For New Agency Owners, The Ultimate Guide To Recruiting OnlyFans Models

If you operate an OnlyFans agency, you understand that nothing happens unless you have a model. Even if you have a model...

If you operate an OnlyFans agency, you understand that nothing happens unless you have a model.

Even if you have a model, there are a thousand things that can cause her to dump you faster than a dirty sock.

This is why I created my last recruiting article: Reasons Why New OnlyFans Agency Owners Should Devote 80% Of Their Time To Recruiting.

If you are a new agency owner and haven’t read it yet, I recommend you do so before continuing with this article.

It is, in my opinion, the MOST essential thing I’ve written for new agency owners, aside from my 60 Lessons article.

Nothing will get you more experience in this market faster than recruiting a large number of girls.

How do you think I’ve learned so much so quickly?

Yes, I am a brilliant supergenius. You are correct in this regard.

But almost everything I learnt did NOT come from a course, coaching program, YouTube video, blog, or Telegram group.

At least 80% of what I’ve learnt has come from guiding girls through the hiring process, onboarding, and asking them to submit me stuff repeatedly.

Everything I’ve learnt has come from mistakes I made at various stages along the way.

Send DMs, filter for serious creators, and reel them in until you have a list of crap to deal with that is more essential than sending more DMs.

PS: If you don’t want to waste any time and want to get started right away, click this link to access The OnlyFans Masterclass: the #1 OnlyFans Agency Course and learn the strategies we use to scale our models to $2,000/day.

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How I Created My Recruitment Strategy

Now, here’s the deal.

You can have the finest traffic techniques and the most hungry chatters in the world, but if you don’t have any models, as Joe Biden would say:

“You ain’t got shit, Jack.”

Now, I’m not saying I’m the best recruiter ever, but I’ve Frankensteined myself a solid technique for recruiting girls by combining my direct sales history, my expertise selling to women in a retail context, and other online hustles I’ve shiny-object-syndromed my way into over the years.

And, because to the industry relationships I’ve developed in the last few weeks, I no longer need to employ these approaches myself.

If you’re just starting off, this may be useful.

I understand how difficult recruiting can be.

I’ve gone through the entire recruiting process — from initial approach to onboarding — around 40 times in the two and a half months since beginning this adventure.

Does this mean that I now have 50 models signed with my agency?

Certainly not.

Most of them have quit, flaked, disappeared, freaked out and yelled at me, or otherwise been evacuated from my ecosystem.

Despite the fact that the majority of those girls have gone their separate ways, they have left me with a recruiting system that has been hardened into diamonds.

It works well. It is effective.

That experience has led to the creation of the following system. It’s not perfect, but it’s a great starting point for making your own unique customizations.

My recruitment procedure is divided into the following steps:

  1. Cold outreach
  2. Follow up message
  3. Hard sell/qualify
  4. Schedule Zoom call
  5. Make Zoom call
  6. Onboarding

In the following parts, I will break down each process and show you how to attract girls from beginning to end.

Outreach Lessons From My Background As An Amateur Photographer

I’ve previously done cold outreach to MODELS on IG.

And let me tell you, it’s a pain in the a$$.

In a past life, I was an amateur photographer who organized photoshoots with models and local businesses.

My reasoning was straightforward:

  1. Find models to work with
  2. Find photographers
  3. Inquire with local companies about having a photoshoot and their business in exchange for their services

Organizing photoshoots with local models in your region is an excellent method to meet and network with attractive women.

And businesses that value having content for social media marketing would appreciate you turning up at their door with a slew of gorgeous women and autistic photographers.

Of course, saying it is easier than doing it.

For one thing, you need a super fresh looking Instagram account. Fortunately, that’s something I had covered.

But if you don’t have it covered, it’ll take you at least a month to put together enough photographs to distinguish yourself from the legions of thirsty simps that slide into her DMs on a daily basis.

Assuming your Instagram account is in good shape, start warming up those thumbs bucko, because you’re about to perform a lot of copying and pasting.

Here’s how it works when looking for models for a photoshoot:

  1. Cold DM (feeler message)
  2. Confirmation (7–10 days out)
  3. Second confirmation (3 days before)
  4. Headcount (who shows up?)

