OnlyFans Model: The Six Mistakes I Made That Cost Me My Superstar

Being an OnlyFans agency owner can sometimes feel like playing a disgustingly unforgiving video game. When you first start out...

Being an OnlyFans agency owner can sometimes feel like playing a disgustingly unforgiving video game.

When you first start out, you stink.

Your equipment is terrible. You have no idea how the world works. Simple adversaries will easily whoop your a$$, forcing you to restart from the beginning.

Every time you die at the hands of an opponent, you note how they killed you and attempt not to make the same mistake.

Of sure, they’ll kill you in another way.

So you start from scratch.

If they don’t kill you and you’re able to continue, you’ll meet ANOTHER adversary you’ve never seen before.

The cycle continues as you try to pass task after challenge, continuously beginning over, needing to go through the same levels over and over, iterating your procedure each time so you may reach a save point and relax.

Being the proprietor of an OnlyFans agency is extremely similar.

Nobody teaches you this when you’re just starting out.

You just think to yourself, “I’m gonna convince some girls to send me naughty videos and sell them to losers”.

While this is the foundation of the business, being able to execute that strategy smoothly is a whole different matter.

In this post, I’ll tell you about my best model to date (my fabled superstar) and the six mistakes I made managing her that eventually led to her leaving my agency for good.

I’ve stated it before, but the majority of the models I’ve hired in the last few months came from an adult jobs website.

This fucking adult jobs website is like an abusive relationship that I can’t seem to pull myself away from.

The majority of the girls are only a half-step away from spending the rest of their lives smoking crack in a Burger King restroom.

But every now and then, you come upon a diamond.

That randomness is what keeps me coming back.

After a few hundred messages, I had a great response from the model I affectionately refer to as “my superstar.”

This is the type of answer I’m looking for while performing outreach:

  1. Lots of text (indicates investment)
  2. Clearly motivated by money
  3. Good grammar and spelling
  4. Desperate to work with an agency
  5. High levels of excitement

I had a good feeling about her from the start, especially when opposed to the tweekers, baby mommas, and illiterate urban garbage that usually flooded my DMs.

When we set up our Zoom call, it was more of that same superstar goodness.

The first thing I noticed was that she arrived at the call on time. That was an anomaly in and of itself.

And, as evidenced by the photographs, she was pretty gorgeous.

Yes, she was nearly 40 years old.

She did, however, have bleached blonde hair and a pair of double D plastic tits hooked onto a 100 lb body.

This is a very marketable brand.

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Mistake #1 – Failing To Adequately Address Her Geoblocking Concerns

During our conversation, she said that she wanted California blocked because she was from there.

Later, I realized this was a huge red flag.

But I was desperate for new models at the time, and I was overjoyed that someone with half a brain had reached out.

She agreed to give it a chance at the end of our call, and within 24 hours she had confirmed her OnlyFans, signed a 12-month contract, and provided her first batch of videos and photos.

It appeared to be too good to be true.

To top it all off, her content was the best we’d ever received from a model.

Tangent #1 – How We Market Our Models On Reddit

Our marketing strategy is a little different from others.

I’ll write more about it later, but here’s the short version: 90% of our traffic originates from Reddit, and 90% of our promotional material is hardcore content.

And our superstar’s content was fantastic.

You may wonder what distinguishes some content from others.

The straightforward explanation is as follows:

Good content converts well, but poor content does not.

But if you really want to know the secret sauce, just think for a second.

Guys who search for porn on Reddit are looking to jerk off.

And, because I know all of my readers are boy scouts and church girls who have never touched themselves “down there,” allow me to explain what creates the best porn.

Well to be fair, the BEST porn is the weird shit.

However, providing your model isn’t puking on herself while masturbating, the second best sort of porn is easy to describe.

It’s simple: the best porn is the 2–3 minutes leading up to and including the orgasm itself.

When we upload promotional content, we are simply attempting to capture that intensity and present it as a teaser in high traffic areas.

Sure, you’ll need other things like decent lighting and a good camera.

However, there is plenty of porn that performs so good that you’d assume it was shot with a Nokia brickphone.

Guys who are jerking it want to watch a woman’s face light up with genuine ecstasy while she masturbates.

It’s literally that easy.

Our superstar’s content properly conveyed this.

Her high-quality content, paired with her “natural” attractive looks and great work ethic, allowed us to get her such great results so fast.

To be fair, my Reddit partner is a fucking genius.

But, let’s face it, a robot could do his job.

Having said that, he was also conversing on her account, which helped bring in a large sum of money. This is especially true given that the initial account we pushed for her was a free account.

After a week, our superstar had 1000 free fans and roughly 5000 Reddit followers. Her account had grossed around $1700.

She was performing so well that we created a VIP account for her, redirecting traffic from her free account to the paid one.

Her second account had approximately $3000 in earnings in just a few days. Her Reddit account now had roughly 15,000 followers.

