High-Level Abstraction: The Secret To Growing Your OnlyFans Agency Like Crazy

Once upon a time, in a little town, there were two families. One of the families' fathers was a blue-collar type who identified...

In this essay, I’ll share my technique for thinking broader, which I believe leads to faster outcomes, more money in the long run, and less vulnerability in a turbulent market.

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Nobody Calls You Lazy If You’re Rich

I’m not afraid to confess that I’m a huge Andrew Tate admirer.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: he’s the reason I went into this industry in the first place.

After viewing some of his interviews, I decided to track down all of his old info products and watch them as well.

Hustler’s University is one of my favorites: a video course with 100 business principles gained after years of being an entrepreneur.

Tate mentions in one of the early lessons that he never operates companies on his alone; everything he does is a collaborative effort.

He uses the example of owning a lawn care business, which he admits he has no expertise with.

Tate emphasizes that MOST individuals attempt to undertake all of the labor themselves in order to keep as much of the money as feasible.

He then goes on to say that if HE got into that industry, he’d focus on completing sales and then hire someone to mow the lawns for a percentage of the profits.

I’ll never forget how he phrased it, either: “Once you divorce yourself from doing the actual work – even if you only take a small % – you can work on getting more business”.

Divorce yourself from doing the actual work.

For some reason, that phrase stuck in my brain.

It made perfect sense, but I’d never done it before.

But I have a difficult time learning until it is done the hard way.

So, when I launched my webcam studio a week or two later, I STILL tried to do everything myself.

  • I handled all of the recruitment
  • I handled all of the Zoom calls
  • I sat with and coached girls on camera
  • I created all of their profiles

In a nutshell, I was in charge of everything from start to end.

I only lasted a month before quitting.

The juice was just not worth the squeezing.

But, more crucially, by doing all of the labor myself, I was LIMITING my business to just profit from my particular talents.

Worse, I was exposing my company to mistreatment by someone (myself) who despised some aspects of the job.

Consider the following:

If you’re going to hire someone to attract females, wouldn’t you prefer someone who is naturally talented and likes the process?

You would, of course.

Would you, on the other side, employ someone to recruit girls who despise talking to strangers, selling, and being rejected?

Certainly not.

When you’re a one-man show, though, that’s exactly what you’re doing.

You are LIMITING your business by requiring certain areas of management to be handled by the same individual.

And everyone of us has unique talents and shortcomings.

I would be a very happy agency owner if I could spend ALL of my time negotiating agreements, schmoozing with possible partners, and producing articles.

But if you forced me to study every aspect of garnering traffic from TikTok, validating Bumble accounts, or milking simps, I’d definitely throw my laptop out the window before long.

How To Persuade Yourself To Think Bigger

One of the first things I did when torrenting technology became available on the internet was to download all of Tony Robbins’ audio programs.

I listened to them all the time, whether I was playing video games, going to the gym, or driving in my car.

One particularly noteworthy idea was that there was a direct relationship between your level of abstraction in your thinking and the amount you were paid.

The military was the first example he cited.

A private gets paid significantly less than a general since the general’s job requires a greater degree of abstraction to do properly.

  • Privates march in the cold, obey instructions, and fire their weapons
  • Squad leaders oversee a large number of soldiers (privates, etc)
  • Platoon leaders are in charge of many squads
  • Battalion commanders are in charge of many platoons

It continues on and on until you achieve the greatest level in their particular branch – in this case, generals.

The intricacy of the position grows with each degree.

And as work complexity rises, so does the abstract thinking capacity necessary to do the job successfully.

Is a general’s job really that much more difficult than a private’s?

One may readily claim that an enlisted man’s life is far more difficult than that of the highest ranked officer.

Marching in the cold, working on little sleep, and eating poor cuisine are all difficult circumstances to bear.

Not to add that as a private, you are far more likely to be killed in battle than as a general.

So, why are privates paid significantly less than generals?

Because the degree of ABSTRACT THOUGHT necessary to be a general is far higher than that required to execute the work of a private.