I can’t speak for everyone, but here are some statistics I discovered while cold DMing girls:

  • Cold DM: 10% response rate (“Yes, I’m interested! Please send me more information!”)
  • Confirmation: 30-50% (“Yes, I’ll be there! I’m excited!”)
  • Second confirmation: 50% (“Certainly coming for reals!”)
  • Headcount: 25%

So let’s perform some math:

If you invite 1000 girls, for example.

  • 100 (10%) of people respond favourably to your message
  • 40 (40%) of them confirm their attendance
  • 20 (50%) confirm twice
  • 5 (25%) will attend the photoshoot – IF YOU’RE LUCKY

Of course, a lot of this is dependent on the preparation you put in beforehand, such as how hot your Instagram account is.

There are parallels for recruiting models for OnlyFans.

You’re still reaching out to models, but the sales cycle is condensed to push for a Zoom call (and ultimately an ongoing business relationship) instead of just to have the girl show up to some mansion to get some pictures taken.

It’s debatable which is more difficult.

Furthermore, when you hire girls for management, you are aiming to enter them into a B2B relationship.

Whether you like it or not, these girls are self-employed freelancers, and you’re trying to persuade them to let you market and sell to their clients.

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Understanding The Flow Of Recruiting Via Cold DMs

When I was really broke a few years ago, I did what every other broke person has done since Google’s inception: I asked the internet how to make money.

I don’t recall my precise query, but it was something like, “How can I get money to pay my rent by the end of the month?”

That search led me to a Quora question, the answer to which transformed my life.

I had recently relocated to Thailand after a difficult year in Australia operating a kiosk company in a violent Lebanese neighborhood, and I was eager to make the whole shift to making money online.

So I packed my belongings, purchased a one-way ticket to Thailand, and began Googling.

The most common response was to send 50 emails each day to business owners asking them to hire you for something.

You would have contacted 1500 potential consumers by the end of the month. You were almost certainly going to be hired for something.

Fortunately, the timing was perfect, since this occurred at the close of 2017, just as Bitcoin began to moon for the first time.

I decided to take advantage of the cultural shift and started pitching 80-100 ICOs every day about hiring me for marketing.

Against all odds, I was able to persuade a number of them to pay me $5-$6k each month to advertise their shitcoins.

The market eventually plummeted, and I lost all of my money, but that’s another tale.

The point is that over the course of a few months, I perfected cold outreach by sending tens of thousands of emails.

Here is the structure of the email I would send:

  • Who I am
  • What I do
  • What I can do for you
  • Proof that I’m legit
  • What to do if you’re interested
  • Thanks and have a nice day

Here’s a simple example:

Hi there, my name is Mathieu and I specialize in marketing ICOS.
We can get you in front of tens of thousands of cryptocurrency investors and help you raise money to launch your coin. Here’s a list of our services:
<service 1>
<service 2>
<service 3>
You can read my blog articles here:
<blog 1>
<blog 2>
<blog 3>
If you’re interested, shoot me a quick email and we can set up a time to talk.
If not, have a great day!

That’s how I used to do things because, well, I’m lazy.

What I wanted to avoid was a lot of back-and-forth between myself and the ICO or business I was attempting to recruit.

I reasoned that if I sent them all of the material in the initial email, I wouldn’t have to go back and answer all of their questions afterwards.

It was as simple as writing articles that answered their issues, linking to them in my initial outreach, and spamming them from my Gmail account till I felt like heading to the beach.

Here are some additional advantages to my system:

  1. I answer the top 5-6 most often asked questions right away
  2. I qualify the prospect by asking them to put in the time and effort to leap through my hoops
  3. I position myself as a subject matter expert
  4. I instill confidence by boasting about myself
  5. I entice them by being witty, personable, and self-deprecating

Years later, I would successfully replicate these tactics in my OF recruiting strategy. And I’ll tell you how to accomplish the same thing very soon.

Fortunately, my laziness paid off, and my system functioned properly. I signed a bunch of clients and made a reputation for myself on the now-defunct Steemit.

When I first started cold emailing models, I utilized the same method: tell them everything in the first email and respond to those who were interested.

My outreach was a little different, but it was roughly the same:

  • Who am I?
  • My work
  • What is the benefit to you?
  • What you should do if you’re interested
  • Thank you, and have a pleasant day

Hey there. I run an OnlyFans talent agency and wanted to offer you an opportunity to apply to become one of our models.

