Onboarding OnlyFans Models Without SOPs: 4 Difficult Lessons I Learned (Standard Operating Procedures)

One of the most essential secrets I've learned since launching my OnlyFans agency is: for each critical process in your agency...

One of the most essential secrets I’ve learned since launching my OnlyFans agency is:

For each critical process in your agency, you must design a system.

  • You must have a recruiting system in place
  • You must have a traffic generation system in place
  • You must have a method in place for requesting content from your creators
  • You must have a method in place for interacting with their fans
  • You must have a system in place to manage their Instagram account, among other things

If you want your business to run smoothly, you must have a system in place for everything.

It can seem overpowering at times.

That is, until you have the system in place.

You can FINALLY turn your brain off and go on to the next item after you have a functional system for a specific process in your agency.

And if there’s one thing I enjoy, it’s turning my brain off.

In this essay, I’ll discuss two topics:

  1. My current onboarding procedure and how I created it
  2. How to Use Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to Create Processes for Other Systems in Your Agency

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The Unappealing Process Of Onboarding Can Make Or Break Your Agency

Here’s an example of a conversation between me and a model:

Her: Hi. I know I have been super busy. Let me see if I can send the videos later

Me: No it’s fine. I’m canceling your contract

Her: Why?

I mean I sent you everything. The only thing that I was not able to send you was the videos. Because my house is into remodeling and I have people here everything working.
That’s why


Me: You were supposed to complete everything within 48 hours.

When it comes to running an OnlyFans agency, onboarding is not a topic that is frequently covered.

Onboarding is not as exciting as hiring, driving traffic, or making money.

However, in my experience, it is a critical phase that can make or break the life cycle of your models.

I had no system for onboarding when I initially started out.

As a result, I had a ton of girls excitedly go through the recruiting process only to disappear when it came time to do some work.

Some of them were probably just lazy, rotten, on the fence, or otherwise not fully invested.

But what I would come to realize down the line is that it’s equally as likely that these creators bailed because they lost faith in me once they saw how disorganized my onboarding process was.

Let’s define onboarding before we get into the meat and potatoes of my onboarding system:

Onboarding is the time between signing the contract and launching the model’s account.

Now, if you’re one of those cowboys who launches their models with little content, congratulations.

Bless your heart if you were able to make that work.

However, most agency owners will require a specific amount of content before launching the model, so her OnlyFans account looks like it’s worth spending money on.

If a potential fan lands on an account with 8 posts and 24 likes, he’s unlikely to believe that subscribing is worth $9.99.

If, on the other hand, the account has 132 posts and 2.3k likes, $9.99 appears to be an excellent value.

This is merely ONE of the reasons for a thorough onboarding process.

Let’s have a look at some more.

How I Discovered The Power Of A Tight Onboarding Process By Accident

Here’s another example:

Her: Hello I had forgotten to press send when I resubmitted the id Imk if it’s still okay to send through

Me: Hi, we signed you two weeks ago and you still haven’t verified your OF or gotten us the content

You have 24 hours to verify your OF and send us the first batch of content or we are canceling your contract.

Here are your new OF logins:
[Hidden for privacy reasons]

Her: Sounds good thank you !

I didn’t have an onboarding mechanism when I first started my adventure.

Onboarding was a necessary evil. And even worse, it was boring.

It sounded like corporate jargon, something people say in office jobs to make themselves appear busier than they are.

But after having my 11th model disappear like the wind, I realized that maybe my problem wasn’t that I was just recruiting flaky models.

Perhaps the issue was ME.

Playing with this concept prompted me to do something I despise: evaluate my method and hunt for flaws.

I despise doing this for the following reasons:

  1. That means I’ll have to think about it
  2. It means I could be WRONG (ew)
  3. That means I’ll have to adjust my strategy again again (which implies more thinking)

Fortunately, my ego was large enough that I knew it would be worthwhile whatever.