Yes, marching in the cold is difficult. However, there is little nuance.

Shooting weapons has some complexity, but in military operations, it’s more of a “point your gun this way and shoot” competition than a sharpshooter competition.

On the other side, the general must:

  1. Position the infantry, armor, and artillery troops correctly and have them execute their respective plans as smoothly as feasible
  2. Make real-time decisions to prepare for the inevitable unanticipated calamities that occur during a war
  3. Employ enough soft skills to supervise lower-ranking officials so that his approach is carried out smoothly
  4. Manage their own personal team of helpers to aid him in doing his work

Doesn’t that seem a little more difficult than “point your gun that way until I tell you to move”?

One may argue that being the owner of an OnlyFans agency is no different.

As the owner of an agency, you are the commander of your small army; YOUR work demands the most abstraction.

This is why agency owners are the richest.

Recruiters, traffic providers, chatters, and VAs all play important roles in any organization, much as infantry, artillery, armor, and support do in an army.

But are you the one who moves the chess pieces?

Or are you standing IN the middle of the chessboard?

Some agency owners make the “mistake” of becoming both the general and the private, as well as all ranks in between.

They attempt to accomplish everything on their own, which, as I have stated, is inefficient at best.

How can you possibly grow your brand beyond “just another OnlyFans agency” if you manage all of the employees (let alone conduct the actual job!) yourself?

“Why be a general when you could be an emperor?” says one.

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A Lesson From The Model Marketplace

My partner and I spent a good 48 hours a few months back attempting to reverse-engineer a TikTok content production tool popularized by the course we both bought.

The tool’s goal is straightforward: mix thirst traps with game material to create vertically stacked movies that TikTok will identify as “unique.”

You may build copies of the viral video to utilize on numerous TikTok accounts by mixing a [viral] thirst trap with different gaming footage.

This is said to be an excellent technique to get accounts to 1,000 followers so that models may perform TikTok lives – a good source of subs.

The guy in the course had planned to provide those who purchased his course unlimited free use of this technology, but at the last minute altered it to one set of videos per 24 hours.

My partner and I drove ourselves insane for two days trying to find out how to group edit video clips using ffmpeg and other tools.

We’d pulled together a technique that allowed us to swiftly make the coveted vertically-stacked viral TikToks two days later.

He ended up hiring a developer to create a simplified application for him, but I opted with freeware and a few bash scripts.

I posted a remark in the group with a snapshot of some films I’d made, asking if anyone was interested in purchasing my approach.

I received a contact a few days later from the owner of the popular model marketplace “OF Transfer Market”.

He was intrigued by my approach, so we decided that if I showed him how to use TikTok, he would tell me how he recruited girls.

We scheduled a call, and I spent an hour teaching him a lot of complicated command line nonsense for producing TikToks.

(In the end, I just handed him my copy of my partner’s premium product, which is much easier to use).

He walked me through his recruitment process after I taught him everything I know.

His strategy was so effective that he was able to develop his marketplace from the ground up using solely ladies he personally recruited.

Then he said something really fascinating to me.

“Yeah man, I don’t even recruit on my own anymore. Now my scouts just bring me models and I list them on the market”.

Tony Robbins’ voice rang out in my head as I recognized his remark for what it was: a step higher in abstraction.

Let’s look at a few recruitment alternatives, from the most basic to the most abstract:

  1. Send cold DMs to models in order to sell them on the marketplace
  2. Run Instagram advertising to find models to sell on the marketplace
  3. Allow scouts to find models for you to sell on the marketplace
  4. Create a marketplace where marketplace owners may sell their models

Nobody, as far as I know, has completed #4.

But, if the sector continues to thrive, someone will.

And for one simple reason: a higher level of abstraction, one person will make far more money than all of the individual marketplace owners.

Increasing Complexity Makes Previous Levels Easier

I spent a year in Israel on a working vacation visa in 2018.

I performed odd jobs, traveled to beautiful places, met many intriguing people, had many wonderful experiences, and had a terrific time overall.

