My Results After 3 Weeks Of Promoting On Twitter + Reddit, And The Implications For My OnlyFans Agency

As you are aware, my ambition of creating a fully-outsourced OnlyFans agency has been shattered. I've been doing all of the...

As you are aware, my ambition of creating a fully-outsourced OnlyFans agency has been shattered.

I’ve been doing all of the work myself since around three weeks ago.

After DOZENS of collaborations with service providers who were meant to either drive traffic, talk with fans (or even both), in exchange for a piece of the earnings, I have finally  given up.

I’ll get into the “killing blow” of my fantasy in a later part, but for now, just know that I’m doing everything myself.

In this article, I am going to discuss the current challenges my agency is facing since I’ve personally taken on the entire workload for promoting my models.

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Starting From (Almost) Scratch After Nearly 5 Months

When I understood that my idea of developing a fully-outsourced firm was bound to fail, I decided that if I wanted even a CHANCE of success, I needed to do the work myself.

Fortunately (or so I thought), I didn’t have to start from scratch.

I still had a few hardworking, responsive, and reliable girls who had repeatedly submitted me content.

This “head start” has its own set of difficulties. But those will come later.

The majority of these girls came from my increasingly irritated scouts, who had been increasingly vocal about when I would actually offer a tangible result.

They had reached the end of their patience after watching operator after operator labor for a few days and then become unresponsive.

I had done the same.

I informed them that I would be personally handling the accounts from now on.

But when it came time to start working, it hit me: I’d never genuinely managed a girl before.

I’m embarrassed to confess it, but I had no idea what to do.

I had no idea how to create a bio, a welcome message, or even a post schedule.

Still, I knew that it was do-or-die time, so I rolled up my sleeves and went to work.

Fun fact: I am not the type of man who enjoys watching videos to learn.

They bore me, are slow, and take more time than skimming an article for the important elements.

If I do decide to watch a video, I’ll do so at 2-3x speed so I can get the primary idea and move on.

However, my preferred technique of learning is by experience.

That is, doing shit.

That being said, because I was so naive, I felt it couldn’t harm to watch a few videos to understand the fundamentals.

The first thing I had to do was create a profile. So I dug out a course I previously bought, and began watching.

After a few hours, here’s what I’d decided:

  • Upload 100 pictures
  • Post 40 videos
  • Gather some likes
  • Create a bio
  • Set up the account

I know some of you are scratching your heads, saying, “Really? You didn’t realize THAT?”.

I didn’t.

Look, these aren’t difficult concepts. It’s not like I couldn’t comprehend them.

I was never in a position where I needed to create a bio on my own. It was always done for me by someone else.

That’s how I got myself into this problem.

At the time, my agency had 5 active girls who were providing me content on a consistent basis.

So I created five profiles with content and a bio, planned some posts for the following week, and prepared to tackle the biggest frog on my plate: traffic generation.

More and more, I recognize that traffic is 90% of the game in our business.

You will make money if you have mastered traffic. If there is no traffic, you will not.

I used to believe that finding models was the most crucial aspect of this business. I changed my mind after seeing how simple it was to recruit girls.

With the amount of model marketplaces that exist, you can buy a model for a couple hundred bucks – complete with a 14 day warranty in case she turns out to be unreliable.

But, as far as I know, there is no “traffic marketplace” – despite the fact that it looks like a great concept in case somebody wants to steal it.

Reddit was the only place I’d ever truly received traction for models.

I’d been a casual visitor to the site for years, so writing there felt natural.

However, each subreddit has its own set of posting guidelines.

  • Some only allow verified posters
  • Some require a certain amount of flair
  • Some demand accounts to have a minimum level of karma (post and/or comment), but these quantities are not disclosed
  • Some require a minimum account age
  • Some require a match between the Reddit username and the OnlyFans username
  • Some ONLY allow original content
  • Some DO NOT allow original content

It takes time to learn about each individual one.

And keep in mind that I have 5 models to work on. Each has unique physical traits.

I felt sick thinking about posting to 5 different model profiles 30 times a day, each in their own subreddit with their own set of regulations.

My Passionate Love Affair With The Twitter Mother/Slave Method

During my research, I came across a conversation on BHW with a guy who mentioned doing the Mother / Slave approach for Twitter.

His slaves were following 350 accounts every day, and he had a lot of traffic.

Twitter appeared to be an appealing platform to me for several reasons:

  1. They allow explicit content
  2. Their spam filters are less severe than those of Instagram or Reddit
  3. I could make use of an automation tool

In a prior life, I used to utilize an Instagram automation application similar to Jarvee.

I knew I could still obtain access to this tool if I wanted it, so I believed this Twitter tactic might work.

All I had to do was set up the accounts, schedule some tweets, and tweak the settings.

I started with 20 accounts for my main girl: a skinny Romanian beauty with poofy black hair who was very responsive and had already submitted lots of content.

I chose her for several reasons:

  • She was the one who had been with me the longest
  • She was the most reliable
  • She was on OF, instead of Fansly (more on this later)
  • She reacted swiftly to my messages

I went to accsmarket and purchased some old Twitter accounts, then spent the next few hours configuring them on my VPS, which was hosting the tool.

Because I was utilizing low-quality datacenter proxies, I opted to keep the parameters low as well – 10-20 followers per day per account, set to increase by 10 follows each day until they reached 350.

If all went perfectly, in a month I’d have 20 accounts tracking 7000 target accounts EACH MONTH – or 140,000 total.

It was simply a matter of adding extra accounts from there.

And, at first, things went swimmingly.

