate effectively, act professionally, and put his girls to work.

Oh but you have a blog!

He’s never visited my blog. He isn’t even in any of the Telegram groups.

And having a blog is useless if you don’t help your potential partners receive what they need in a timely manner.

Do I have the capacity to take on 200+ females, even with the number of operators I now have? Certainly not.

However, as stated in Lesson #59 in my 60 Lessons post, “Never Say No To Money”.

Lesson #4 – As You Rise, Pull Your Friends Up With You

My first partner: My man.

I literally sold 8 accounts today…

For 800$

One of the challenges of being so transparent with my OnlyFans agency journey is that I have to carefully tread the line between creating valuable content and giving away too much of the sauce.

Again, this is why I love partnerships.

If I just had one way to make shit happen, I’d have given away the sauce a long time ago.

When I first started working with my first partner, he nailed it right away.

The first woman I introduced him to was a 45-year-old Italian dancer. Within a week, she had earned $600 and gained 3000 Reddit followers.

I couldn’t do anything for her, so it was like free money to me.

Plus, he was truly responsive, which is always a plus.

I then gave him my superstar. In two weeks, she was at approximately $5k – not bad for a brand new model on a free account.

Now here’s my dilemma: if I’m going to write these blatant story-driven stories, I can’t avoid mentioning him.

If I lie and make it appear like I am doing all of the work, I am being dishonest.

The fundamental issue with dishonesty is that it is detrimental to business. If it was beneficial to company, I would consider it.

However, it is not sustainable in the long run.

People will lose faith in you if you are dishonest, and all of your efforts to build a reputation will be for naught.

If I lie and claim that I am doing all of the work, I am stealing my partner’s thunder, which will lead to anger and resentment.

However, I was afraid to disclose him because once it was known that he was the one responsible for earning me such a terrific outcome, other people would want to work with him.

He’ll have less time to be an operator for my girls as soon as he gets occupied with other things.

So I had two options: focus on the short term benefit (and be dishonest) or focus on the long game (retain my reputation and good relationship with RG).

Because reputation is everything, I went with the latter. And it has compelled me to consider new avenues for growth.

After all, if my OnlyFans strategy relies on hiding information, then it is a fragile strategy.

People will ultimately figure it out.

Instead of attempting to disguise it, which is nearly impossible with a blog, I decided to tell everyone what a fantastic job he done.

He can sign management clients, sell Reddit accounts, and will most likely be approached by larger agencies willing to outsource their Reddit traffic to him for a charge.

No, this is not in my best interests in the short run.

But by blowing up my own ship, I now have to come up with a more bulletproof strategy for growing my own business (that doesn’t require me doing any of the actual work).

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Lesson #5 – Not Everyone Runs An Agency

Some new guy: Hey man

Writing just to say big thank you for all the information you are providing, I am following your blog.

God bless you man, so much value!!

Me: No worries brother, glad you are getting value from it

Some new guy: Btw I have 3+ years experience in chatting (customer support fields, worked for some of the biggest fintech companies) currently I am also running small team of chatters (4 guys, managing them)

If you ever need anything related to chatting let me know

I announced in the Telegram groups around two weeks ago that I was trying to expand my operation.

I needed chatters, recruiters, supervisors, and traffic specialists.

I also mentioned that there would be full training for each role.

As a consequence, I’ve had several people contact me with various offers/requests.

Here’s what I discovered:

  • There are many skilled chatters searching for job
  • A few people are interested in learning how to drive traffic
  • Only a small percentage of people desire to be recruiters

This is kind of surprising to me, since I initially thought it would be the opposite.

Recruiting, in my opinion, is the most crucial aspect of the business.

I mentioned that in my massive guide on recruiting OnlyFans models, but it bears repeating:

If you don’t have any models, then you don’t have an agency.

Yes, you may purchase models.

However, I would never acquire a model unless she already had a proven track record.

(And I don’t think it’s likely that a new owner of an agency would do that).

Anyway, the bottom line is that now I have all these relative-newcomers to the OF agency game who are waiting for me to give them something to do.

My original idea was to offer them some kind of training in exchange for working for me.

For example, I give them instructions on how to recruit, then they go out there and recruit 5 girls for me until the debt is paid.