I examined my procedure and discovered the following:

  1. My opening message was fantastic
  2. My sales letter was perfect
  3. My Zoom call went as easily as silk
  4. Everything else was a disaster

And when I say “everything else,” I mean it.

I had no plans for these girls after they signed up, true to my salesman roots.

If I’m being honest, after signing my creators, I didn’t even want to interact with them.

“Just let me close deals and leave these girls to someone else’s problem”, most likely me.

Unfortunately, that someone else turned out to be me.

At the time, I assumed that the cause for all the flakes was due to a mistake in my filtration mechanism.

To put my theory to the test, I wrote a lengthy onboarding email in which I asked the model three questions:

  1. To sign the agreement
  2. To authenticate her OnlyFans account
  3. To send me her first 40 content pieces

1 and 2 were simple enough to complete in 15 minutes.

The genuine filter was #3.

If she couldn’t deliver me 40 pieces of content in 48 hours, I knew she was either lazy, unprofessional, or had decided that this line of work was not for her.

You must realize this: how a model performs one thing is how she will do everything.

  1. If she is late for the Zoom call, she will be late for all calls
  2. If she delivers the first batch of content late, she will deliver all subsequent batches late
  3. If she makes excuses for one thing, she’ll make excuses for everything

And, since I had an abundance of models, I was able to be quite discriminating about the types of girls I would work with.

Here’s a simple example:

When I was working at a trade event two weeks ago, there was a sweet young 19-year-old who appeared like she’d be a fantastic fit for OF.

When I told her about my agency, she indicated interest, so I assured her I’d get her set up as soon as possible.

When I instructed her to download Telegram, it took her two days to respond.

Imagine how long it will take her to give several minutes of content if it took her two days to do something that takes less than a minute.

The fact that I know a girl in real life DOES NOT imply that she will be more reliable than a girl who has been pre-screened by a scout or recruiter.

(NOTE: I just remembered I forgot to give her my sales letter, so can I really blame her for not being sufficiently motivated?).

And if you thought I had a lot of options back then, you should see how many girls people bring me on a regular basis.

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Lesson #1 – Avoid Launching Models With Less Than 100 Pieces Of Content

Another reason for requesting the content up front was because at the time, the main traffic strategy that we were finding success with was Reddit.

Now, I’m not sure how YOU use Reddit, but my Reddit Genius devised a divine plan for generating big traffic using the platform.

It was as simple as posting hardcore gifs to the proper subreddits.

It’s a piece of cake.

I offered new models VERY comprehensive instructions on how to generate great films in their initial onboarding email.

  • I advised them on camera angles, lighting, stances, facial expressions, and even the appropriate noises to make
  • I showed them examples of good content that they could practically copy and paste
  • I even showed them instances of BAD content and explained WHY it was bad!

My initial thought was that the directions would be so clear that they would find it simple to create decent content.

All they had to do was listen to the instructions.

Instead, I discovered that many of these girls were either too lazy or too foolish to follow the instructions.

One of the suggestions I make in the film, for example, is to have as little “dead space” as feasible.

If the video is vertical, the model should fill as much of the frame as possible.

You’d think it would be easy enough to do, but you’d be surprised at how many girls gave me content with her empty wall taking up 1/3 of the movie.

So the onboarding email helped filter these girls even more, just not in the way that I had expected.

But whether or not the models followed the directions, as long as they provided SOMETHING, I was delighted.

They did turn in their homework, but it was done in the car on the way to school. It wasn’t the best.

However, this provided me with the opportunity to provide comments, which I did in the second email.

Assume the following six metrics would be calculated to establish the “grade” of the content:

  1. Lighting
  2. Angles
  3. There is no dead space
  4. Facial expressions
  5. Noise/Intensity
  6. Variety

For each of these criteria, I could assign their content a score ranging from 1 to 5.

