Accelerate Your OnlyFans Agency’s Growth Through Mentorships And Partnerships

I recently posted in a few Telegram groups that I was looking to hire recruiters, chatters, managers, and traffic experts. Not only...

I recently posted in a few Telegram groups that I was looking to hire recruiters, chatters, managers, and traffic experts.

Not only that, but I would provide training for all positions except managers (for reasons I’ll explain later).

As a result, my inbox was flooded with responses.

But when I started my OnlyFans journey nine weeks ago, I had no idea what I was doing.

(I still don’t know what I’m doing, but for some reason, people think I do).

Yes, I’ve had some good results.

However, many of those outcomes are unrelated to anything I’ve done.

They’ve come from connections I’ve made with service providers, other agency owners, and models.

Indeed, one could argue that running an OnlyFans agency is all about relationships.

The agency model is simple at its core: you are attempting to persuade one of the most lazy, fickle, and temperamental creatures on the planet (an attractive woman) to perform certain tasks for you.

You must meet specific deadlines.

What else could it be but a relationship?

In this article, I’ll share never-before-shared insights on how to get results faster than any other method possible: by forming partnerships with entities that are already crushing it.

Infected By The Tate Virus

In September, you couldn’t turn around without seeing something about Andrew Tate. I’d heard of him and even taken his OF/Webcam course in the past, but I’d never given him much thought.

But when he started blowing up, I had to see what was all the fuss about.

To cut a long story short, I was blown away. And I despise everyone.

It’s unusual for me to agree with everything someone says, but that’s exactly what happened with Andrew.

I spent the next week watching everything I could find of him — old info products, interviews, podcasts, you name it.

But what really piqued my interest was what he had to say about the webcam industry, especially given the timing.

My current job as a roofing sales consultant was about to end due to the impending winter.

I didn’t want to return to my previous job of traveling around the country working at trade shows, so I needed to find a solution.

Not only that, but my lease on my apartment expired in early November.

In other words, I knew I had just over two months to start earning full-time income from a new job or I’d be homeless.

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You Have To Go First

I did some research and eventually came across a course called Webcam Riches.

WCR has an excellent sales letter, possibly the best I’ve ever seen.

It promised financial independence, easy money, and access to beautiful women. I was sold, despite the $2k price tag.

I conducted my research on Hack Forums and tried to learn as much as I could from people who had purchased the program.

This is where I met my first unofficial mentor, the infamous Denzel aka MrWashington — a name you might recognize if you belong to the same Telegram groups as me.

I noticed he had commented on some WCR threads, so I messaged him to inquire about his progress.

It was obvious that I had no idea what I was doing, but we struck up a conversation, and he was very helpful in answering my questions.

After some deliberation, I decided to purchase the course and inform the owner that MrWashington referred me.

The first point I’d like to make is that forming partnerships and securing mentors is all about giving the other person what they want FIRST.

Everyone wants money, and I just helped him in making an easy $200.

As a result, I bought myself a friend who was, if only by a few weeks, further along in his journey than I was.

Even though Mr. Washington and I are not officially business partners, we have an open line of communication and enough trust that we can go to each other with questions or requests.

Maybe “mentor” isn’t the right word here, but the point is that because I helped him, he felt obligated to help me.

That’s exactly what happened over the next few weeks.

My Short-Lived Webcam Studio

The $2000 investment, combined with my two-month deadline, galvanized me into action.

I began sending cold DMs to potential models and iterating my outgoing messages until I was getting good results.

I found girls, set them up on cam, and even made some money.

The entire ordeal was excruciatingly frustrating.

Do you think it’s difficult to manage girls for OnlyFans? Consider setting up a webcam studio.

Running a cam studio is 100 times more difficult than running an OnlyFans agency for three reasons:

  • It takes a lot longer
  • You make significantly less money
  • The girls have to face rejection in real time if nobody is tipping them

Add in the fact that you have to sit with them while they’re camming, and the whole thing felt like a huge waste of time.

Sure, I repaid my $2k in a month. Along the way, I learned a lot. But I knew it wasn’t something I wanted to do in the long run.

I also ran into all kinds of issues.

And while the owner of the course responds around once every day or so, it wasn’t at the level of hands-on help that someone like me needed.

But whenever I had a problem, I would simply contact MrWashington and he would respond.

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BlackHatWorld Journey Threads

After purchasing Webcam Riches, the first thing I did was start a journey thread on BHW.

With the stakes so high, I knew I had no choice but to go all in.

That meant holding myself accountable as I worked toward my goal of earning $750 per day by early November.

I posted updates every day for the first three weeks, until one of the mods deleted my thread.