Or we can sell them on the marketplace as well.

And that’s fine for recruiters. But who would take that chance?

Why would they recruit the females for ME instead of themselves if they know they can recruit?

I don’t see it working unless it’s a large planned activity.

And, while the notion of establishing a 30-day recruitment challenge seems interesting, it’s not something I want to devote a lot of attention to right now.

If necessary, I can quickly position the chatters. Everyone with models and traffic requires chatters.

I also have chatter manuals, scripts, and other materials in case any of my future chatters require them.

The traffic is more difficult since I don’t want to give away the sauce. Why would I do something like that?

I’d rather employ an operator to do everything for me than have someone who specializes in traffic.

Having said that, I still have a list of folks I KNOW are seeking for work. I’m simply not sure what to give them yet.

And, while I’m at it, YES, I COULD SELL A COURSE. And I’m sure I’d be really excellent at it.

However, instead of selling courses, I would like to sell consultancy or mentoring. Perhaps in the future.

EDIT: I’m finally selling a course. The OnlyFans Masterclass is the #1 course for building a thriving OnlyFans agency, click this link to access The OnlyFans Masterclass: the #1 OnlyFans Agency Course and learn the strategies we use to scale our models to $2,000/day.

Lesson #6 – Never Say No To Partnerships (But If Necessary, Say “Not Yet”)

Me: You ask for too high a percentage

Him: Or at least take the %% referral

Me: Yeah I could do that

Him: We’ll what I’m also doing too is completely and securely locking down accounts and facilitating payments.
So all you need to do is find girls and do a 60/40 split.
Allocate 10% to your chatter and you get 10% just for signing her up

Then you can just mass sign up 100s of girls and any money comes in you get 10% or whoever you want to facilitate that

Wait there’s more in it for you, you do your percentages – I have my bottom line

That’s all I know, 20% for me to create and manage (technical support) as many tinder accounts as needed

Me: Ok so 20% to use the platform if we bring our own team

40% if you do all the work


After my BHW trip posts were removed, I began posting on HackForums.

On HF, there is a lot of sleazy garbage, but there are also a lot of competent guys.

Everyone I’ve spoken with from HF is on like an mf.

They are responsive, clever, experienced, and profit-driven.

MrWashington, my first in-game friend, is from HF.

Another of my operators is also from HF.

And the Mega Agency Bro who is my new Super Partner came from HF.

If you are careful to avoid the scams, HackForums is a great location to establish a presence.

One of the persons that messaged me from there was someone I’ll refer to as my Tinder Bro.

Despite the fact that he is a new agency owner, he is extremely intelligent, financially successful, and determined.

My friend recently launched a new platform that accomplishes the following:

  • It can generate an infinite number of Tinder accounts for models/chatters in order to boost traffic
  • It integrates Stir with OF so payments can be safely split between agencies and models

AFAIK, that’s all it does reliably right now.

Originally, I thought I could connect all of these chatters to the platform and have them collaborate with him in some way.

And I suppose I could do it out of altruism if he’s wanting to form teams, but I’m holding out for some reason.

He demands 20% for utilizing his platform, which seems a little much to me for only a few Tinder accounts.

And there’s no incentive for me to send him 20 chatters.

Allow me to ponder aloud for a moment:

Assume I sign a new girl but am unable to locate an operator for her. I could give her access to his site and employ a chatter to drive traffic and speak on her behalf.

If I pay the girl 30-40%, he gets 20%, and I have to pay the chatter, there isn’t much left over for me.

And I still need to speak with the model and urge them to generate content and crap – because chatters =/= managers.

If it was a whole DFY transaction in which I sent him a female and he chats/drives traffic and handles them, I could be interested. I would gladly contribute to even more than 20%.

But I’m trying to spread out my roots as much as I can to lower my risk. In addition, I’m attempting to avoid doing any work myself.

Not because I’m lazy, but because I’d rather spend my time getting fatter rather than taller.

But I feel there is something there. I just haven’t decided what yet.

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Lesson #7 – Always Cash Your Lottery Tickets

Speaking about HF, the person I’m launching my new agency with is also from there.

I mentioned him in a prior piece, but this guy is legit.

As I already stated, some of the individuals on HF are unbelievably intelligent.