If you follow our proven formula, you will be making $10,000/month by your 3rd month. You can make double or triple that if you’re motivated.

That’s because we’re not like other agencies — we actively drive traffic to your fan pages which is where the big money is.

You get to live your life on your terms — travel the world, shop for whatever you want, experience life in the way you’ve always dreamed.

We’ll chat with your customers. We’ll promote you on 100s of sites. We’ll run all your profiles. You just record a little bit of content per day and we’ll do the rest.

I highly recommend you read our free guide on how to make $15,000/month on OnlyFans. It explains our strategy and what we need from you to work together.

Lmk if you’re interested and we can set up a call.

<link to sales letter>

To the newcomers who are hesitating while looking for the right method, let me state unequivocally that blasting this message to 150 individuals every day was responsible for 95% of my success.

I signed three models on my first day of performing Zoom calls.

The following day, I signed 2.

Of course, they all eventually abandoned me for various reasons. Some were bad because of my inexperience, while others were plain bad.

But the idea was that I got them intrigued, got them on Zoom calls, and got them to say “yes” when I asked them to sign with my agency.

This is one of the reasons I laugh when I see new agency owners publish screenshots of themselves and models who indicate interest in collaborating.

Every single girl I’ve ever exchanged more than three messages with has told me the same thing, brother. How many of them do you believe will remain?

I had a girl who I thought was ROCK SOLID flip out on me the other day, write OF support, and tell them that I “scammed” her into establishing an account in her name.

This is a girl who, after being onboarded, called me first thing in the morning and asked when she would be launched.

Let’s just say, it’s a “dynamic” industry.

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A Better Approach To Model Recruitment Through Cold DMs

Recruiting provides numerous challenges for new agency owners:

  1. Social platforms limit the amount of outreach you can do per day
  2. You need a good-looking IG account to establish credibility
  3. Models are slow to respond or will ignore your message
  4. You need to do everything from your phone (my personal pet peeve)
  5. You are competing for her attention with the 100 simps who DM her per day
  6. Models hate reading and thinking
  7. Models will assume you are a violent human-trafficker until convinced otherwise
  8. Models think you are out to scam them
  9. Models will tell you they want to work with you and then ghost to avoid a confrontation

All of these things work against you when cold calling since you approach your encounters with them with the mindset of “I want you to do this thing and here’s why.”

So, how can you avoid these problems with as little effort as possible?

Enter the second technique of recruitment.

(All credit goes to OBH for this one).

I discovered this outreach strategy after viewing one of his videos. And, since incorporating it into my recruiting strategy, I’ve seen a significant increase in response rate.

The video is available on his channel and is well worth seeing, but the greatest part is the introductory message he recommends you send.

It goes like this:

Hi, my name is Mathieu and I am an OnlyFans agency owner. I see potential in working with you, but I wanted to reach out and see if you’re already represented.

This is fantastic on multiple levels:

  1. It is short and can be read quickly by smooth-brained models
  2. It comes off as non-needy and non-salesy
  3. It sets the frame that you are qualifying the model, not selling her
  4. It looks for a “no” rather than a “yes”

I won’t go into too much detail here, but people are more comfortable expressing “no” than “yes.”

Consider the two alternatives:

  1. Are you interested in being represented by an agency?
  2. Are you currently represented by an agency?

The two queries have the same goal: to find out if the model is interested in working with an agency.

If the first question is answered affirmatively, the respondent will feel committed to a set of unknown beliefs. You may encounter some resistance unless complete confidence has previously been built.

If the respondent answers no to the second question, they are not obligated to do anything.

For a more in-depth explanation, read “Never Split The Difference” by ex-FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss (I recommend the audio book because it is read by the author and is quite entertaining).

I’ve seen MUCH greater outcomes after incorporating this into my outreach.

The one disadvantage is that it adds an extra step or two to the process since after the model responds in the negative (“No, I’m not currently represented”), you must continue qualifying her.

The way a model responds to your initial contact reveals a lot about her personality and if she is worth pursuing.

How To Tell Whether You’re Dealing With A Superstar Or A Time Waster

The replies of the models will fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Not represented, not interested
  2. Not represented, interested
  3. Represented, not interested in switching
  4. Represented, interested in switching

The majority of models that respond to your messages will fall into the second category (Not represented, interested).