When others asked me about my experience years later, I told them that year in Tel Aviv was the finest year of my life.

After another year in Paris and a few months in Miami, I returned to Israel in 2020, where I spent a very unproductive two years in the city of Tel Aviv.

I had no marketable talents except from being a pro at making websites.

After roughly a year, a typical day for me looked like this:

6:00 AM – 9:00 AM: Scooter drive

10:00 AM – 11:30 AM: Workout at the gym

12:00 PM: Eat lunch

12:30 PM – 2:00 PM: Take a nap

2:30 PM – 6:30 PM: Scooter drive

7:00 PM – 11:00 PM: Eat food, watch YouTube videos and listen to audio books

11:00 PM: Sleep

It was dreadful.

After listening to Grant Cardone’s “Be Obsessed Or Be Average” in 2017, I was encouraged to make changes in my life.

United States was the last place I remember being joyful, so I contacted my friend in Miami and asked him to join me in opening a business together.

A skincare kiosk at a nearby mall.

He was hesitant to commit, but said that if I came to Kentucky, we could sit down and talk about it.

Long story short, I moved to Louisville and we opened a shop in a mall there.

It was the first time I had ever been the “owner” of a company.

Everything was in my name, including the papers, bank accounts, and accountability.

I was also in charge of making sure the business was successful, which is difficult enough when you’re running a one-man retail operation.

But, by chance, I met Hyukjin, a hardworking and adventurous Korean teenager.

He scarcely knew English, but he followed my directions so effectively that in only a few weeks, I was able to train him to be a smooth-talking Korean replica of myself.

Prior to this, I had mostly worked alone.

I’d done some stuffs in the past, but I’d never truly known what it was like to manage salesmen.

Working in sales is an emotional rollercoaster, regardless of your level of expertise.

You feel unstoppable when you’re on a roll.

When you’re down, you just want to crawl into a hole and hide.

You will go to ANY length to prevent slumps.

SALES and SELLING become your number one priority.

However, as an owner or manager, your primary issue is no longer selling.

Yes, the most essential thing is still to deposit money in the register. Especially when you start a business with your friend, like me.

But my new greatest problem was to ensure that Hyukjin and my other employees fulfilled THEIR duties.

In comparison, selling got considerably easy.

That year, I sold more than I had ever sold before.

The previous stages got considerably simpler since I had increased the amount of abstraction of my function.

More precisely, because my new focus was on ensuring that my employees were emotionally healthy and selling, my own sales exploded.

To perform well, the former required a HIGHER LEVEL OF ABSTRACTION than the latter.

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The Trouble With Operators

Since I began focused on high-level activities for my own brand and agency, the world has been showering me with fresh chances.

In my last essay, I discussed the difficulties of dealing with operators.

Since then, I’ve discovered that’s only the top of the iceberg.

My objective as an owner is to avoid doing any of the real labor myself, similar to how as a modelmarketplace owner, I don’t want to recruit any of the girls myself.

So I started looking for operators to manage traffic and chat for my models.

I’m beginning to believe that’s too much labor, and those duties should be divided.

Being an operator is too high a degree of abstraction for some people without the necessary reward.

The juice is not worth the squeezing, as it was with my short-lived webcam business.

One of two things must occur:

  • I need to make the operator’s life EASIER to match the (comparatively) lower reward
  • I need to pay the operator MORE to match the (comparatively) higher level of abstraction

Personally, I don’t mind either answer as long as it keeps the operator satisfied.

This issue of requiring my operators to operate both traffic and chat has been bothering me for a long time.

Yes, there are some operators that are both talented and eager to work with me for a cut.

However, the normal freelance operator with some talents will be split so thin by the job necessary that they will ultimately ghost.

(This is similar to how models ghost when they feel overworked).

But I think I’ve finally found out a solution to my operator difficulty.

To be honest, I didn’t “figure out” anything.

One of my HackForums republished articles piqued the interest of an entrepreneur-savant looking to go into the OF agency industry.