On the first day, I received roughly 30 (free) subs to my model’s account. I thought I was almost there.

But that’s when everything fell apart.

Some accounts were suspended, some received password reset requests (I didn’t have the original email), and yet others were shadowbanned.

In retrospect, I recognize that was most likely a proxy issue, but I never tested this.

I could have also chosen the accounts I bought more carefully, selecting those that came with the registered email address.

And if I really wanted to go the additional mile, I would have purchased SIM cards for each of the accounts so that I could do SMS verifications.

However, I did not.

I feel I would not have had as many account troubles if I had used mobile proxies.

But I got pretty far with datacenter proxies.

If I had the original emails, I could have reset the passwords for each of them and continued to let them run.

However, the issue of shadowbans put me off. Twitter will enable the account to tweet, but the tweets will not be seen unless you click to that account’s page.

So, if you have dozens or hundreds of accounts, you won’t notice anything incorrect unless you check the metrics on each one.

I could have just used the accounts to ONLY do follow/unfollow, but I figured that if that’s ALL the accounts did, Twitter would be more likely to flag them than if they also made a daily tweet.

And this is AFTER I’ve created campaigns with 200-300 images and unique rotating hashtags.

Still, the improvement was encouraging enough that I decided to implement comparable methods for the rest of my girls.

The accounts would initially supply a few subs and then… nothing.

I’m still following 100 or so accounts per day, but only gaining a few (free) subs.

I’m not saying the strategy is unworkable, but here’s what I would recommend if you want to do mother/slave on Twitter:

  1. Find a cracked Jarvee version or get an invite to the legitimate one
  2. Create your own mobile proxies with, mobile phones, and a low-cost data plan (such as Mint mobile)
  3. Make use of mobile proxies (5 accounts per proxy operating in 6 hour intervals, so max 20 accounts per proxy, set to rotate IP every 5 minutes)
  4. Purchase aged Twitter accounts with registered email addresses
  5. Purchase SIM cards for each of your accounts so that you can perform SMS verifications if Twitter begins to request them
  6. Set follows to 10 per day and increase by 10 daily
  7. Set up tweet campaigns with 10 unique posts per slave account that randomly recycle posts between ALL accounts
  8. Add 5-15 hashtags at random from a list of 200+ hashtags each tweet
  9. Do NOT post NSFW hardcore content as you’ll be more likely to get flagged

To be honest, setting this up isn’t all that difficult.

What IS difficult is doing it for 5 girls at the same time.

If I had been wise, I would have fired all but one of my girls and set up 500 slave accounts for her.

That is what I would recommend if you wish to use this strategy.

I may return to this later, but my schedule is too full to set this up for all of my girls.

Utilizing Reddit To Promote My Girls (The Better Option)

I decided to give Reddit another shot after losing interest in Twitter mother/slave.

I began the laborious process of finding subreddits, categorizing them for each girl, and requesting verifications from the girls.

I also decided that I didn’t want to post to all of their profiles manually every day (could you imagine?), so I joined up for LaterForReddit, a publishing tool that allows you to schedule  posts from multiple accounts to Reddit in bulk.

I don’t suggest the tool for a variety of reasons, which I’ll discuss later.

But for the time being, here’s how the procedure works:

  • Create a list of 70-100 subreddits in which to post (that DO require verification)
  • Create a list of 70-100 subreddits in which to post (that DO NOT require verification)
  • Upload every piece of content from the models to Imgur (or RedGIFs if you are promoting with hardcore content)
  • Make a spreadsheet with the following information: image links, posting date, post title, Reddit username, and flair (if any)
  • Insert the spreadsheet into the tool
  • Repeat for the remaining four models.

It’s a lot of work and a massive pain in the ass.

Remember how I said you should be continually recruiting models and never say no to a single girl, even if you already have a team of them?

I could be mistaken about that.

It would be a different story if I had a RELIABLE technique for generating traffic and converting it into dollars.

But I don’t at the moment.

If, for example, I knew that if a girl supplied me with let’s say 300 sexy pics, 40 tease videos, 20 masturbation videos, and 5 PPV scripts and I could turn that into money in the first month, I’d recruit my ass off.

But, alas, I lack such a method.

My current strategy resembles “the shotgun method,” often known as “spray and pray.”

Finding said that, I am having SOME success on Reddit.

What I like best about Reddit is that you can see results very quickly.

If the posts gain traction, the subscribers will begin to arrive as soon as possible.

My problem isn’t so much that the fan pages aren’t getting traffic as it is that I have too many models to devote enough time to each one.

Finding all of these subreddits, reading their regulations, and writing individual pieces for 5 distinct girls, on top of the additional burden of attempting to convert that traffic into $ via chatting is exhausting.

Having said that, this tremendous workload allows me to learn far faster than if I were only working with one girl.

For example, I’m getting better at crafting post titles.

I now have a bank of over 1000 unique post titles that I’ve used in Reddit posts after only a few days.

I could simply randomize and populate my title bank into spreadsheets if I separated my title bank into categories (boobs, ass, dildo, etc.), instead of having to come up with them one by one with my diminishingly effective intellect.

I’ll do it once I’ve reached roughly 5000 unique titles. But for the time being, I’m doing things the hard (aka manual) way.

That is, I will schedule 30-50 posts every day FOR EACH GIRL.

It’s a headache and a half.

It’s not ideal, but I guess I’m more in the “testing” process for each girl right now to see which sub(s) do the best for each of them.

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The Results Of My Magical Reddit Shotgun Method

So, what have the outcomes of my miraculous system been?