Their responses can be further classified into the following categories:

  1. Short response, guarded
  2. Long response, guarded
  3. Short response, interested
  4. Long response, interested

The best leads are #4: lengthy responses from people who are interested. We’ll go back to those in a minute.

The other categories each require somewhat different responses, but the overall method is as follows:

  1. Create trust and credibility
  2. Get interest
  3. Request permission to send additional information
  4. Provide application instructions

Here’s an example of a dialogue.

Agency: Hi, my name is Mathieu and I am an OnlyFans agency owner. I see potential in working with you, but I wanted to reach out and see if you’re already represented.

Model: No I’m not represented.

Agency: Would you mind if I sent you some more information on how we operate and what we expect from our models?

Model: Go ahead.

Agency: Great. Here’s our primer for new models. Please read that so you understand our strategy and what it means to work with us. If you’d like to apply, please follow the instructions at the end.

<link to sales letter>

Before we go any further, let me tell you something I should have told you at the start of this post.

You’re not attempting to “persuade” any of these models to work with you.

  • You are not attempting to persuade the shy model who is reluctant to display her boobies that she will make more money if she is naked
  • You’re not attempting to persuade the paranoid model that you’re trustworthy and that she should hand over her logins to you
  • You are not attempting to persuade the hostile model that accepting your representation is a smart decision

Instead, you want to find models who:

  1. Realize the value of collaborating with an agency and are keen to learn more
  2. Have no impediments to performing everything a model needs to do to be successful
  3. Are dependable, arrive on time, and follow through on their promises
  4. Are interested in the opportunity and driven to make it a success

The good news is that these models frequently identify as such early in the engagement.

These models will typically answer with the fourth option outlined above: a lengthy message expressing interest.

The reason I want to do this is because I am a single mom of 4.. Who walked away from her 2 million dollar home and the lifestyle that went with it when my X husband plummeted our marriage! Now the kids and I live in a house I can’t stand, and my bank zeros out at the end of the month..
The kids and I house search ALL the time, dreaming over the house that we want to buy again one day.. and I want nothing more than to be able to get us our life back! That’s why I want to do this!

Plus., as I said I’m single with 4 kids, leaves me no time to date.. My hidden folder is full of dildo and self play content.. it’s what I do to pleasure myself and get off.. I do actually really enjoy videoing myself, watching it as I’m doing it turns me on.. soo I’d more than likely actually really enjoy producing any content you ask me to! My only question I would have would be at what point does the split go to 60/40.. and does it ever get to a 50/50?

Another one.

Alright well, I definitely think I’m a perfect fit! I’ve already done camming with toys and things so I’m not uncomfortable sending pics and vid’s. However I am a stay at home mom with a 1 year old so, I would be available 4 days a week until I can get him into daycare. then I can work as many days and as many hours necessary while I don’t have him. I was also wondering what kind of contract I’d have to sign and how long I would be signed with you guys before owning the rights to the content I create afterwards in case I want to do something different?

And also was wondering what times of day and or night you would want me to be interacting for the 3-4 hours needed?

I would love to work with you guys long term but have never worked with an agency before so this is all new to me and can’t wait to see what this new adventure entails!

One more from a man.

1. My name is [hidden for privacy reasons].

2. My pictures will follow this message.

3. I would like to sign with because I have always wanted to create adult content and have a passion for it. I would also like to sign with you because I am really to determined to make money with you as currently do not make enough money from my job, can not afford to pay for school, can not afford to fix my car, and want to relocate to a new apartment. I could really use some assistance.

4. I am African American, 28 years old, 5’11 tall, 140 lbs., thin, very tone, and my abs and tool are my best assets. I am a bisexual man. I also have a VERY high sex drive and lots of stamina.

Notice how they are providing me with useful information about their position, which I can use to adapt my response to them.

This is a really encouraging indicator.

Let me use an example: suppose you wake up one day with excruciating discomfort in your chest and decide to see a doctor.

You will offer the doctor with as much information as possible so that he can correctly diagnose you and treat you.

You are exceedingly accommodating since you are desperate to solve your situation.

This is exactly what you seek in a model.

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Do Not Try To Sell Your Agency Through Direct Messages

It is critical that you resist the impulse to “sell” the model through text.

You should never, EVER sell via text messages.