He messaged me on Telegram, introduced himself, and very immediately began pushing me on collaborating.

I’ve mentioned it before, but he’s designed a dashboard that allows you to establish an endless number of verified Tinder/Bumble accounts.

The dashboard is essentially a computer-run emulation where chatters may communicate with simps from the model’s Tinder/Bumble account.

(Are the dots starting to connect for you yet?)

Personally, I’ve never been interested in dating app traffic.

I see how much problems individuals are having with verifications, and the juice does not appear to be worth the squeezing.

Regardless, his idea solves a big problem for me indirectly: instead of hiring operators to monitor models, I can now hire chatters.

Once I incorporate his platform, I won’t have to rely on operators, who are essentially underdeveloped freelancing agency owners who don’t have access to models but have had success with one or two.

I also no longer need to rely on collaborating with unicorn organizations whose operations are already streamlined enough to make our collaboration worthwhile.

Now I can approach my chatter network and say, “I’m going to pay you 25%, but you’ll also chat with the guys on Tinder/Bumble to get them to come to OF.”

I may post a remark in any of the groups asking, “Any chatters want to make 25% of sales? HMU” and watch as my email fills up with eager chatters looking for continuous job.

What’s the best part?

I’ll wind up paying these chatters LESS than I do my operators.

Before you go DMing me and telling me how great a supergenius I am, let me let you in on a dirty little secret: the only reason I was able to conceive this choice in my thoughts was because I asked myself the question “What is one degree of abstraction up from where I am now?”.

The $64,000 Abstraction & Chatters Paradise

Let me give another shoutout to my brother from Azusa Tony Robbins, who is in in need of recognition.

Mr. Tony is famous for suggesting that the quality of our life is determined by the questions we ask ourselves.

This is why I avoid negative individuals and don’t accept it in places where I have authority.

If you ask questions like as:

  • Why does this keep happening to me?
  • What have I done to earn this?
  • Why do I always make mistakes?

Then you’ll obtain the answers to your queries.

Consider your brain to be a search engine: it will respond to whatever inquiries you ask it.

Your brain makes no distinction between whether a question is good, awful, empowering, worth asking, or destructive.

It will just respond to the inquiry.

I should really do it more often, but one of the things I started asking myself lately was: “What is one level of abstraction up from where I am now?”.

Using this as an example, consider the following possibilities, from least abstract to most abstract:

  1. Figure out Tinder/Bumble by myself
  2. Teach the model to use Tinder/Bumble for traffic
  3. Hire a chatter to use Tinder/Bumble
  4. Hire a developer to make a dashboard for verified Tinder/Bumble accounts
  5. Partner with someone who already has a dashboard for verified Tinder/Bumble accounts
  6. Rebrand/License the dashboard under my brand (<——– we are here)

The most abstract alternative is always the one that requires the least amount of labor, is the most profitable, and has the greatest potential for extra development and tangential opportunities.

Another example of increasingly abstract choices:

  1. Create a training program for operators with guaranteed job placement afterwards
  2. Sell pre-trained operators to agencies
  3. Create a job board for agencies looking for freelancers or service providers
  4. Create a paid online university for people in the OnlyFans industry
  5. Create a Udemy-esque clone where info-marketers can upload their own OF-industry-related courses

I couldn’t think of any off the top of my head. And I don’t think any of them are especially excellent.

However, if you’re seeking for a diverse range of chances, a reasonable rule of thumb is:

Raising the level of abstraction in your present business activity is a simple strategy to scale and/or extend your company.

Back to my (new) Tinder/Bumble dashboard, here are some ideas on how I may utilize it.

  1. Recruit money-motivated chatters at 25%
  2. Offer a full training program to chatters once they sign a 6 month work agreement
  3. Sell “seats” on the dashboard for $500/month (unlimited accs per model, 1 at a time)
  4. Offer a traffic/chatter service to agency owners for a % of revenue
  5. Make better deals with scouts who send me girls
  6. Shorten onboarding time and get models earning ASAP
  7. Create a case study about the success of the platform for future marketing
  8. Offer discounted use of the platform into future consulting or mentoring gigs

All of them occurred to me completely off the top of my head.