These threads were extremely helpful to me for the five reasons listed below:

  1. They assisted me in keeping track of what I was doing so that I did not have to remember everything
  2. Readers may point out flaws in my strategy
  3. I attracted the attention of successful players who I could approach for temporary mentorship
  4. I could refer to the journey thread when reaching out to established agency owners
  5. The threads kept me focused by forcing me to keep up with daily updates

As a writer, I can tell you that the best way to improve the quality of your writing while also remaining consistent is simple:

You must write with an audience in mind.

Yes, you can remain somewhat motivated while writing into the void on your traffic-free blog. Alternatively, you can type it into a notepad file on your computer.

But if you really want to up your game, you need to know that what you write will be read and commented on by real people.

This will not only improve your writing, but will also improve the subject matter.

In other words, updating the journey threads not only forced me to continue working on my business, but they also forced me to work on it in ways that would yield tangible results.

I didn’t want to have to stand in front of a crowd and say that I had no results. Or that I hadn’t completed whatever task I’d assigned to myself the day before.

(I also didn’t want to throw $2,000 away when the alternative was to resume selling hair straighteners at trade shows).

The connections I made from these threads were arguably just as important.

People with more experience and better results than me were drawn to my daily posts.

I would reach out to anyone who posted something thought-provoking on my thread and pick their brain.

And because I knew these people had read my journey threads, I wasn’t just some random person trying to squeeze them for value with nothing in return.

The value I provided was an entertaining journey thread that I updated every day.

That is not narcissism on my part; it is the truth.

They were delighted to answer my questions because it allowed them to imagine themselves as a part of my journey.

When a well-known member of a community steps off the stage and speaks to a member of the audience, the camera also films the audience member.

This is not the only reason someone will assist you, but it is one that anyone with a keyboard and mouse can take advantage of.

As you’ll see later, this strategy continues to play a significant role in how I scale my agency.

I write an article for a few hours, and share the link on a Telegram group.

People read them for 10-20-30 minutes at a time, investing time in becoming acquainted with my story and progress.

All of those recalled experiences flash in their minds and trigger something in them, priming them to respond in a [hopefully] positive way when I DM them in a group, ask for help, or fish for value.

This is why I recommend that everyone establish themselves through personal media, such as a blog, YouTube channel, or podcast.

You don’t even need good results at this point. You simply need to keep track of your progress.

My Telegram Group

My original plan was to start with webcam girls, gain an audience, and then direct that audience to OnlyFans.

The only problem was that most of the girls would quit after their first cam session.

And the only two who did got an awful result.

So, after about a month, I decided to abandon my cam studio and completely rely on OnlyFans.

When I updated my journey thread on BHW, the responses to my thread began to change.

They were no longer associated with webcams, but with OnlyFans.

I followed the same strategy as before, messaging anyone who commented on my thread who appeared to know what they were doing and mining them for information.

I was talking to Mr. Washington one day when an idea struck me:

I think I’m going to start a Telegram group for OF agency owners. Would you be interested?

He said yes, so I formed the group and invited everyone I’d met over the previous month who worked in the industry and seemed to have a good head on their shoulders.

The value exchanged between that first group of 20 OGs was extremely beneficial for one simple reason:

Most people who enter this business come from a blackhat background.

Methods are rarely shared, and there is no community beyond a few non-mainstream forums.

But when I brought these people together, a lot of useful information was shared.

This was before the most powerful groups, such as OFG and OBH, were discovered. But, while it was active, my group was extremely useful.

Perhaps I’ll reactivate it later.

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Reddit’s Genius

As I continued to update my journey threads, my focus shifted from recruiting and managing girls to concentrating solely on traffic.

After reading about my frustration with girl management, one commenter lambasted me for wasting so much time chasing girls when I could be honing my traffic skills instead.

Traffic is not going to change its mind and abandon you for no reason. Models are going to.

That made sense to me, so I changed my strategy and decided to focus on getting traffic from Reddit.

The issue was that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.

However, I continued to post my strategy and theories to the thread as before.

I was eventually directed to another thread in which someone had successfully grown NSFW subreddits to 800,000 members in a matter of months.

Naturally, I reached out and tried to mine them for information.

They were open, so we moved the conversation to Telegram. I invited him to the Telegram group, and he came along.

He was already doing well, having scaled a girl to $25k per month solely through Reddit.

In the same way that I used to ping MrWashington for all webcam-related questions, I now ping my Reddit Genius for all Reddit-related questions.

He told me a week or two later that he was looking to recruit more girls and offered me a deal:

If I found him a girl, he’d show me how he got his Reddit results and we’d split the profits.

That sounded like a pretty good deal to me, so I gave him one of my extra models (with which I was having no luck anyway) and let him get to work.

This model, a 45-year-old retired Italian stripper with big fake titties, did well in her first week, earning around $600 on a free account and gaining around 3000 Reddit followers.