In sentence form, it would sound like this:

Oh your lighting and angles are extremely fantastic, but there’s too much dead space. I can also hear the television in the background, and you’re not moaning loudly enough. And every one of your films features you in the same posture – we need more variation.

After receiving response, the girls were forced to send ANOTHER 20 movies that included the critique.

This frequently results in some “better quality” videos.

When it comes to short content, you want as much intensity as possible.

If you imagine a 20-minute solo session, our goal is to record and edit the intensity of the most intense 60 seconds.

It’s not as simple as it appears. However, given the right directions, some girls were able to complete the task.

“Jesus, that sounds like a lot of work to do before the account even launches!” you’re probably thinking.

And you’re correct – that WAS a lot of work.

But the upside was that once we educated this girl how to create high-converting content, we could call on her whenever we needed it.

She would already be aware of what we need of her.

The Reddit method is quite straightforward:

  1. Hardcore content should be used to promote the OF
  2. Upload hardcore content to the OF
  3. Sell intense content as pay-per-views (PPVs)

It’s all hardcore content. The girl only needs to make 1 thing.

To be fair, some girls realize that they are essentially turning themselves into porn stars and decide to back out.

I completely understand – it’s not for everyone.

However, if a girl doesn’t mind that thousands of clips of her masturbating will eventually circulate, the Reddit technique is quite easy to scale.

But the feedback for the first round of content wasn’t the ONLY thing we sent – this was also where we asked them to do the Reddit verifications.

There are numerous techniques for promoting on Reddit:

  1. You can create your own subreddits and promote your girls there
  2. You can crosspost to many subreddits
  3. You can post from verified (but more difficult to gain access to) subreddits
  4. You can post on any subreddit that will accept you
  5. You can DM accounts that have commented on comparable artists’ posts

There are other alternatives available, but my partner discovered that the most efficient strategy appeared to be to have your models’ accounts confirmed on large subreddits and post there.

Verifying these models on Reddit was an additional stage in their onboarding process.

So, in addition to asking for three rounds of content with our feedback included, we now required Reddit verifications.

I mean, it’s not like it’s HARD WORK: just put your Reddit username, subreddit name, and date on a piece of paper and take three selfies from different angles.

When we asked models to complete this, we would request anything from 20 to 50 verifications at once.

Yes, it was a huge pain in the ass (for them). However, it was critical to our plan for boosting their accounts.

We would analyze the videos for quality and provide extra feedback to the models once we received them.

Step 3 was straightforward: all they had to do was to provide 20 more videos.

That was the end of my onboarding procedure, ladies and gentlemen.

To some of you, it may seem robust.

But, in retrospect, I’m not shocked that we lost as many girls as we did.

For one thing, the amount of content we wanted before launch (20 photos and 60 videos) was WAY too low.

Keep in mind we also need enough content to populate the OF so that it looks like it’s worth subscribing to.

Sure, if your girl is a certified smokeshow or a genetic freak, you might be able to get away with less.

You’ll need a lot of posts and likes for your 8s-9s to make the account look like it’s worth the money.

But 20 photos were simply insufficient, especially because we intended to use the first sets of videos to generate traffic in order to determine where our best-performing subreddits would be for each individual model.

The second issue was that we did not request enough VARIETY of content.

Sure, we didn’t require a lot of diversity – simply solo vids.

But, believe it or not, girls were more inclined to complete the content faster if we requested for a larger range of it rather than just one sort of film.

Don’t ask me why; I have no idea.

Another issue with this method is that we did not request any custom content in advance.

Nothing is more infuriating than receiving a $100 custom content request and having to track down your model at 8 p.m. on a Sunday night to beg her to perform a 3 minute dickrate.

We SHOULD HAVE requested for that type of thing up front so we had it on hand when someone asked for it.

Live and learn…

The way we do things now is vastly different – but more on that later.

Lesson #2 – Set Expectations With Your Creators During Onboarding

Another significant advantage of tightening up your onboarding process is the ability to set expectations for your models.