To be honest, not particularly impressive.

On the one hand, several of my girls are receiving a good number of organic upvotes on their posts.

I have one girl whose postings have received over 1k upvotes in the few days I’ve been doing this.

At the time of writing, she had over 200k views on her RedGIFs videos from just 8 videos.

And, lo and behold, that exposure has resulted in some fans (and even some money).

I had her profile set to free at first. Perhaps it was a free trial period.

I alternated since I couldn’t decide whether to make it free, free for the first month, or discounted for the first month.

“Okay, maybe people won’t sub if they see there are less than 2k likes on the profile?” I thought.

So I set it to free, hoping for a bunch of free subscribers who would at least appreciate some posts.

That seems to work, as I believe she currently has over 1k likes on her profile and around 550 subscribers.

Currently she’s at a $15/mo subscription price with 75% off the first month ($3 net). She’s getting about 5 paid subs per day.

So it’s something.

But far less than I believe she should be receiving based on the popularity of her stuff.

And, just in case you’re wondering, this is with ZERO purchased upvotes.

Just as her account was gaining traction, someone from HF contacted me and basically begged me to join me as a chatter.

I should have learnt my lesson about these types of partners by now, but he was so excited that I decided to give him a chance.

I gave him access to all of her content and let him go.

And things seemed to be going nicely at first. He made roughly $200 in two days using his chatting methods.

Nothing out of the ordinary, but these were primarily free supporters.

I won’t lie: I was stoked.

$100/day isn’t life-changing, but it’s a lot better than nothing.

Unfortunately, the talk seemed to fade away over the next few days.

His messages became lazier, he stopped converting, and he brought in nothing for the following three days.

I eventually got rid of him, but after seeing how unsophisticated his talks were, I felt I might as well try my hand at chatting myself.

My first day, I sent out a script one message after another, maybe about 20-30 minutes in between each one.

The plotline was that “I just come back from a late lunch where I drank a bunch of wine.”

Nothing innovative, but it gave me a taste of what it was like to try to sell through communications.

I had no idea what to charge for these, so I placed them at free (first message), $3, $6, $11, $15, and $20.

Probably far less than I should have charged.

I had one of my customers buy another one for $3. Just a couple pictures of her in her undies.

The following day, someone purchased the final two messages. So I earned around $80 in total.

I assume that’s pretty bad. But $80 is $80.

I’m not sure if my chatter “burned” the leads with his low effort one word + emoji openers, but I didn’t get much of a response to the mass messages that I sent out. Maybe it’s because they’re free fans?

Anyway, I have renewed respect for folks who have mastered chatting. Definitely something I need to work on.

Which Is Better: Fansly Or OnlyFans?

The Romanian girl from the previous part is currently performing the best of all.

Of sure, things could be better, but progress is being made and money is being received.

But I KNOW that if this account was in the hands of someone who knew what they were doing, they’d be making at least $10,000 a month.

It’s conceivable that I’m overexposed to folks that crush hard due of the high caliber of participants in my private Telegram group,  as well as being underexposed to suckers (like me).

However, this is precisely why I handpick these people for the organization. So it’s a “good” problem, I suppose.

Having said that, the rest of my girls aren’t gaining the traction that my Romanian girl is.

It’s left me perplexed because there is one girl in particular who I believe is more gorgeous and produces better stuff.

She’s a Russian bimbo/bombshell who creates stuff like a legitimate pornstar.

Good lighting, follows instructions, and has a lot of information…

One major difference between the Russian bombshell and the Romanian is that the Russian chick is on Fansly and the Romanian one is on OnlyFans.

If you’ve read any of my past writings, you’ll notice that I regularly reference my Russian superstar scouts, who have delivered me a plethora of girls.

For various reasons, all of the models who have stuck around are on Fansly.

Because of my previous attitude of “never say no to a model because who knows she might be amazing,” I accepted all of these girls because I assumed the conversion difference between Fansly and OnlyFans was insignificant.

After all, if a guy likes a girl, he’ll pull out his credit card and join her page, right?

Apparently not.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the notion that conversion rates on the two platforms are so radically different, but statistics don’t lie.

Granted, the Romanian chick’s content on Reddit is performing much better.

The Russian chick only has around 80k views on RedGifs. But out of 80k views, you would THINK that would at least convert into some more paying subs.

I believe she has received one sub on Fansly in the week or so that I have been promoting her (who signed up on a free 3 day trial with rebill off).

Instead of subscribing, Fansly allows you to “follow” an artist for free. I had this turned on at first, and she quickly accumulated 21 followers (/s).

I eventually disabled it because I felt it was discouraging folks from signing up for a paid subscription.

Fansly is unusual in that you cannot create a free page; instead, you can simply turn on the follow option and configure the permissions for each individual post to be viewed by anybody.

With over 100 postings on her profile, I didn’t want to go back and change the permissions for each one.

Maybe that would have resulted in a big influx of free fans? I’m not sure, but I don’t think so.

In Nathan Ashton’s course, he mentions how, while he was making $50/day on Fansly, he would transfer a girl to OnlyFans and the $50/day would convert into $500/day.

Other folks have told me that Fansly does not convert nearly as well as OF.

In fact, nearly everyone I know who has used both sites claims that Fansly converts worse than OnlyFans.

One individual in my group is crushing hard with $100k/month on Fansly, but he appears to be the outlier.

As I previously stated, I assumed that the observed decline in conversions was much exaggerated. However, it looks that I made another wrong assumption.

Fansly, as a platform, has a lot of intriguing features that OnlyFans does not.