The results were so good that I immediately sent him more girls, including the superstar I mentioned in my previous article.

But I would never have gotten the chance to work with him if I hadn’t laid the groundwork in the journey threads.

Finding My Next Mentor – Or How He Found Me

After about a month, the same mod who was shutting down my journey threads banned me from BHW.

Anyone who visits that site regularly knows that this mod is a power-tripping jerk who throws his weight around for fun under the guise of “enforcing the rules” of the site.

Rather than trying to get around the rules, I decided to continue where I left off on Hack Forums.

They don’t get as much traffic as BHW, but there are some insanely skilled players there.

I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a shot.

The first few posts didn’t get much attention, but one of them eventually caught the attention of a very successful agency owner, who pinged me for a Zoom call.

Whether or not you intend to do business with someone, ALWAYS listen to them when they say they want to speak with you.

At the very least, you’ll learn something.

I had no idea whether or not this guy was genuine, but he wanted to talk “to see how we could help each other,” so I figured why not?

After all, my two-month deadline was approaching. What had I got to lose?

The first thing he did on our Zoom call was show me screenshots of his models earning $60k/month by the third month.

(This is significantly better than the $600/week we made with our Reddit promotions).

It was strange to be pitched by someone who was so much more successful than me.

But, as I stated at the outset of this article, the key to partnerships is giving someone what they want (ESPECIALLY if it is of low monetary value to you).

We exchanged stories and had a good conversation, but by the end of the call, we still hadn’t figured out how to collaborate.

As we hung up, I told him I’d send him some of the materials I’d used to recruit girls so he could see how I ran my shit.

Five minutes later, he reached out again: “I figured out how we can work together. Do you have time for another quick Zoom call?”.

His concept? Together, start an agency.

He’d do all of the recruiting and traffic generation, front the costs, teach me everything, and split the profits 50/50 with me.

I would create the company’s SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures).

Isn’t that insane?

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The Medium Blog

Despite the story I just told, I wasn’t getting enough responses to my HF journey thread to satisfy me.

As a result, I decided to repost everything to my Medium blog.

I reasoned that I could post links to these articles in the various Telegram groups that I had since joined.

As I previously stated, these articles are extremely beneficial to my brand as a guy who knows his shit.

But, when you think about it, I DON’T KNOW MY STUFF.

I might be able to get you some traffic on Reddit. And my recruiting abilities are adequate.

But chatting with fans? I have no idea.

Bumble and Tinder? I haven’t the foggiest idea.

TikTok? I don’t even have it saved to my phone.

What I DO know how to do is network with people, hook them up, and hype them up about doing big shit together.

What I mean is that if you are good at forming partnerships, you don’t need to be good at any of the hard skills in this industry.

Will knowing how everything works help? Absolutely.

However, you do not need to understand how to get traffic through Tinder to get traffic through Tinder.

I’m not sure how a car works. However, I can still drive to Trader Joe’s and get some groceries.

Consider it this way, you can either:

  1. Learn the skills of recruiting
  2. Learn the skills of traffic generation
  3. Learn the skills of chatting/milking
  4. Learn the skills of model management
  5. Learn the skills of content generation

Once you’ve mastered these skills, you’ll be able to do everything on your own and won’t need anyone’s assistance (other than your automation software providers).

You can also:

  1. Learn how to form partnerships in order to find one person who can do all of the above tasks.

I’m not claiming that one system is superior to the other.

And forming partnerships does not exempt you from doing any work.

It also does not imply that you are not required to learn the skills or own the tools.

For example, I’d love to have a Reddit upvote farm where I could upvote all of my models’ posts.

Do I really want to pay $6,000 a code monkey to set it up for me? Not at all.

Do I really want to waste a month of my life figuring it out on my own? No, not at all.

Would I rather contact ten owners of upvote panels and pitch them on partnering with me in exchange for a cut of the profits? Absolutely.

Could I have done it all without the articles on this blog? Without a doubt.

Would it be more difficult without the established credibility? Probably.

But spending a few hours a week writing a post about what I’m doing is not only enjoyable (for me), but it also makes outreach much easier when trying to angle for a partnership.

Is it effective for everyone all of the time? No way, no how.

Many people simply tell me to fuck off.

However, as you’ll see in the following section, it makes my job MUCH easier when it comes to trying to scale my agency as quickly as possible with no upfront cost to myself.

Today’s Problems Are Tomorrow’s $997 Courses

So… here we are in the present.

I stand before you not as just another inexperienced agency owner, but as a well-known brand and pillar of the OnlyFans Agency Owner community (sort of).

Not because my results are superior to those of 99.9% of other agency owners. They’re actually quite average.

But it’s because I’m more VISIBLE than 99 percent of other agency owners.

