Earning My First $1000 Through My OnlyFans Talent Agency

Let's get back to work with another update. I'll go over them one by one and provide a brief update on each. My four trustworthy...

Let’s get back to work with another update.

I’ll go over them one by one and provide a brief update on each.

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My 4 Reliable Models

Let’s begin with my most recent superstar.

She was signed 5 days ago and already has 600+ fans on OF, and her account has made $450 in revenue (gross). I’ve never seen a model perform that effectively right away.

Part of it is because our strategy has grown more sophisticated, but I feel the most important factor in her success is that she produces the greatest content.

When she contributes material, she appears to be having more fun than the other girls.

I’ve seen that models will occasionally “try” to appear seductive, which never works. If people just let themselves go, live in the present, and have fun, the content will always be greater.

That’s what this blonde girl does.

Her main problem right now is that she hasn’t provided us with anything in a few days. She’s very communicative, but we haven’t heard anything new from her. She stated she’d send some yesterday night but didn’t.

Proposals, Contracts, And The Porn Studio

The most recent girl I signed is half of a husband and wife team who own a small adult film studio out in the Midwest.

Most of my discussion was with the husband (thank goodness), and it felt more like a business transaction than chasing a cat.

I have some B2B experience, so in addition to our typical phone discussion, I sent him a complete proposal that described exactly what we were going to do.

Sending a proposal may seem like a pain in the a$$ to online marketers, but they are wonderful sales tools when prepared correctly. I clearly have no trouble writing, so I merely use my expertise to write proposals.

Another thing I did with them was to write a contract and have him sign it.

Contracts are important to have your models sign, but not for the reason you think. Most people believe that signing a contract obligates the persons who sign it to perform specific things.

While this is theoretically correct, contracts are rarely enforced in court. No agency is suing its models because they did not fulfill the terms of the contract.

Contracts provide the following functions:

  1. Secure the organization
  2. Clearly specify compensation
  3. Clearly define what is expected of the model
  4. Clearly outline what the agency will perform
  5. Make the model feel obligated to the agency (“I signed a contract”)
  6. Ensure a long-term commitment to the agency

The final reason is the one that prompted me to sign the contract in the first place.

Basically, here’s how I see it:

As an agency, I want the models to give me with a lot of content on a regular basis. In exchange, I pledge to complete all of the labor and give them a part of the profits.

What I can do is offer them many choices in the contract (or even the proposal).

For example, instead of providing a 50/50 split to models, I now offer 60/40 or even 70/30 splits. I never imagined they would accept anything like this when I first started. 50/50 seemed reasonable to me.

But part of making this arrangement work is convincing the model that YOU are doing the majority of the work, or at least far more than she is. Which is correct.

All she has to do is spend 30 minutes a day taking selfies and making videos, whereas you have to spend your entire day making sure the entire system works.

As such, you should be entitled to a larger slice of the pie. More than that, the uneven division reaffirms in her mind that YOU have the upper hand.

She will effectively tell herself, “He’s getting a bigger percentage because he’s in control.”.

Women, after all, do not play by the rules. If they could take 100% and have you do all the work, they would. Maybe some guys are like this, but most company owners believe in paying workers their fair amount so they can perform a decent job.

When you pay them 50/50, they believe you are partners on same footing. You never want that.

Anyway, long story short, I convinced this porn company to work with me for a year.

I also got the model I described before to sign a one-year contract using a modified version of the same contract/proposal. Unless I come up with a better concept, I’ll use this format for all future models.

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The Italian Stripper

Another of my models who is doing well is a 45-year-old Italian ex-stripper. She is technologically retarded and can hardly use a computer.

She’s also doing well since she publishes a lot of information on a regular basis. She has around 5000 Reddit followers and a few hundred Facebook fans. She was my favorite until Blondie came along. But she’s still doing really well.

However, I had a problem with her the other day that almost prompted me to terminate her.

She left a voice message for me on WhatsApp that simply said:

Hey, I got into a major disagreement with my spouse today and he left. I don’t know whether he’ll return, and I’m quite upset, therefore I won’t be able to provide you with any stuff today. I’m not sure I can continue working with you since I’m so depressed. I’ll let you know.

I nearly blew a gasket when I heard that crap.

Not because she spoke about quitting. I’m alright with a female quitting if she has a valid cause. I mean, that would be awful, but live your life.

But this bullshit about “Oh, I’m not sure what I’ll do, maybe I will, maybe I won’t…” That is intolerable.

One thing I’ve learned in this profession is that models are inherently unstable and untrustworthy. You must set clear boundaries for them if they try to pull something like this.

And they will ALL do so, so be ready. I’ll elaborate later.

But, getting back to the tale, I responded immediately away and informed her that anything she wanted to do was OK, but if I didn’t get content from her that day, I was going to cut her.

I’m not going to let someone leave me hanging when I could use that time finding someone trustworthy.

Long story short, we had a long chat after that, and I basically served as her marriage counselor for approximately 30 minutes. I even got her to email me some content that day.

My Other Model…

My most recent model is not doing well. Remember how I stated that when women generate content, they strive too hard to be seductive instead of just having fun? That’s exactly what this one is.

Her vids are dreadful. She’s cute enough, but she’s trying much too hard to appear seductive.