You can get paid in cryptocurrency, have tiered subscriptions (OnlyFans just offers one), and their support replies to queries within a few hours.

But what do Fansly’s extra features matter if you can’t get any subs in the first place?

Furthermore, one difference between Fansly and OF is that you cannot view traffic statistics as you can with OF.

OnlyFans allows me to view how many profile visitors I’ve had, how many are users vs. guests, and how many turned into true subscribers.

Fansly offers NO ON-PAGE ANALYTICS, which I find odd.

It doesn’t appear to be difficult to implement and would greatly assist creators in increasing conversions.

Perhaps they deleted it because the low conversion rates disheartened authors and made them doubt the platform’s legitimacy? I honestly have no idea.

Unfortunately, like with chatting, I’m not sure if it’s something I’m doing wrong or if it’s due to the platform’s lack of popularity.

With over 100,000 views on her videos in less than a week, I’d think she’d get more than a few of free trials. But she receives hardly no attention.

It’s very frustrating.

I also have two Ukrainian cam girls on Fansly who give a lot of stuff but are not as attractive as the Romanian and Russian Bombshells.

One of them, a blonde with enormous natural breasts, produces good content in my opinion.

I’ve also built up a PornHub account for her, and she presently has around 10,000 views. She gets roughly 1k views each day on her channel and is continuously sending me new content.

She follows instructions, offers a lot of stuff (without even asking), and responds within an hour if I need any verifications completed.

I think she’s gotten around 6 subs on a free trial, and 1 who paid for one outright.

The same goes for the Russian lady I mentioned. The same day I requested them, both of these girls presented me with 60+ Reddit verifications.

I’ve tried everything: a free page, a three-day free trial, no free trial, subscription tiers… nothing appears to work.

I feel really bad too because they are so responsive, provide tons of content, and I can tell they are dedicated and hard workers.

But I am unable to provide a solution for them.

And I’m not sitting around twiddling my thumbs either.

Every day, I connect with them in our different groups.

I offer the Russian scouts weekly updates.

But none of this counts unless and until money starts flowing in. And for these girls, it isn’t.

And I can’t even blame the account managers for dropping the ball this time. It’s all about me, baby.

I have no idea what the issue is here. This is the identical method we used with my superstar, and it worked perfectly.

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My Las Vegas Model, RLG 2.0

Finally, I have another OnlyFans girl I know in real life.

Those of you who have been following me since my BlackHatWorld adventure threads may recall that my first model was RLG (Real Life Girl).

She was a skinny tomboy with a lot of tattoos and a captivating personality who happened to be my sidepiece.

Because of my inexperience, I blew it with her rather quickly. And it made me hesitant to hire models in real life.

Las Vegas Girl is unique.

I superswiped her on Tinder when I was in Vegas (in 2020).

We matched, and she was the first to message me, saying, “No way, I watch your YouTube videos!”.

I don’t really talk about it, but I had a YouTube account for years before establishing my new channel. I’d make workout videos, vlogs, nutrition training advise, and the like.

Anyway, while being in Vegas, I began organizing local photoshoots with models and photographers.

She came to my first one and was actually on time, which is unusual for a model.

Back then, she even had an OnlyFans account. But, like most girls, she was struggling.

When I first established my agency, I contacted her and informed her.

Sadly, she had just closed her account.

But, shortly before the New Year, she contacted me again and asked if I would be interested in handling her account.

Of course, I agreed. We had a call, and here we are.

This coincided with my intention to take a more active role in managing my models.

I created her account approximately a week ago and only recently began generating traffic with Reddit.

I created 20 Twitter slave accounts for her to test the waters, and she received approximately 20 free fans as a result.

I’ve since turned it to paid ($3 first month, $15 rebill, same as the Romanian) and have received a few subs after beginning Reddit for her the other day.

I’ve scheduled roughly 100 posts for her over the next few days, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m now awaiting her Reddit verifications as well as another set of  content.

I’ve Made My Bed, Now I’m Sleeping In It

My primary issue right now, in my opinion, is as follows:

There are too many girls for me to properly care for.

This is due to two factors:

  1. I fired all of my account managers and decided to perform the work alone
  2. A MASSIVE underestimation of the effort required to make a girl successful on OF

I know some of you big timers are thinking to yourselves, “No way bro, this shit is literally so easy!”.

Cool. Well how do you do it then?

Oh that’s right, you can’t say.

So I’m going to have to Sherlock Holmes this nonsense by piecing it together from forums, Telegram groups, and trial and error for not ONE but FIVE girls at the same time.

Aside from that digression, I will now admit that I was grossly underprepared for the amount of labor required to bring a fair level of high-converting traffic to their pages.

For example, if I only had ONE serious girl, I could devote all of my attention to her.

I could schedule 100 Reddit posts per day for her, set up 500 Twitter slave accounts for her, and spend more time working with her to develop content for other platforms, such as TikTok.

Instead, I have to schedule at least 30 articles each day for five different girls – or 150 per day – track them all, figure out what works for whom (and double down on it), and remove the fat.

I’ve gotten myself into a big mess of trouble by scaling before I was ready.

I messed up.

It’s also a little embarrassing because I made such a big deal about how fantastic of an idea this was and how I was going to buy a yacht and a mansion as a result.

So now that I’ve defined my problem, let’s talk solutions.

So, what am I going to do?

It’s obvious to me that, except from the Romanian girl, what I’m doing isn’t working.

More specifically, marketing Fansly pages through Reddit posts and Twitter mother/slave does not work.