I only recently finalized the agreement with my pal.

All of this happened in a single day because I asked myself how I might increase the level of abstraction.

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There Are No Girls On The Internet

If you haven’t guessed it by now, let me state unequivocally: I am a sucker for compliments.

It takes me a whole day to write, edit, and upload these pieces.

“THIS one is going to kill my reputation,” I think to myself right before I upload one. They’ll despise me after this. It’s all over”.

But I still hit the publish button and spam it in a few groups.

It may be difficult to empathize if you’ve never made unapologetic-honest stuff and released it under your own name.

Those of you who have a blog, YouTube channel, or even a TikTok/IG where you periodically exhibit a little vulnerability will understand what I mean.

Imagine my delight when I receive a lovely reply thanking me for the information or complimenting me on how great a writer I am.

Or, even better, providing me with a unique chance that I would not have had otherwise.

I received all three of them earlier this week from a girl on Telegram.

To be honest, what I’m going to tell you is not anything I anticipated to write about.

However, because it is related to what I’ve been discussing thus far, I believe I should share it.

The discussion began innocently enough.

She congratulated me on my articles and provided me interesting document that was relevant to one of my ideas.

This prompted me to fire out a slew of questions, which she was nice enough to answer.

“Let’s schedule a call and I’d be happy to answer whatever you want,” I was told around question #5.

Let us not be naive:

“Let’s schedule a call,” we all know, is code for “I want to pitch you on something.”

There will be no judgment. We’re all guilty of it. I do that as well.

Remember, I’m a salesman?

I used to let anyone pitch me on anything a few weeks ago.

But I’ve been a little busier recently, and I can’t do three Zoom calls a day with folks who can’t help me at my present stage of growth.

Ashley (from now on) appeared to be an outlier.

On our conversation, I explained to her that women in this field have a MASSIVE disadvantage.

For starters, 100% of agency owners have had negative encounters with untrustworthy female models.

In fact, these incidents are so regular that having a positive encounter with a model is typically the unusual.

As a result, Ashley is already starting low.

Second, as males, we are extremely sensitive to women “playing the woman card” when times are bad.

I definitely cannot speak for all men, but the moment a woman attempts to pull any bullshit, such as sobbing, exploiting her sex appeal, or virtue signaling, we are quick to write her off as “just another dumb girl”.

From then on, she’s reduced from a potential equal to a potential sex object.

And while we’re on the internet, the chances of any of us having sex with her are almost nil.

In other words, they cease to exist.

In addition, I reasoned that I had nothing to lose for a few reasons:

  1. She appeared to be a very rational person
  2. She had really shared a few useful resources
  3. During our chats, she appeared professional
  4. She’d probably be on her best behavior because my name is Mathieu and I run a fantastic blog

Also, I am conscious that, at the end of the day, she is still a woman.

And, like it or not, women are a socially protected class.

Not only are women treated more tenderly, but some possibilities are more readily available to them than to males – but more on that later.

The first portion of the conversation was just me trying to figure out what was going on with her.

I knew she’d read my papers, so I knew she was aware of my emphasis on dealmaking.

But I had no idea WHY she wanted to talk to me.

And the more I learned, the more perplexed I grew.

Here’s what I discovered after doing some research:

  • She didn’t have her own agency
  • She sought to establish herself as a consultant for OnlyFans agency owners
  • She was a great B2C salesman who prioritized client service and connections
  • She has prior experience reviving failed enterprises
  • She had previously successfully consulted for a number of organizations
  • She was presented with significant possibilities, which she turned down due to “not feeling ready”

What I couldn’t figure out was what she wanted my assistance with, because after talking to her for 45 minutes, she didn’t seem to need me for anything.

I even told her so several times.

However, as the proverb goes, “the heart wants what it wants.”