I’m not saying it’s impossible, but you’ll be much more likely to clinch a sale if you:

  • Communicate with the model using Zoom
  • Send the model a well-written sales letter with earnings screenshots
  • Provide a link to a video in which you demonstrate the advantages of collaborating with your agency
  • Connect numerous of your blog articles that discuss how to solve typical challenges that models confront

I utilized this exact method on my Steemit blog while I was promoting for ICOs.

I figured since I was already contacting these companies, I might as well start a blog.

My plan at the time was to try to persuade these businesses to employ me to run a blog for them as part of the marketing package that I would offer.

So I spent a few days writing 20 or so articles about the latest shitcoins and started included the better ones in my outreach email.

As a result, my response rate increased.

To be clear, I haven’t used this strategy to find models yet. I haven’t needed to because I already have a fantastically written sales letter that converts well AND explains how we do business.

However, if I ever intended to broaden my outreach to modeling agency owners, porn studio owners, or some other peripherally-related industry on the margins of OF management, you can guarantee I’d include articles from this blog in the initial outreach.

I’ll go over branding in a later piece, but for now, just know that you don’t want to perform any marketing through text.

Instead, spend some time preparing some media to present to a possible model that does the following:

  1. It acquaints you with the reader
  2. It explains the most typical issues that models confront
  3. It offers a solution to those issues
  4. It packages that solution in the form of an offer to the models
  5. It lists numerous additional “bonus” benefits to working with you
  6. It demonstrates that you have already gotten this result for other models
  7. It describes how much your offer “costs”, often known as your compensation package
  8. It forewarns the reader of what will happen if they do not act immediately

Those of you who are familiar with copywriting science will remember the classic 12 step copywriting approach.

Copywriting is valuable in the same way that sales abilities are valuable: you can persuade others to take a specific action.

You can eventually determine what action to take, but for this stage of the process, we want the model to be implemented through formal means.

What The Application Process Is REALLY For

For the majority of my recruitment effort, I have had models apply in a straightforward manner.

I want them to read the sales letter prior so that I don’t have to explain everything during our Zoom call.

As an extra plus, the sales letter “sells” them on how fantastic it is to work with us.

It’s one of the key reasons I’ve been able to sign so many girls at 30% when most other agency owners are throwing away 50% right now.

Girls would prefer work for me for 30% of their time than for someone who does not have a sales letter for 50% of their time.


Because I have bombarded their minds with 20 pages of sales text that has shifted their beliefs to “results are guaranteed if I work with this guy.”

Another advantage of the sales letter is that it eliminates girls who aren’t serious.

The uninterested will not take the time to read 20 pages of material on working with me.

Serious readers will read 100 pages.

And if I make it 6 pt font, they’ll grab a magnifying glass to read it.

Those are the ones we’re after.

But we won’t know who they are unless we properly screen for them.

Personally, I prefer a written sales letter because I am more comfortable writing, but there is no rule that says you can’t include a video or audio recording.

Anyway, when they apply, I ask them to do three things:

  1. Send 1 face photo
  2. Send 1 full body photo
  3. Tell me their name and why they want to work with my agency

This is yet another effective screening technique I employ to determine who the superstars are, if only because the superstars will follow the fucking directions.

They don’t have to be clever, beautiful, attractive, or have a good body.

They MUST ONLY be able to follow directions.

I can make a lot of money if I tell a girl to hold the camera a certain way, move quicker, moan louder, and give me 20 movies a day AND SHE DOES IT.

And following the application guidelines is an early indication that she will do those things.

If I receive what I asked for (and especially if I get it within an hour) I am really excited about the potential of that model.

There are numerous reasons why I might reject a model, but they all fall into one of the following categories:

  1. She applies without having read the sales letter
  2. She does not adequately follow application instructions
  3. She skips or is late for the Zoom call
  4. She expresses reservations about ANYTHING in the sales letter
  5. She does not finish the onboarding tasks in 48 hours

I don’t care about excuses, because there are no good ones.

Well, I take that back. I just started with a girl in Ukraine who wasn’t able to submit all the content because missles hit her city and took out the power.

And to be honest, I could have played hard ball and said listen young lady, light yourself a candle, grab your dildo, and provide me my stuff or your contract is invalidated.

That is something I should have done in retrospect. Because I’ve now given her tacit permission to use the same excuse again in the future.