If these girls were even getting 4-5 paid subs per day, I’d be saying something different. Then we could talk about boosting posts, hiring VAs, and scaling.

However, they are scarcely obtaining any free trials.

If things continue as they are, it will only be a matter of time until they become irritated and give up.

I’d estimate I have another 2-3 weeks at most to show signs of progress.

Thought Experiment: What If There Were No Fan Pages?

As I previously stated, I believe I grossly underestimated the amount of work required to make money through fan pages.

It appeared so simple with my supermodel that I felt we might replicate the same method with other girls.

Sure, they might not get as good of outcomes, but I figured they’d get better results than they are today.

If I haven’t made any progress by this time next week, I’ll have to face a difficult choice:

Should I let them go? Or should I change my strategy?

Allowing them to go would allow me to concentrate on the Romanian girl and the girl I actually know.

Both of them are OnlyFans girls, which means they are on a platform that allows for easier promotion.

(Although my Romanian girl hasn’t spoken to me in three days, she did say she was starting her period, but still not a good sign).

That being said, I’d prefer not let them go since I have so much content from them and I KNOW there has to be something I can do in a week that would bring in paying subscribers and start making money.

There’s no way 14-year-old retards who barely speak English can buy a pack and make $300 per day ewhoring while I can’t.

Here are some alternatives I’ve considered:

  1. Ditch Fansly and try to promote content on other platforms
  2. Ditch the agency altogether and provide services to agencies and models

Whatever happens, I’d like to retain the Romanian and RLG 2.0 on the roster at the very least.

I’d like to keep them all if I could get a result for the rest of them!

Having said that, I feel that, absent a miracle, I will cease advertising these girls on Fansly in the near future.

It doesn’t make sense that Fansly has almost no growth when OnlyFans appears to be so easy to expand in comparison.

So, what are my choices?

Could Clip Sale Sites Be The Solution?

I was sharing some content from my Russian bombshell’s account the other day.

I went to r/FanslyAdvice on a whim and asked for help posing as the model.

I received a direct message from someone who basically said, “I will help you make money on other platforms if you sign up for them through my affiliate link.”

I decided I had nothing to lose, so I emailed the guy as myself and described the situation.

To cut a long tale short, he told me that selling video on clip sites like ManyVids would be lot easier because they promote from within their own ecosystem.

You only need to upload the videos, and they will handle all of the sales and promotion for you.

He also mentioned promoting specific niches, implying that people are looking for specific types of content and are willing to pay more for it.

This made me think: instead of pushing Fansly accounts, what if I just helped these girls niche down and get their videos on sites like ManyVids?

I glanced around in their various categories and it looked like pretty standard stuff: kinks, BDSM, femdom – all of which I haven’t even explored because I saw my superstar’s success from essentially just using a dildo and being loud.

Indeed, one Redditor stated, “You appear to be doing the same thing everyone else does: sticking things inside yourself.”.

That resonated with me for some reason.

What if I had these girls specialize on something other than dildoing themselves and posting gorgeous photos?

It makes great logic to me, but it doesn’t appear to be an easy sell in practice – except to my Russian bombshell.

I adore working with her.

She’s gorgeous, she creates good content (and a lot of it), she’s responsive, motivated, she takes instruction effectively, and, most importantly, she has a positive attitude.

I’m not saying the others don’t, but she possesses all of them.

Her only two drawbacks are:

  1. She only possesses Russian documents, limiting her capacity to register on many websites
  2. She is illiterate in English

But you do the best you can with what you have.

So that’s one option: prioritize clip sites over fan sites.

I could get the girls to specialize in something and blast that shit out like there’s no tomorrow.

This is related to something very wise that I heard another expert say a long time ago: you must build several revenue streams for your models.

I’m paraphrasing here, but essentially what he said was that you need to get to the point where you don’t care if OnlyFans goes away tomorrow because you have so many other cash sources coming in for these girls anyhow.

This is excellent advice, which I, of course, ignored.

(However, I prefer to do things my way and then write 8000-word posts venting my angst. Perhaps this is why I still drive a scooter and live in Paris instead of splitting my time between the beaches of Phuket and Tel Aviv).

EDIT: I now live in Tel Aviv. Wanna leave your musty little apartment and travel the world as well? Click this link to access The OnlyFans Masterclass: the #1 OnlyFans Agency Course and learn the strategies we use to scale our models to $2,000/day.

I think of it like this: what if I did a thought experiment where fan sites disappeared completely – what would I do?

  • How would I sell their content?
  • How would I market them?
  • What would I change?

I didn’t give it much thought because I never truly explained my opinions until I wrote this post.

But if things continue as they are this week, I don’t think I’ll have a choice.

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It’s Not Quitting, It’s Pivoting

The second alternative I’ve considered is giving up on the concept of running an agency entirely.

I’ll be honest with you: I don’t particularly enjoy the day-to-day tasks of running an agency.

Some things I REALLY enjoy, such as recruiting and managing girls.

I can safely claim a high degree of skill when interacting with individuals, particularly girls, based on my time of working as a salesperson in the cosmetics sector.

I enjoy talking to them, encouraging them, and directing them.

I like the sales aspect of recruiting them.

Another thing I appreciate is distilling down complex subjects into simple principles.

I enjoy writing articles and creating YouTube videos.

What I DON’T LIKE is making spreadsheets to bulk import Reddit posts, sifting through a sea of dick pics to extract money from simps, and banging my head against the wall trying to invent the ultimate traffic strategy.

And, as far as I can tell, those actions account for at least 90% of an agency’s success, if not more.