Yes dear, we told you that you would be generating $15,000/month by month 4, but there is a lot of things we need to do to open your account before that happens.

Of course, you don’t want to be that upfront in your expectations setting with the model.

You must gracefully define expectations with your creators.

Personally, I just made a bunch of videos that explain everything for them to watch.

I considered producing another “sales letter”-style paper for them to read, but I felt that expecting them to read so much was asking too much of them.

Videos are simply more digestible.

Here are some ACTUAL video titles:

  • The Mindset Of A Successful Model
  • Why We Need So Much Content Before Launching Your Page
  • How Your Account Manager and You Communicate on a Daily Basis
  • How to Send Content to Your Account Manager
  • What Are Reddit Verifications and Why Do We Need Them?
  • Our Tiktok Account Promotion Strategy
  • How to Produce Content That Sells and Performs Well
  • Setting Expectations And What To Expect For The Next 3 Months
  • Why We Don’t Let You Log Into Your Own Account (Sorry Not Sorry)
  • How Frequently Will Payouts Be Made And How Will They Be Made?

This is all I have so far – approximately 30 minutes of content.

So now, when I bring on a new model, I simply transmit these films.

This is a million times easier than explaining all of this information while attempting to get content.

Not only does this save me time explaining things, but it also prepares the model to work with us.

If she sees all of the videos and continues to show up and do what we want, she has implicitly agreed to all of the concepts in the videos.

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Lesson #3 – Use Onboarding To Filter For Low-Quality Models

Another advantage of a strict onboarding procedure is that it will screen out models that “do not fit in with company culture”.

At least, that’s the theory.

I wish I had some positive anecdotes regarding this benefit, but it’s been the opposite for me.

I truly believe that this is due to our excessive growth.

We are onboarding 3-4 new solid girls per week, thanks to my superstar Russian scout.

And every now and then, some LQs creep through the gaps.

For example, my scout recently sent me a Russian bombshell and informed me that she was ready to go.

(I’ll go into more detail in one of the following parts, but we discovered a way to put Russian creators to work that doesn’t entail providing them with forged passports).

So my scout brings me to this girl, and I can see she has a terrible attitude right immediately.

She is, nevertheless, very stunning. I therefore agree to sign her up.

Now, dear reader, pay attention.

This girl is likely to cause difficulties in the future. And when she does, I’ll get rid of her.

“So why don’t you simply spare yourself the trouble and get rid of her now?”

That is an excellent question.

For one thing, as ridiculous as that may sound, I could be wrong.

She could turn out to be a fantastic model who does everything we want and makes us all a fortune.

I don’t think that will happen, but I’d like to be surprised.

The MAIN reason I don’t let her go now (despite her terrible attitude) is because my scout will probably think I’m cutting the cord too soon.

And if I dismiss her as a non-entity too quickly, he’ll be less likely to send me bombshells.

And that’s not what we want; I want him to deliver me ALL the bombshells.

However, having a strict onboarding procedure will assist in filtering out models that are not a suitable fit.

One of the reasons I have my scouts email my sales letter to any possible girls they want me to work with is because of this.

For one thing, it saves me from having to go through all of the minor things with them.

Second, it “sells” them on the advantages of partnering with us and why we are so great.

Perhaps most significantly, it explains to them what they can expect when they collaborate with us.

When you have a competent onboarding process in place, it sets the tone for the remainder of the partnership.

Assume you apply for a job and get invited to an interview at a posh downtown office.

When you walk in, you notice that everyone is dressed nicely. It’s a nice, open area. People who work there are definitely college-educated, clever, and from affluent backgrounds.

That will leave an impact on you, most likely a pleasant one.

Let’s assume another company invites you to a job interview, but its headquarters are in a run-down building in Koreatown.

The laundromat next door has a small Korean grandma sweeping the sidewalk as you enter in.