That is clearly the lesson of the day.

But now I have to think out loud and explain the mess I’ve created.

Here’s the deal: while I’ve made some money from my agency, it’s not consistent enough for me to quit my job and devote all of my time to it.

And, as I previously stated, my job has reverted to traveling the country every weekend to work at trade shows.

I fly out on Thursday, work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and return on Sunday — or sometimes Monday.

I have far less time to devote to this agency nonsense than I used to. At least until it starts bringing in big bucks and I can relocate to Miami.

So now I’m FORCED to seek out partnerships rather than trying to do everything on my own.

Even with automation tools, I simply don’t have the time.

While I was waiting for my flight home on Sunday, I announced in the Telegram groups I belong to that I was expanding my operation.

I know I need at least four things to make this business a success:

  1. Models
  2. Model Managers
  3. Traffic
  4. Chatters

Once I have SOPs for all of these roles, expanding is as simple as handing someone a set of documents and saying, “here, do this.”

And, theoretically, I already have all of this information.

Do I have the most effective recruiting, management, and traffic strategy? Most likely not.

However, it is sufficient to begin hiring people and putting them to work for a percentage of the profits.

I received approximately 100 responses after sending the messages on Sunday.

It’s been a pain in the ass (in a good way) to sort through them all, but I think I’ve finally figured out how I’m going to use everyone.

@saraosulli’s Instagram page

My Junior [And Senior] Associates

People who have responded can be divided into three groups:

  1. No experience
  2. Some experience
  3. Expert

The experts are my favorite.

These are the traffic providers, recruiters, and successful agency owners seeking strategic alliances.

Even if the messages don’t go anywhere, I enjoy receiving them from the experts.

These are the most fascinating discussions to have.

I’ve met with the following people in the last month:

  1. A successful model market owner seeking a partnership
  2. A Colombian agency owner who is about to open a model house
  3. An agency owner in Venezuela who has an abundance of girls
  4. A French agency owner is interested in putting my girls on their platform (they will do all of the work)
  5. A Telegram group owner with extensive business connections
  6. Recruiters in Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, and Romania
  7. A genius hacker who runs a Tinder marketing platform and can create an unlimited number of chatter accounts
  8. A chatter manager with an unlimited number of trained virtual assistants
  9. A Russian recruiter with over 200 girls in the process of obtaining valid documents
  10. The founder of an OF clone that operates on a token system similar to Chaturbate

(Speaking of the last one, I just got off the phone with them, and thanks to my cursory knowledge of the industry, my “reputation” (from these Medium posts), and my connections, I have a very good chance of being brought in as a partner for a percentage of the profits).

Those with SOME experience are also preferable because there’s a chance I can put them to work right away.

The ones with no experience are the most difficult to place. But I think I’ve found a solution to that as well.

As I previously stated, this business is comprised of three major components: recruiting, traffic, and chatting.

The most important aspect, in my opinion, is recruiting. Unless you intend to work solely as a service provider, you will be unable to do anything if you do not have models.

The strategy will be as follows:

  • Teach them how to recruit
  1. Initial outreach
  2. The pitch
  3. The Zoom call
  4. Onboarding
  • Teach them traffic
  1. Reddit
  2. Tube sites
  3. Tinder
  • Teach them chatting
  1. Provide training manuals

All of this instruction will be provided in exchange for a cut of the profits.

And all of my new talent agents will operate under a single banner: mine.

Essentially, I am taking the most advanced iterations of my processes, handing them off to the newbs, and allowing them to iterate for me while I negotiate additional partnerships.


The exciting aspect of this strategy is that partnerships can be combined to form mega partnerships.

For example, I can almost instantly bring together the guy in Colombia with the model house, my Tinder traffic platform bro, and the chatter manager to form an agency.

I can then hand over the girls to the French OF manager, who can then duplicate everything on his clone.

Network connections are similar to dendrites in the brain in that there are an infinite number of connections that can be made. Your only limit is your own creativity.

That being said, the challenge I’m currently facing is putting it all together.

Despite what I said earlier, I didn’t want to write this article to teach you anything.

My motivation for writing this article was to get my thoughts down on paper so that I can see what I should do next.

This is also new to me. I’m not sure how to put all of these puzzle pieces together.

I’m sure there will be people reading this who will think of things I haven’t. They’ll DM me on Telegram and say, “Oh, you should do this…”.

This is what it’s all about.

Forget everything you thought “mentorship” and “partnership” meant. We’re all just people in various stages of development.

Some have made more progress than others.

Click this link to access The OnlyFans Masterclass: the #1 OnlyFans Agency Course and learn the strategies we use to scale our models to $2,000/day.

And the only way to advance is to try shit, screw up, and gain experience.

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