When you talk to folks from HF, you are going to be the dumbest guy in the room.

It may be a blow to your ego, but it’s a good thing.

I had a Zoom chat with MASB last week before leaving for my concert to go over some details.

He’s conducting a good operation, but his difficulty is that he can’t convey the facts succinctly, which is why he needs me.

So I join the Zoom call, and one of the biggest personalities on HF is casually on the line, just chillin’.

I had the impression I was hanging out with a superstar.

Anyway, he walked me through a profile of a women making $60k per month and demonstrated how everything worked.

It was more of an overview, but I was surprised at how difficult it was for him to describe what he was doing given the evident complexity of the system.

He could do it, but he couldn’t explain it.

Let me be clear about one thing: this is a massive opportunity for me to make a shitload of money.

The guy is basically saying, “I’m going to teach you how I do this so you can explain it for retards, and in exchange I’ll give you 50%.”

That’s the fucking deal of a lifetime.

However, the one drawback is that it puts me in a position where I have to do something that I have been trying to avoid for the past several weeks:

I have to learn something.

In fact, I have to learn a lot of somethings.

I’ve been concentrating so much on relationships in order to AVOID learning anything.

However, it was such an excellent opportunity that I couldn’t say no.

And doing a little thinking is a small price to pay for the potential payoff.

Not only that, but once I’ve learned what I need to know, I’ll be able to do what I enjoy: writing.

The goal is that after I’ve mastered the system, I’ll develop internal corporate SOPs.

These SOPs may then be packaged as an agency-in-a-box solution and sold for a fortune.

One of MASB’s concepts is to provide pre-built agencies complete with SOPs and best practices that are ready to be handed over to workers.

I’ll write a second post similar to the ones I usually write after the internal SOPs are completed and the issues are ironed out.

Assume the topic is PPVs.

The SOP would be like:

  1. First, do this
  2. Then do this
  3. Then this

The article would be 6000 words of me being like, “And then I discovered something interesting: when we send a second message within 60 minutes of the first one to a buyer who had already spent more than $100…”.

The article would serve to “sell” our brand, much like these articles “sell” my brand.

Lesson #8 – Yeah, Recruiting Girls In Real Life Is Still Difficult

A girl: Hmmmmm id need to learn what content people actually want bc I rly am the least sexual person ever & that’s where I was stuck

Me: Don’t worry we will tell you exactly what we need

It’s really just masturbation videos to be honest, and like sexy stripteases and that kind of shit

A girl: Easy, let me hit you up about that when I land I’m down to make extra money w just photos n videos why not

Me: Sounds good

I mentioned before that a part of my work experience came from doing commission-only sales in the beauty industry.

So there you have it.

Specifically, I was one of those annoying guys who sells skincare, and hair straighteners.

Retail jobs can be soul-sucking, but this one does have some redeeming qualities.

For one thing, I got to see a lot of new people everyday.

Granted, people aren’t always friendly, but it’s a great job to force yourself to be convincing and sell products that aren’t “well-known”.

Another nice aspect of that profession was to be constantly surrounded by ladies.

Obviously, all of my clients were women.

But most of the people who do this job were also women.

One fact about working with girls who do commission-only sales jobs is that they are money-motivated.

They are also highly hardworking in comparison to other girls.

It’s not easy to stand at a booth and keep getting rejected.

So considering the high tolerance for rejection and brutal work ethic, I naturally thought that maybe I could recruit these commission-only sales girls to work as models on OF.

The problem is that I am not exactly renowned in the real world as the kind of man who would run an OnlyFans agency.

I don’t use drugs (anymore). I don’t drink alcohol. And, in comparison to most of the other folks in the industry, I’m actually rather mature.

So I’m experiencing some internal resistance that is preventing me from actively recruiting.

Plus there’s the question of, “Well if your agency is so amazing, then why are you still doing this job?”.

I’m not sure how to respond to that question. And I’m not about to show them my blog.

However, I’ve spoken with a couple younger females in their early twenties who I believe might be interested.

It could simply take a little longer.

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Lesson #9 – Even If You’re The Owner, Be Prepared To Wash Dishes

Most persons who start out in the OF agency business perform all of the job alone.

I was no different.