The gate buzzer is broken, the door does not lock, and the corridor is filthy.

When you come into the workplace, you notice that the workstations are all crammed together, the lighting is poor, and the employees appear to be unqualified for a job at Walmart.

That will have an effect on you in a different way.

The design of your onboarding process has a comparable impact on your models.

Your models will think, “Wow, these guys are the real deal!” if your onboarding includes nice PDFs, well-formatted emails, and a series of videos with concise explanations.

If your onboarding process consists of you asking your model to “send some pictures and videos” so you can “start making bandz,” she will think you’re a idiot.

Lesson #4 – Using SOPs Improves EVERYTHING In Your Agency, Particularly Onboarding

I have to admit that when done correctly, my current onboarding process is a work of art.

This is how it works:

  1. My scout discovers a girl who exhibits an interest
  2. He sends my sales letter and contract to her
  3. She agrees to the terms
  4. He sends me some information and photos of her
  5. I contact her and introduce myself
  6. I put her in touch with her account manager
  7. The account manager provides her with a 10-page PDF including all of the content she’ll need to launch/run her account

That is where we are right now.

If the genius of this technique is lost on you, let me explain why I am so pleased with it:

  1. The model is pre-sold on working with us from the sales letter
  2. The model has agreed to the contract before I even speak with her
  3. The model is receptive to my initial message
  4. The model receives a ten-page document containing directions for developing ALL of the content required to create and manage her account

According to my observations, most successful agency owners are one-man shows with a few VAs who run 5-10 high-performing girls.

I believe this is because they continue to manage many day-to-day duties on their own.

While I’d love to have my own special forces team of superstar content creators, I don’t want to limit myself to simply the finest.

If I have girls willing to supply content and account managers willing to market them, why wouldn’t I seize every opportunity?

It appears more realistic to distribute my risk across 100 models rather than limit it to 10.

And the patchwork of mechanisms that my partners and I have cobbled together enable me to do just that.

Every component of my agency that I can condense into a ten-page PDF immediately frees me from having to spend time interacting with any one person.

Now I see why my possible big-time agency partner was so obsessed with SOP

Even if 100 SOPs are required, once completed, the agency can operate on autopilot.

All I have to do is figure out where we’re wasting the most resources (energy) and create a SOP for it.

Here are the areas we have dealt with thus far:

  1. Recruiting
  2. Onboarding
  3. Establishing expectations
  4. Content requests

It may not appear to be much, but those four areas necessitate a LOT of upfront work from both ourselves and our models.

Now that we have procedures in place to ensure a good outcome, we can concentrate on developing recipes for future operations to ensure good outcomes in those areas as well.

Here are a few more ideas off the top of my head:

  • Promoting the OF through TikTok
  • Promoting the OF through Tinder/Bumble
  • Promoting the OF through Reddit (partially finished)
  • Promoting the OF through Instagram
  • Running IG ads to recruit models
  • Running the IG accounts of models for social proof (for recruiting)
  • Running a free OF account
  • Running a paid OF account
  • Selling PPVs

I’m not going to lie to you: I don’t know much about any of these, other than how to gain traffic from Reddit.

That is why the categories are so ambiguous.

If one of you is an expert in selling PPVs, for example, you could certainly divide that category into seven distinct sub-categories that must be defined/mastered.

I’ve never worked with them, so I have no idea.

But I DO have increasing experience collaborating with professionals and gleaning their best practices.

For example, I was just contacted by a highly bright Australian youngster who found me through my HF trip post.

I’ve stated it before, but the folks I meet through HF are typically sharp and money-motivated. This child is no different.

He was one of those folks who was just looking for a chance.

“I need money, and I’ll do anything for you if you help me make it” the mood was.

I didn’t have anything for him at the time, but I liked the cut of his jib and told him I’d keep him in mind for the future.

Suddenly, an opportunity presented itself in which I required him to supervise one of my French girls who had been sent to me by my French account manager.