Of course, if I was making five figures a month doing those things, I’d definitely learn to enjoy it.

And it’s been long enough that I believe it’s time to change course.

You’ve probably guessed by now that my original intention was to create a system for building a successful agency and then SELL that system in the form of courses, coaching, and consulting services.

Unfortunately, I don’t feel comfortable marketing those services unless I have a track record of consistent success.

My success has been intermittent.

And if I’m perfectly honest, my “achievements” haven’t even been the result of anything I’ve even done myself.


That doesn’t mean I have to abandon the game (despite what some of my peers claim).

I feel there is still plenty of room to “sell the shovels” as it were.

Specifically, I feel that I may provide services to agency owners – and even models – without breaching my own personal code of ethics.

There are several tools and services available for OF creators that were created by persons who did not make a fortune as agency owners:

  • OF Buddy
  • Supercreator
  • Wishtender
  • Stir
  • Various model marketplaces
  • Reddit upvote bots
  • Social media panels

These are just a few examples, but the point is that it doesn’t matter that the folks who invented these technologies don’t have an experience as successful agency owners.

It’s possible that my focus on reaching a specific result has distorted my judgment, leading me to believe that I can’t sell anything without first properly testing it.

For example, despite the fact that it would almost certainly result in a sizable chunk of affiliate income, I would not recommend any of the technologies listed above in an article because I do not have a solid track record of using them.

Perhaps this is a flaw of mine, because I know it doesn’t stop a lot of other people.

But that wouldn’t seem right to me.

I mean, perhaps I could write like an expose about the tool and what it does.

But that’s boring. I enjoy telling stories.

But, at the end of the day, would I care if I was boring if I was making $50,000 a month from my actions?

Most likely not.

I’d definitely feel more at ease lying about how I utilize all of these tools and how fantastic they are.

I’m not sure if that’s the best route to pursue.

Paint Me Like One Of Your Contact Form Submitter Girls

I previously revealed that I used to execute Instagram automation in 2018 (when it was much easier).

I used a Jarvee-like technique to build 100+ accounts to well over 30k followers apiece, with some reaching 100-200k.

I did this as a side hustle during the first crypto boom in case crypto fell, which it did. After six months of consulting for ICOs (and earning more money than I deserved), I saw the writing on the wall and decided to focus on selling something more sustainable: social media management.

I decided to provide a DFY service for businesses that would essentially utilize the program to follow/unfollow them and post to their accounts on a daily basis.

I charged $100-$200 per month for the service and used Paigham Bot, a contact form submitter, to spam my outgoing sales messages to tens of thousands of businesses every day.

After a few months of doing this, I had a good number of customers.

Regarding another subject, I obviously promote some products on this blog. It’s difficult not to when you tell stories.

  • I always promote my Reddit Genius
  • I used to promote OBH’s group when it was still open to the public
  • I plugged my model marketplace back when I wanted to get that going

I attempted – perhaps poorly – to make it appear that I was merely bringing these things up as part of a story I was telling.

However, I brought them up because I wanted people to be aware of them. I wanted them to develop.

In the instance of OBH and my Reddit Genius, I had nothing to gain by mentioning them. I only did it to express my gratitude.

Another instance is my model marketplace, the Incubator coaching program, and the (now defunct) business opportunities Telegram group.

In my defense, I didn’t pursue those either, but for different reasons.

Anyway, here’s my point: I’m not sure if operating an agency is the best fit for me.

That probably makes a lot of people pleased who think I’m a swindler – and they’re certainly entitled to their opinion.

And it’s likely to make some individuals sad who believed in me and wanted my story to finish happily (I get messages from them all the time).

But that doesn’t mean I have to abandon the game entirely.

It’s only a tiny shift.

People constantly approach me with opportunities for collaboration as a result of this blog and YouTube channel.

I have received an offer from someone who is heading to Cameroon to establish a VA company and would like my assistance in getting it off the ground.

If you paid me a million dollars, I couldn’t point to Cameroon on a map.

But here’s the incredible part:

This gentleman had seen enough of my videos and read enough of my writings to get an opinion of me that he thought to himself:

“Hey, I should contact this guy I’ve never met before and ask him if he wants to partner with me in a business!”

I get texts like this all the time.

I’m not suggesting that all of them are solid ideas pitched crisply by high-performing experts, but the fact that I managed to have this effect on individuals without consistently generating a reliable product on my own is mind-boggling.

And not only that, the fact that these people presumably ARE WELL AWARE of this fact because they’ve consumed my publicly-available online diary and STILL wanted me to quarterback their project is nothing short of miraculous.

Look At Me, I’m A Startup Founder Now

In fact, I just got off the phone with someone who offered me 25% of his company in exchange for agreeing to be the “domain expertise guy” who can assist him put together tech solutions for agency owners and models.

This man is completely aware that I’ve just been playing since September. He is also aware of my difficulties.

But he didn’t seem to mind. That was quite encouraging.

Out of all the projects I’ve been pitched, this one seemed the most appealing: it’s a more DFY-friendly alternative to WishTender.

It hasn’t taken off yet, and it’s possible that it will fizzle out like so many other deals before it, but it sounds interesting, and the guy has a track record of success with other startups.

During our call, I told him exactly what I just told you: I don’t feel comfortable promoting something I haven’t used successfully, such as my Paigham Bot article.

This is why I was hounding so many people for free coaching in exchange for writing a case study about their program.

I was desperate for a single case study of my own to point to and say, “See? I finished it! ” So I could start this coaching party.