I’d start by recruiting as many girls as possible.

Then, after I was too busy onboarding them, I’d stop recruiting and concentrate on generating them traffic and managing their accounts.

When they dropped off or stabilized, I’d start recruiting again.

We went around and around until I learned that the LESS effort I did, the faster I made improvement.

I’ve found a similar tendency when it comes to networking.

Assume I publish an essay about a specific topic.

I’ll get a flood of mails in the first two days after I publish it and post it in the groups.

Sometimes an opportunity comes my way, occasionally people want to donate, and sometimes folks just say thank you.

My responsibility then becomes determining where to position all of these new folks that come to me, if relevant.

But if I notice a particularly juicy chance (MASB, free girls, etc) and don’t have somebody to pass it on to, I have to consider whether it’s worth it for me to do the job myself.

I receive so many juicy ones sometimes that I can’t say no to any of them. FOMO at it’s finest.

But keep in mind that my objective here is to avoid doing any of the work myself.

Not because I’m lazy, but because performing the job myself will slow me down in the long run, even if it means more money in the near term.

Of course, I can’t delegate EVERYTHING.

I like doing some things, such as writing essays.

But, as things progress and I get better and better possibilities, I’m going to have to do more and more work myself UNLESS I can expand my operators at the same rate.

The only other alternative is to scale some type of education program that teaches individuals how to fill the positions that I need filled to accomplish the work that I don’t want to do, similar to how chatters/traffic experts/recruiters are trained.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

Special Request – The Right And Wrong Way To Reach Out

A guy on Telegram: Can you share your OF model sales letter? I have an old school one I’m willing to trade.‍

‍[A day later]

A guy on Telegram: ???

You communicate like the kind of girls you complain about.

Me: First of all, you didn’t say please

Second, do you think that your approach is really the best way to get what you want from somebody?

Many individuals contact me because I openly give vital information.

In this area, I’ll give you some pointers on how to contact myself and other persons in the spotlight.

First and foremost, you should never feel as though you are bothering me or wasting my time by texting me.

Anyone can contact me at any moment. I like hearing from readers.

(Telegram is the best method to contact me: https://t.me/mathieumwz).

I’m a fucking sales guy. I like to talk.

That being said, there is a proper way and a bad way to accomplish things.

The image at the top of this section is an excellent illustration. But let’s go a bit farther.

In my last blog, I discussed how helpful my sales letter has been in my recruitment process.

Look, I’m not a moron.

I know people are going to hit me up about that. I talk that shit up non stop.

I could easily have placed a link to my sales letter instead of having to react to that sort of communication.

I didn’t give the sauce away for free since I don’t want unskilled agency owners spamming my sales letter to potential models, diluting its efficacy.

It’s a highly strong weapon that I don’t share with just anyone.

Sure, I’ve handed it out to folks who have asked. But, unless I know the individual, I rarely do it these days.

Anyway, following my last essay, I received several replies such as:

“Hey bro, can you send me a link to your sales letter?”

When I get messages asking for a favor and there’s no introduction, no “hi how are you,” no pitch on how we can make money together, no ego-stroking comment about how fantastic I’m a writer, I don’t really have a solid reason to help you, do I?

WHY exactly should I send it (or anything, for that matter) to you?

Not to be a jerk, but:

  • WHO precisely are you?
  • Do we even know each other?
  • Are we friends?
  • Are you going to recompense me in any manner for releasing a precious resource that I worked so hard to obtain or create?
  • Have you ever contacted me for anything other than when you needed anything from me?


So, why would I go out of my way to provide you access to one of the most powerful tools I’ve built from the ground up since embarking on this journey?

The point is that I receive a lot of messages from individuals asking for things, which is perfectly acceptable.

It is your right as an American.

However, there is a correct and incorrect method to ask for anything.

Please, gentlemen… do not put me in the embarrassing position of refusing your request because you are uncivilized, lack tact, or are uninformed of the fundamental principle of value exchange.

You are all wiser than that.

You are well aware that this industry is based on connections.

Relationships, on the other hand, are a two-way street.

I’m not your mother, who washes your laundry, cooks you lunch, and fluffs your pillow because she adores you.

I’m a man who likes negotiating transactions that benefit both sides.