My other account managers were all booked, and this youngster had no prior experience.

But he seemed hungry and admitted to have e-whored previously, so I decided I had nothing to lose.

On the first day, he sends me a screenshot of heavy traffic from Tinder.

He had only been there a couple hours and had already gotten a sub for $15.

Hiring him didn’t cost me any money. By taking up that assignment for me, he was essentially doing me a service.

Did I place any limitations on what he could or could not do? Obviously not.

More than generating a few dollars, my main purpose is to LEARN from the people with whom I am collaborating.

I’m not afraid to admit that I have no idea how they do anything.

  • I had no idea how my French guy is so successful with his French girls
  • I had no idea how my Reddit Genius was doing so well on Reddit
  • I had no idea how this Australian kid was so successful on Tinder and Snapchat

But after observing them, it began to make sense.

Not only that, but it is in everyone’s best interest to condense this material into a 10-page PDF that we can send along to VAs, models, or other partners.

Over time, the library will develop to the point where, instead of having to answer a question, I can simply email them a PDF.

Actually, they won’t have to ask the question because they will have ALREADY read the PDF.

This was the original goal of my sales letter: to design something that would answer the most often asked questions from models.

After I started using it, I rarely got any questions from them because the sales letter answered everything so thoroughly.

I’ll eventually get to the point where everyone knows exactly what they’re supposed to be doing at all times.

And the technique will be modified further over time as the results improve.

But, maybe more importantly, they will become AUTOMATED.

I’d rather make $30 and not have to do any work than make $300 and have to work for 3 hours.

I’m not suggesting this is the only way to go.

There is certainly value in swiftly banking up and then putting that money to good use so that you can expand.

This has never worked for me before.

I either work too hard and burn out, or I waste money on things that don’t work.

My current system of partnering, learning, and distilling is effective.

Some of you competitive short-sighted types may be wondering,

“Wait, but if you and your partners have such open channels of communication, aren’t you risking them cutting you out of the contract once they have your secrets? ”

I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that’s impossible. Naturally, it is. This is business.

And, while I cannot speak for everyone with whom I do business, I believe I have a superior solution.

My goal is to be able to reproduce a particular procedure regardless of who is running it.

Take, for example, my French guy.

We might give him more girls than he can easily handle with his present squad in the near future.

I can say to him, “Bonjour mon ami, write out your SOPs and I’ll send you a team of people who will take over your job so you can help me expand”.

What’s he going to say, “No, sorry, I actually like being overloaded with all these girls and don’t feel like making any more money or spending any less time working”.

My Australian is still in the early stages of his development, but after he has figured out his plan as an operator, I may have him manage, teach, and supervise a team of operators who will carry out his strategy.

Instead of having him explain his tactics to each new recruit one by one, all we have to do is prepare a 10-page PDF and/or record some videos with the sauce, pass them off, and move on.

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Slow Money Is Better Than Fast Money

I’m painfully aware that if I pursued the traditional agency owner approach of “doing everything myself,” I’d make money faster.

Every time someone posts an earnings snapshot in the groups, I die a little inside.

My approaches DO NOT produce quick cash.

But I believe that my approach will result in a far larger, more robust operation that, once the systems are all clearly specified, can be reproduced like Agent Smith from the Matrix.

Not only that, but when all is said and done, there are numerous ways I can experiment with this.

Selling courses is the simple way out, but I feel there are better choices that only demand a little imagination.

Here are a few for fun:

  • Selling an agency-in-a-box service to existing agencies that want to scale
  • Selling individual traffic methods as a service to agencies
  • Selling consulting services to agencies
  • Selling tax help services to agencies
  • Selling banking alternatives to agencies
  • Selling pre-trained teams (chatters, recruiters, traffic, etc) to agencies

These are only a few ideas that came to me, but I’m sure there are others.

Here’s the point: once you’ve properly written out the directions, you can give them off to someone who can replicate your results.