Is a link to a Wishtender alternative going to be the combo breaker that propels me to five figures per month?

It’s extremely unlikely.

My agency currently has so many flaws that it resembles a cancer-ridden lab rat.

But, while we were on the phone, I had an epiphany: I don’t need the case study to be about me; I can make it about anyone.

In other words, I don’t have to figure it out on my own.

Using this service as an example, I don’t have to make the money. My models do not have to be the ones who slay it.

All I have to do is assist this guy in developing something that assists agency owners in making more money, and BOOM – there’s my case study.

“Let us make the wishlists for you – we’ll choose the products, set the pricing, and write the sales copy – all you have to do is put the link in your model’s bio. Simply send us a screenshot of how much you earned each week.”

Bada boom bada bing: instant street cred.

Convincing 10 successful agency owners to put a link in the bio of a model’s account that will help them earn more money sounds a lot easier than all the nonsense I have to put up with while trying to run 5 girls from the ground up.

I’m not saying it will happen overnight, but the man I spoke with on the phone has done it before in other industries.

He created CrazyLister, an ecommerce tool that generated $2 million in ARR (annual recurring revenue) in just 12 months.

He’s a tech guy. He has a team. He can do shit.

I, on the other hand, am fumbling around with spreadsheets and retail Reddit posting tools to promote Fansly girls like a novice.

Anyway, I don’t want to get too excited because we just had our first call today. However, it appears to be promising.

I’m not ready to give up on the agency just yet. But I know I need to make a change.

I’d like to try my clip sales ideas and narrow my focus a little. Then we’ll see what happens.

It’s A Mess, And It’s All Mine

So that’s basically where I’m at right now.

I’ll tell you, it’s not pleasant.

I feel like I inherited a massive mess and am attempting to make shit work that was never meant to work.

That is the difficult aspect of this industry.

You try ways that you believe will work, but if they don’t, you don’t know WHY they don’t. And there is no genuine documentation or guidance available to guide you.

When I think about it, I guess it all comes down to three things:

  1. Get models
  2. Generate traffic
  3. Convert the traffic

Yes, I realize that’s oversimplification.

Each of these can be subdivided into more subtle portions, which can then be refined to get a superior result.

For example, I used to assume that it didn’t matter (to some level) what the girl looked like (to a certain extent). She would make money if she worked hard enough.

Let me tell you, I’m beginning to doubt that.

I have several gals who work as hard as they can. I have hundreds of photos and dozens of films of them, but I can’t seem to make anything out of them.

They have a nice appearance. I’m sure you’d probably fuck them. But they are not the type that make your jaw drop.

I can’t help but think that exceptional women are much simpler to promote.

A gorgeous girl who creates decent material will have an easier time on all platforms than an average female who creates exceptional stuff.

I used to doubt that, but my experience has convinced me otherwise.

It’s entirely conceivable that I’m doing something incorrectly.

For example, I feel that selecting a certain niche from the start is critical to success.

Femdom, BDSM, pee, JOI videos… have the girl choose one of those areas and instruct her to make videos in that kind.

Standard nudes/masturbation shit is just so common these days.

At least, that’s my opinion. I could be mistaken. Because, as I already stated, it is possible that I am simply doing something incorrectly.

Let me simply think out loud for a second and develop a list of potential weak points:

  • Non-stunning girls
  • Ineffective promotion (saturated vanilla content on Reddit)
  • Fansly converts worse than OnlyFans
  • Content is too broad, and not niched down

So, in an ideal world, it would look like this:

  • Girls would look gorgeous
  • Superior promotion approach (TikTok/Reels)
  • OnlyFans girls ONLY
  • Niched down content (BDSM, Kink, Femdom)

The more I think about it, the more I want to start over with everyone except my two OF girls.

I adore the Russian bombshell. She’s a joy to work with, ironically.

But I’m not going anywhere with Fansly.

Not only that, but as a whole I believe there is huge potential for Russian girls. They’re stunning, transactional, hard working and responsive.

Every Russian girl I’ve worked with has been like that. It would be a shame to let them go to waste just because they are restricted from joining the most popular fan site.

So in that case, we would just focus on having them niche down and putting their content on clip sites like ManyVids.

So give me a second to consider this.

In an ideal world, the following would occur:

  • I would have my Vegas friend make niche content, TikToks/Reels, put her on clip sites, and promote her on Reddit
  • I would have my Romanian girl continue to create the type of content she did that was successful (basically sex tapes with her boyfriend)
  • I’d pitch the niching-down to my Fansly gals and see who was interested, keeping only those who were

I wouldn’t need to spam posts for the Russian girl on Reddit anymore because sites like ManyVids and others have their own internal promotion mechanism.

That means I can concentrate on spamming Vegas girl’s Reddit posts while she performs TT/Reels.

That’s an improvement, but it still leaves something to be desired.

I wish I had a method for this nonsense already. It’s quite annoying.

@missttkiss’s Instagram post

Bringing The Coaching Program And Incubator Back To Life… Really?

It’s strange how some people believe it’s free… I should have been more specific.

Last but not least, I’d like to discuss my coaching program.

It may appear ironic to discuss coaching after spending a whole article venting about my difficulties. Nonetheless, here we are.

I’d always been intrigued by the coaching business idea and decided to take the plunge by hiring an expert to assist me in making it a reality.

I paid one of these high-priced ClickFunnels specialists a lot of money several months ago to help me create a coaching funnel for a different business.

I started my cosmetic product business about a year ago.

Not that I’m obsessed with beauty items, but the majority of my professional career has been spent marketing things in the beauty sector.