In that vein, I LOVE receiving offers for deals.

Returning to Mr. Frenchie for a moment:

He hit me up and was like “Hey bro, I’ll put your girls on my French OF clone and do all the work. Are you down?”.

Let me think about it. Um, yes?

Or my Russian friend who is looking for a house for his Russian girls.

Do you believe I’ll go out of my way to:

  • Make sure to give them whatever they ask for in a timely manner
  • Ensure that they are comfortable working with me
  • Make certain that I leave a favorable impression on them

Naturally, I do.

Listen, I’m not saying you can’t contact me if you don’t have a once-in-a-lifetime offer for me. You certainly can.

Here’s a list of reasons why you SHOULD contact me:

  • You like my essay and wanted to express your gratitude by thanking me
  • You have a question regarding something I’ve written
  • You have a business proposition that you believe will benefit both of us
  • You want to propose me a concept that you want to start but lack the connections/resources to do so
  • Would you like to sell females on my marketplace?
  • You have a service that you wish to offer and will pay me a percentage if I help you sell it
  • You want to know my thoughts on something about OnlyFans management?
  • You want to know my thoughts on something that has nothing to do with OnlyFans management?

You get the picture.

Is it really so hard to introduce yourself before asking for something?

Some may disagree, but I believe it just demonstrates your lack of business experience.

And, no offense, but what use are you to me?

If we’re buddies, it’s a different thing.

If you’re one of the OGs (you know who you are), ask me for whatever you want.

If you’re already smashing it in the game and in need of a favor, you probably don’t need me to explain how it works.

And while we’re on the subject, consider this: who you are matters.

If OBH messages me today and says,

“Bro, I need your sales letter, outgoing message, onboarding email, and 10 videos from each of your models…”

I’ll send him that garbage right away without even questioning why he requires it.

Why? Because he’s fucking OBH.

He has a huge YouTube channel, the largest OF Agency Telegram group in the world, a strong reputation, connections up the wazoo, AND a proven track record of success.

And not that we’re keeping score, but he’s already done a ton of stuff to help me PERSONALLY.

He’s represented me in the group more times than I can count, directed folks to me for model purchases, and pinned my articles to the top of his group.

Then there’s this:

I never requested that he perform any of these things.

He basically accomplished it on his own since he knows how to play the game.

And, just in case some of my readers (not you, of course) have a double-digit IQ, let me state unequivocally:

If you spot someone who is smart, talented, hard-working, financially successful, established in the industry, helpful, has a high business IQ, and/or is well-respected by the community, helping them is an investment that will pay dividends FOR YOU at some point down the line.

So not only does he have his reputation to his advantage, but I also feel bound to repay the favor in some way.

I now feel like I owe him something, despite the fact that we’ve never openly discussed reciprocal back-scratching.

If he begs for something, I’ll give it to him. And if I’m unable to assist him, I’ll find someone who can.

Compare that to some random – no offense – non-entity that approaches me and begins asking for crap without even properly introducing himself.

I’m not saying you MUST create a well-thought-out statement that explains:

  • Who you are
  • What is your area of expertise
  • What you can do for me
  • What your offer is
  • What to do if I’m interested

But it would be very nice.

And I’d be amazed if someone approached me with such a flawless introduction, even if they were brand new and had NOTHING.

And even if I didn’t have anything for them at the time, I’d remember them afterwards.

Anyway, I don’t want you to think I’m becoming a diva or anything; I’m just offering you some advise.

Please contact me at any time for any purpose.

But, if you want something from me or anyone else, keep in mind that this is a business.

And business is all about making money.

If dealing with YOU appears to result in greater money, prestige, or a better reputation for ME as a result of your:

  • The audience
  • Overflow of models
  • Buyer traffic
  • Revenue-sharing deal
  • Computer software
  • The platform
  • Something else I hadn’t considered

…I’m all ears.

And, for the sixth time, please contact me at any time for any reason.

I enjoy answering inquiries, assisting others, and closing agreements.

Just keep in mind that, while I am clearly a super genius, I am also a genuine human being with a memory and my own set of emotions that I use to make judgments.

Asking me how to write a sales letter is fine.

Asking me to give you my sales letter is annoying.

Can you tell the difference?

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I adore you all.

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