This is essentially the allure of purchasing courses.

“I figured it out, and now I’m going to give you the sauce!”

The problem is that courses rarely contain 100% of the sauce because giving it all away would put the course seller out of business.

When I provide the sauce to my OWN workers, contractors, or operators, I not only WANT to give them 100% of the sauce, but I will do all in my ability to provide them with all of the ancillaries needed to execute the approach with as little friction as possible.

If I have software tools, virtual assistants, standard operating procedures, or anything else that would boost the chances of my workers producing a better result, I would absolutely provide it to them.

Withholding information or tools from them would simply limit my own results.

What is the point of that?

Join My New Business Opportunities And Partnerships Telegram Group

Many of you are already aware of my Model Marketplace, but I am launching a new Telegram channel for OnlyFans agency owners and service providers to discuss business opportunities and partnerships.

I always get things put in my lap that I don’t always have the means to take advantage of.

Not only that, but finding the appropriate people is difficult unless they appear in my email.

Yes, I can spam the groups with my request, but it assumes the proper individual receives and responds to the message in a timely manner.

What is the solution? Create a Telegram channel for me.

I’m not sure about you, but I’m rather excited about this little endeavor.

Writing articles and networking have gotten me to where I am now.

It only makes sense for me to increase my efforts in those areas.

For the time being, this Telegram channel will only be used for opportunities/partnerships in which I have a direct stake.

It’s possible that I’ll open it up to other people searching for collaborations in the future, but for now it’s just stuff I’ve personally verified and am participating in.

If you’re interested in collaborating with me and have a unique ability, opportunity, or hustle that requires complimentary partners, drop me a Telegram DM @mathieumwz, I’ll look into adding it to the list.

Meanwhile, you can join the channel by clicking this link: https://t.me/mathieuweizman

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Sign Up For My YouTube Channel

Those of you who have read all of my articles will recall that I mentioned starting a podcast for OnlyFans agency owners.

My original plan was to broadcast the podcast on the YouTube channel (in the style of Joe Rogan) and create 2-3 hour long videos that people could watch/listen to on their way to work or whatever.

However, I recognized that adding a podcast to my to-do list was going to be too much of a pain in the ass.

For starters, podcasts require guests. And I need to FIND the visitors.

And any guests I’d like to have on the show are likely to be successful, which means they’re BUSY.

So it’s just a matter of finding a time when we can sit down and rap for two hours.

It appeared to be a major hassle and not something I could easily begin and test.

Instead, I’ve opted to preserve the YouTube channel but only make short(er) videos sharing what I know about being an OnlyFans agency owner.

Fair warning: I’m not a guru, I don’t earn a fortune with OF, and there are plenty of people whose advice you should probably follow before mine.

As a result, my channel may not be relevant to everyone.

But I did make several videos, and they were a lot of fun.

Plus, I’ll be connecting to my blog in all of the videos, which should add some SEO juice and drive more traffic there, which is a higher priority right now.

If you want to check out the channel, go to this link.

Update On The OnlyFans Agency Incubator Program

I intend to start a 12-week Incubator program for OnlyFans Agency owners, as you are aware.

If you want to read the complete details, go to this page, however here are the highlights of the offer:

  • Gain access to a private Telegram group
  • Weekly group calls with experienced guests
  • Access to my network and personal introductions
  • My DFY recruiting model framework
  • 30% off on my model marketplace
  • Access to my exclusive network of professional chatters and chatter manuals
  • My Reddit traffic approach and upvote panel discount (coming soon)

This is a brand-new program for me, and I’ve never done anything like it before.

I won’t undertake it unless I feel I can devote enough mental energy to keeping my promises.

(I’m not going to jeopardize my reputation for a few dollars).

And the only way I can do that is if I charge a reasonable price for it.

I also need at least 10 persons committed to the first batch for this to be worthwhile.

I currently own four.

We will see…

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