I have no doubt that this will cause issues in the future. It’s not a “maybe” – it’s a guarantee.

However, it is what it is. And we all make mistakes, sometimes multiple times.

So, while the list of reasons why I WOULD NOT work with a model is interminably long, the list of reasons why I WOULD work with a model is extremely short.

  1. She is driven by money
  2. She feels some personal responsibility
  3. She follows directions
  4. She is talkative and responsive
  5. She has a lovely demeanor
  6. She avoids grumbling or speaking badly about matters over which she has no influence

Which do you believe is the most important of all of these? The solution should be obvious.

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Why Scheduling The Zoom Call Is The Least Of Your Concerns

I will contact them to organize a Zoom call once they have properly applied by sending me the two images, their name, and their reasons for wanting to apply.

“When are you available for a Zoom call?” I used to inquire.

However, this places far too much responsibility in the hands of the model.

And, as with every other component of the model management business, you want as much responsibility as feasible in this area.

I’d rather make the appointment for that day. If it’s late at night and I don’t feel like making any more calls, I’ll schedule it for the next morning.

Consider this: she just read the sales letter. She’s motivated, excited, and has invested her time and energy into slightly wrinkling her increasingly smooth brain by texting me a few sentences and pictures.

I want to strike while the iron is hot. Let’s get this party started before she forgets about this fantastic chance.

If they fail to answer the Zoom call for any reason, I dismiss them pretty instantly.

I’m seeking for SERIOUS individuals.

This is not merely a “preference.”

This is because I have a 500 million year old advanced mammalian brain that recognizes patterns.

One of these patterns I’ve noticed is that if a model isn’t salivating at the bit to get me on the phone for a Zoom call, desperate to pitch HERSELF to ME about why I should sign her at 30%, she is not worth working with.

These girls do exist. I’ve had more phone calls from them in the last few months than I’d like to confess.

But this system only works because of all the extra “stuff” I’ve set up to do the work for me.

Unfortunately, I don’t have somebody who can perform a Zoom call yet.

To be truthful, I truly enjoy this portion of the process because, despite the headaches, I like talking to biological women.

I also appreciate the ego boost that comes from interviewing potential contractors.

I run the Zoom calls as follows:

  1. Exchange greetings and introduce myself
  2. Inform them about the Zoom call
  3. Inquire about their background, experience, and how they got into this field
  4. Ask them what the most appealing part of the sales letter was
  5. Inform them of the particular deliverables we require from them
  6. Give them the chance to ask questions
  7. Describe the onboarding procedure and timelines

I’ll make a little small talk if the opportunity presents itself, but I don’t press it.

We’re here for a business meeting.

My first manager taught me an essential lesson when I first started working in kiosk sales.

He stated:

If you stop them well, doing a demo is easy. And if you do the demo well, closing is easy.

What he didn’t mention (though I’m sure he’d agree) is that stopping them is simple if you present well.

The argument is that the success rate of your current step is strongly related to how well the prior step was done.

To put it another way:

  • Getting their attention will be difficult if your Instagram page is bad
  • Getting their attention will be difficult if your sales letter is bad
  • Getting them to sign will be difficult if your Zoom call is bad
  • And keeping them will be difficult if your onboarding process stinks

My point is, by the time I get them on a Zoom call, my work is already done.

I don’t have to explain why they should cooperate with us. Because they’ve read the sales letter, they’re already sold.

And the fact that they followed directions and applied the way I wanted them to suggests that they are committed.

The Zoom call is purely ceremonial.

The onboarding procedure, on the other hand, is a different story.

My Super Top Secret Commitment Reinforcement Onboarding Process

As I previously stated, I have a background in commission-only sales.

I began in that profession timid and fearful of confrontation.

I now eat rejection for breakfast with a side of rejection bacon and a glass of rejection juice.

I don’t mind.

I’m like a puppy chasing a ball. I adore chasing after the ball.

But, like a dog, I’m unsure what to do once I’ve caught the ball.

And when I started signing models, I had the terrible problem of figuring out what I was supposed to do with them once I’d successfully tracked them down.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from iterating my recruiting process, it’s that, contrary to popular belief, women respond well to structure.