We don’t want to watch you being sexy. We want to see you in the heat of the moment.

While you’re at it, get a ringlight and move closer to the camera. What is this nonsense?

But I am really friendly to her since she works so hard, is responsive, and gives a lot of stuff. However, I don’t want to waste time with her, so I’ve delegated her account and marketing to someone else in exchange for a percentage.

I’m not sure how long she’ll be here. Let’s give her another month or two.

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The Strength Of Community

When I first started writing these trip threads, my major purpose was to keep myself accountable by sharing my progress here.

What I expected to happen was that I would become so accustomed to making my daily updates that I would shame myself into being consistent in order to have interesting updates to write.

To be honest, it worked.

I started my adventure discussions in another forum but was eventually banned. However, in the month or so that I was able to update those discussions, I built a ton of relationships with other individuals in the business.

I met and built contacts with folks that receive traffic from all over the world, have models for sale, and have a variety of tangentially relevant skill sets.

It has significantly reduced my learning curve and accelerated my development.

One of the unexpected benefits has been the formation of a gang of badass blackhat motherf*ckers, each of whom runs their own OF agency.

I utilize this group 10-20 times a day to exchange information, bounce ideas around, and make deals with the other people inside.

In the past, I never made much money online. I would always start, work hard for a month, and then stop.

What I feel was lacking was being a member of a community of individuals all striving toward the same objective.

While the trip threads kept me constant, the Discord group makes me want to keep going because if I don’t, I’ll lose the friends I’ve met in the group.

Maybe a touch too emotional, but it keeps me constant, so who cares?

The 500-Member Discord Group And Paid Course

A few weeks back, a member of my Discord group revealed that they had purchased an OF agency-building course taught by a well-known industry expert.

I’ve purchased enough courses to know that the most of them are rubbish, but what drew me to this one was that it came with a 500+ person group chat of other agency owners.

I reflected on how much I’d received out of my tiny group and imagined how fantastic it would be to have access to a group that was 25X larger.

I paid $500 for the course nevertheless. I didn’t care about the course topic (which is actually quite good); I just wanted to be a part of the community.

To be honest, there are a lot of new folks in there. My squad, on average, has greater blackhat abilities and more experience. However, it is still money wisely spent since those people will grow, learn, and eventually make the organization better by improving their own operations.

I’d hope to grow my group to that size eventually. But it takes time. And it’s even more difficult now that I don’t have access to the forum where I first wrote (they banned me). But I’ll get there.

I’d like to market coaching services once I’ve gained some success. I believe I do a decent job of describing what I do, and I am convinced that once I fully understand how this entire company model works, I will be able to assist others become successful without having to reinvent the wheel like I did.

But it is still a few months away.

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Proven Reddit Approach For Increasing Traffic

My two successful models get almost all of their traffic from Reddit. I don’t operate the traffic or accounts personally; I have someone do that for me, but we communicate numerous times a day and he talks me through precisely what he’s doing.

The system operates as follows:

  • Collect sexy photos/videos
  • Post them to relevant subreddits
  • Repeat x 100 per day
  • Optional but recommended: become verified on large subreddits that only allow OC from verified accounts

There are a few tips and tactics for creating titles, etc. However, the four points I mentioned above constitute the majority of the plan.

We haven’t done any upvoting till now – merely organic posting from old high karma accounts (purchased).

However, as we receive fresh content packs from our models, we will begin boosting some of the articles with upvotes to see how it changes things.

Someone just mentioned a source for really inexpensive upvotes in our group chat. Upvotes are frequently rather pricey. I think the last time I spent roughly $10 for 65, which is outrageous.

This new source sells 1000 upvotes for $18! I haven’t done the math but that’s way less than 65 for $10 lol.

Once we get new content, we’re going to experiment with $50-$100 and see how that does.

TikTok’s Unique Viral Content Creator

I had previously concentrated my efforts mostly on Reddit. However, I’ve heard from several sources that TikTok is the best source of traffic for OF.

I don’t use TikTok because I know it will draw me in and waste a lot of time that I could be working on crap.

But I knew I had to get started. And TikTok traffic is the primary source of traffic for this course. So, because Reddit seemed to be doing well, I felt it was time to bite the bullet and learn TikTok.

One of the perks of this OF agency course that I purchased was that the creator was going to provide free use of a technology that makes original material for TikTok.

Essentially, this merges two clips into one, allowing you to utilize viral material across several accounts.

He charges $250/month for this service.

Myself and another industrious guy (whom I met on HF) decided to reverse engineer his bot and try to build it ourselves.

My programming abilities are almost non-existent, but I know how to utilize Google. In less than 48 hours, the two of us came up with a workable answer.

I could make thousands of unique viral videos for TikTok in a single day if I wanted to. I haven’t begun uploading them yet, but it’s on my to-do list.

I considered selling the script or the process, but I think I’ll keep it for now until it’s time to start selling my coaching services/course.

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Moving Head

For the next few days, I have two key tasks:

  1. Launch an SMS campaign to recruit new models
  2. Start growing 5 TikTok accounts from my phone with viral content

I have all of the data for the SMS campaign; I’m just trying to figure out how to launch it using a different phone number than my personal one.

I have the resources to generate all of the videos for the TikTok accounts. I finally figured it out today.

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Please let me know if I’ve missed anything.

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