And, to her surprise, what her heart desired had little to do with my biceps and everything to do with her consulting firm.

For those who are unaware, consultancy is the ULTIMATE business model.

It’s like being a fantastically well-paid freelancer who doesn’t have to perform any work.

Companies will pay you ridiculous amounts of money as a consultant to come in for a day and tell them what they’re doing wrong and what they should do instead.

Ashley informed me she was paid $6,000 for a single day of “work,” which consisted of many hours of talking, looking at figures, and providing orders.

Multiple organizations offered her full-time roles and the opportunity to supervise huge projects.

These would have resulted in large sums of money and valuable experience for her, but she turned them down due to what seemed like a severe case of impostor syndrome.

And this was coming from someone who didn’t even manage a single model, let alone operate a thriving agency!

“What does this person want from me?” I thought to myself at this moment.

To be more explicit, the following thoughts crossed my mind:

  1. Is this a subtle flex designed to make me feel stupid?
  2. Is our talk merely a chance for her to boast in order to gain some attention?
  3. Is Ashley a nasty lunatic who enjoys humiliating prominent internet superstars like me on Zoom calls?

I figured out the truth after a bit more probing.

Ashley wants the ONE THING I have that she does not.

(No, it isn’t that – you perv.)

She desires credibility.

Have you heard of the phrase “guilt by association”?

This is known as “credibility by association,” and it is one of the finest keys to unlocking doors in any business.

Before I finish her narrative, let me ask you a question:

WHY do you believe I talk so positively about my pals in these articles?

  • Why do you think I brag about how awesome my Reddit Genius is on Reddit?
  • Why do you believe I mention my partner’s resourcefulness?
  • Why do you think I keep mentioning how professional OBH is?
  • Why do you believe I speak so highly of all of the unnamed partners and potential partners I’ve mentioned in all of my articles?
  • Why do you think I keep mentioning how everyone I’ve met through HackForums is an experienced hustler?

For one thing, all of those things are accurate.

And, before I get to the subject, let me mention that there are several reasons why I think highly of them.

But one very crucial reason I talk so much about my pals is that saying nice things about them helps me appear good by association.

“Hey, this person did all this amazing stuff, and btw, we’re besties and working on big shit together,” I’m basically saying.

Yes, that may be a wonderful ego boost for them.

It’s also a good gesture for folks who were helpful to me early in my growth.

And it may even put extra money in their pockets indirectly.

It also makes me appear humble and courteous by willingly sharing the spotlight when I could easily take all of the credit for myself.

But by complimenting my pals, I’m also making myself appear very cool without sounding like a braggart.

“Credibility by association” turns out to be a desirable asset.

And here’s how it progresses in abstraction – instead of

  1. Establishing her OWN blog
  2. Writing her OWN amazing articles
  3. Establishing HERSELF as a gifted genius with the Midas touch
  4. Spending 12 hours a day, twice a week, writing, editing, formatting, and adoring her OWN word vomit

She just taps me on the shoulder, incorporates MY work into HER brand (or vice versa, we’ll see), and resumes where she left off: drinking arak on a superyacht in Dubai with sheiks seeking for a continuous supply of 19-year-old white girls to prostitute on OnlyFans.

Except now she doesn’t have to do any of the work of building credibility since the resources on the blog, namely me, have done it for her.

I’ll tell it again, maybe for the sixth time: Ashley does not require my assistance in order to win this game.

She’s intelligent, experienced, has good sales abilities, and the correct attitude.

However, when she approaches OnlyFans agencies with annual revenues ranging from $20 to $100 million, her credentials may come in help.

When she pitches them on a $25,000/month consulting retainer, my future case study might be the clincher.

It will be MUCH simpler for her to land these huge agencies as customers if she can just submit a brief pitch & a few links to my articles.

Click this link to access The OnlyFans Masterclass: the #1 OnlyFans Agency Course and learn the strategies we use to scale our models to $2,000/day.

And it appears that this is a bargain worth striking.

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