So, rather than abandoning the framework once the contract was signed, I decided to keep it going once I started onboarding them

After a Zoom session with a model, I assign her three duties that must be fulfilled within 48 hours or her contract would be terminated.

  1. Please sign and send back the contract
  2. Verify her OnlyFans account
  3. Send me 20 short videos and 20 photos

This onboarding email contains thorough descriptions of the type of content I require, as well as examples of what good content looks like and how to develop it.

After going through this process dozens of times, I’ve refined the first onboarding email to the point where all I have to do is copy it and alter the name.

If the model passes this test within 48 hours, I will provide feedback on her content and request another set of 20 videos. This is also when I request Reddit and tube site verifications from her.

When I receive that batch, I will provide additional feedback and request additional content.

So, before we even introduce the model, we’ll have at least 60 videos and 20 photos.

If she continues to be obedient and positive, we will request another 20 to make it an even 100.

However, if too much time goes between signing the contract and launching the model, she loses interest and becomes less attentive.

This, I suppose, is related to what I wrote earlier about structure.

There is structure, deadlines, and repercussions for not reaching those deadlines up until the first “test” of onboarding.

There is nothing left after that. That’s when things start to go wrong.

What I need to do is maintain content request deadlines as well as a wider list of stuff that we require from them.

The structure must be maintained throughout the relationship, not only during the recruiting process.

My problem is that I don’t do anything other than recruit, thus I haven’t established processes for it yet.

I simply delegate the work to my colleagues.

This is, without a doubt, a problem that I will need to address if I wish to continue recruiting.

It’s like starting a beautiful bridge and stopping halfway through. I need to keep working on the bridge so they don’t go off the cliff.

@realskybri’s Instagram post

IG Ads, Automation, And Connecting It All

I’ve never been the kind to experiment with paid ads because I despise the feeling of wasted money.

I’ve only used Instagram advertisements once. I invested $12 and received one lead who responded “interested”.

Not the best performance.

I probably did them wrong, because I know a lot of people get good results with paid ads to find models.

Personally, I haven’t worked it out yet.

Perhaps someone out there will like to teach me in exchange for something I can provide them. You can reach me on Telegram at any moment, G.

Having said that, I am familiar with alternative means of increasing outreach that are not directly tied to sponsored advertisements.

In 2018, crypto began to plummet, making it increasingly difficult for me to get clients for ICO marketing.

Because I was certain that cryptocurrency would never make a comeback (oops), I decided to shift gears and concentrate on an area that genuinely interested me: social media marketing.

In particular, Instagram automation.

I eventually found a tool that allowed me to run multiple accounts from a VPS at the same time and automate actions on the profiles that resulted in increased follower growth and engagement.

I could set very complex parameters for following, liking, DMing, and a variety of other IG account actions.

I used that tool to manage about 80 accounts for nearly a year, sourcing clients for SMM.

This tool, along with Paigham Bot, a contact form submitter, helped me postpone my inevitable return to selling beauty products in shopping malls for another year or so.

DMing was one of the tool’s features that I rarely used.

But now that I’m in the OF agency business, I see another application for it.

The same strategies I described in this article can be automated by using this tool, some mobile proxies, and some old Instagram accounts.

If I had the time and inclination to automate my IG outreach, I would do the following:

  1. Purchase 50 aged Instagram accounts
  2. Make 9 useful “OF Tips” captions and post them on each account’s wall
  3. Purchase 20,000 fake followers for each account
  4. Set up the initial outreach message, including a screenshot and spintax variations
  5. Set up a follow-up message with a link to the sales letter
  6. Hire a VA to check the accounts from an Incognito browser and manually close all leads that stray from the structured path with templated responses
  7. Set up Zoom meetings with verified leads or sell them on my marketplace.

This is not a particularly difficult task.

I have both the tool and a VPS. I can create the accounts, posts, and followers. I can purchase the proxies.

I could easily devote a day to setting this up. But, with everything else going on in my life right now, I don’t really want to.

In addition, I’m working on agreements with scouts to bring me girls. If I pressed harder, I could quickly get more than I could handle.

And I recently signed with an agency that has an actual WAITING LIST for new girls who want to get started. They do, however, pay their models a mid-four-figure salary, so they are an exception.

However, hopefully this article has helped you in some way with your recruiting problems. If you have any questions about how any of this works, please contact me on Telegram at @mathieumwz at any time.

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