Granted, those were face-to-face sales. But I believed it was something I was experienced enough with to sell a coaching program on the subject.

I collaborated with him for several months to gather the information needed to build the funnel.

However, when I relocated from Miami to Minnesota to focus on my new roofing work, I put the coaching program on hold.

I’m not sure if I ever mentioned it on here, but I landed up in this cold town because an old friend pushed me to come sell roof repair in Minnesota.

I can be so trusting at times.

I made the move because I trusted this guy (oops).

To cut a long story short, it did not go as planned.

Forward to November 2022, when I launched The OnlyFans

I discovered that openly documenting my path was resonating with a huge portion of the community, and I saw the ability to leverage that into a coaching program.

My first “trial” of operating a coaching program was the Agency Incubator, which I advertised half-heartedly at the conclusion of one piece.

Despite virtually no promotion, I got about a dozen applications from people who were interested. About 25% of those were STILL interested even after hearing the price.

I was knee deep in spinning the plates of my outsourced agency at the time, so I never got around to putting together a program.

But, before the end of 2022, I decided to contact my ClickFunnels specialist and inform him of my intention to pivot.

It was an unpleasant encounter because his copywriter had allegedly already developed the sales page for the cosmetics company.

But I showed him my model sales letter, and a few other papers I’d made and told him I’d be pleased to rewrite the material myself.

He was gracious enough to accommodate my shift in business, and we are now back on track to complete things.

I know I mentioned previously in this essay that I didn’t feel ready to coach others, but to be honest, I don’t give a fuck anymore.

I’ve learned enough. I have sufficient experience.

Yes, there are certainly people who are further along than I am, and they would be much better coaches if they were as good communicators as I am.

I know since there are many of them in my private Telegram group.

The issue is that they don’t have a platform to promote on. No one has a blog, YouTube channel, or brand recognition like I do.

More importantly, they do not appear to want to adopt the coaching paradigm at all.

I’m sure that one of the reasons is that they are doing well enough with their agency that they don’t want to be bogged down by answering rookie inquiries like, “Where do I find models?”, as well as “Do you have a sample contract?”.

But if you pay me $5,000, I’ll gladly answer those questions for you.

I’ll even provide you with my contracts, onboarding procedures, traffic tactics, chatter guides, and so on…

I’ll give you everything and assist you every step of the way.

When I was younger, I used to attend to parties. I had an unhealthy obsession with electronic music.

I enjoyed it SO much that I decided I wanted to make electronic music.

I recall sitting down with a friend who was proficient at Fruity Loops and having him assist me in trying to produce a song.

I knew what I wanted the song to sound like, but I couldn’t achieve it on my own.

That’s how I feel right now with the agency. I know what I need to do, but I can’t seem to get it to work.

Is it because I’m not intelligent enough?

I have my reservations.

Every month, a lot of idiots print a lot of money.

I believe this is because I tripled down on my prior business approach, inherited a massive mess, and now had to sort through my assets to determine what is worth preserving and what is worth throwing away.

It’s not as simple as it appears.

I have friendships with scouts who rely on me.

I have friendships with these models and chat to them every day.

It’s not as simple as cutting ties and saying goodbye.

But, at the end of the day, I suppose I’ll have to make some difficult decisions if I want to make the greatest choice for myself.

I’m not doing this to please models or scouts. This is something I’m doing to put money in my bank account.

And, to be honest, if I have a weakness in my tactics, I can just ask someone in the group to step in and teach me what I’m lacking in.

Of course, if your agency is already crushing then you’re probably not my customer. But for new people I have a ton I can offer:

  • My sales letter for model recruitment
  • The contract I provide to signed models
  • The starting content pack (content required to launch an OnlyFans account)
  • Hardcore content guidelines and instructions that convert well
  • Weekly/monthly model content requirements (with explanations)
  • Proposal template for pitching porn studios
  • High-converting OnlyFans IG advertising
  • Sample sexual teases (to offer to models as ideas for short promotional clips)
  • Sexy positions (for models to copy for photos)
  • Thirst TikToks (for models to copy)
  • Methods of payment and explanations
  • My new model onboarding email sequence
  • Access to The OnlyFans Masterclass secret Telegram group, which includes many advanced agency owners

And I can always rely on my pals to fill in the gaps.

I have a Reddit Genius that can come teach his Reddit ways to me.

There are Tinder experts in the group who get 100 paid fans a day with Tinder.

TikTok gurus in the group print $40k a month using TikTok.

Once I have several clients, I can simply pay them a set charge and have them teach whatever the fuck they do.

I’m sure some of them will agree to do it.

I believe the weight I’ve put on myself of wanting to know how to do EVERYTHING on my own so that I could TEACH IT MYSELF was absolutely unnecessary.

To be honest, most business owners don’t know how to accomplish everything. That is why they employ people.

You don’t have to know how to execute everything in your approach to have it work, even if you’re a coach or guru.

I don’t have to be the one to acquire the outcome; I can just have someone come in and get it for me while I teach the students.

So, basically, I don’t give a fuck anymore.

You want to call me a fake, a liar, a phony, a grifter, go ahead. I’ve been called worse.

Despite not having published anything for a month, I am nevertheless contacted on Telegram numerous times each day by people who tell me how much my writing has helped them.

And all I did was tell stories about how I learnt from messes.

Click this link to access The OnlyFans Masterclass: the #1 OnlyFans Agency Course and learn the strategies we use to scale our models to $2,000/day.

Anyway, this item is quite long. Good bye.

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