When we needed more content from her every few days, I would start by giving her a screenshot of an update to her account. New following or recent financial increases could help encourage her.

This has helped me get models to perform things for us when we ask.

Instead of simply asking for more content, I would say something like, “Hey, your account is now at 1500 followers (we gained almost 300 in the last day!). Do you think you can send us another 20 videos?”.

That way, you’re at least showing them progress, and they won’t feel as if they’re wasting their time.

Returning to the story…

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Mistake #2 – Failing To Agree On Specific Amounts Of Weekly Content With Set Deadlines

Later on, I realized that this disorganized approach to requesting more content was a prescription for catastrophe.

But, similar to the video game comparison I used at the start of the piece, this was how we worked with the information we had at the time.

Everything was going swimmingly, and I was confident that this girl would deposit at least $100,000 in my bank account within the next year.

But then everything started to go to shit.

In the midst of the day, I received a text from her saying that someone had recognized her on Reddit.

Her text:

Hey, I have a really big problem! A friend of mine just called me and saw all my content on Reddit! He is here in California! California is supposed to be fully blocked! I cannot have people start finding me on there!
Luckily for me, this is a super close friend and ex lover of mine. We’ve been friends since we were 11 years old so he is probably the only person on the planet that I’m not freaking out about. In fact, it’s probably good that he knows. But if anybody else here, were to find out, it would be complete hell for me. He did say that I am getting very popular on Reddit lol but seriously though California has to be blocked or I need to stop. My kids will get kicked out of school and I would have no friends left. Their dad would probably try to take the kids away from me. Like this is a huge Uh Oh!

‍During our initial call, we agreed to block OnlyFans and PornHub from California.

Geoblocking is not available on social media platforms such as Reddit.

If I hadn’t allowed greed get the best of me, I would have made this plain from the start so we could come up with a suitable solution.

This breach of trust, I believe, was the beginning of the end.

But I kept quiet about it, thinking that the odds of her being identified by someone she knew on Reddit to be virtually nonexistent.

And if she was caught, I assumed it would be after she had cleared $10-20k a month into her own pocket and that it wouldn’t be a problem.

I would later pay for my error.

Having said that, she didn’t appear to be upset that she had been identified.

Granted, the man who recognized her was an ex-lover she had known since they were kids. He even invited her to shoot content at one of his Beverly Hills residences.

I expected her to give up after that, but she seemed to want to keep going.

I thought she could wear a mask or something, but she came up with the idea of wearing a wig and colored contacts.

After all was said and done, she still appeared enthusiastic about working with us. I thought the calamity had been averted.

But, just as I relaxed my guard, our relationship began to deteriorate.

She took a week off from work to go on a camping vacation she had already committed to. Things just seemed different when she returned.

I’m not sure what it was, but she was more difficult to reach. Less receptive.

It took her longer to send content than usual. Even though she did eventually send some (which was excellent), she was unresponsive after that.

Specifically, the issue was that we were unable to get custom content on short notice.

One of her fans paid $100 for a dickrate video. I asked her for it and was given the runaround.

Another fan paid $75 for a custom video of her masturbating to orgasm to a picture of his dick. Again, I was given the runaround.

Various incidents occurred, and she appeared to be less involved than before.

Her account was still performing well, and we had a good backlog of content to promote her with, so I chalked it up to her readjusting to city life after her camping vacation.

OF pinged her with an additional verification request due to the recent rise in income and tremendous traffic (thanks to my Reddit Genius boosting her to half a million people in 24 hours).

On Wednesday night, I asked for it and received a “I’ll do it later” response.

She did not communicate with me on Thursday. On Friday, I sent her additional texts outlining my requirements. There has been no reaction.

I texted her again on Saturday morning, hoping for a response, but I received none.

I texted her the following:

We have a lot of promotions running for your account right now. It’s been 3 days and I haven’t heard from you. Let me know what is going on with you and if you plan on continuing with us or not, but we are doing major work to promote you and complete lack of communication is unacceptable. Thank you.

Finally, I received a response. Good luck reading all of that nonsense.

Wow.. I didn’t hear from you for 24 hours either and you never got back to me with a list of content for Thursdays filming.. I missed a day of content creation! I have 4 kids and with that comes limited time and I need to be able to do things in between them and around what comes up when a person has a family! I have my kids this weekend after all and we’ve been at Urgent Care since 8 this morning! I really do not feel good about this last message that you sent me, completely rude! Lack of communication- really..
I have been busting every free second I have had on this.. I am fkng tired and haven’t had a second to breathe… I’m not your employee, and it is not ok with me for you to converse with me like that! And you guys have completely misrepresented me on the site stating that I do G/G and B/G etc. and that is not true and not happening! And I was trying to ignore the fact that I made is so perfectly clear that you were only suppose to post on things that blocked CA. And you did it anyway and I was willing to shift and move forward anyway… To be honest you just gave me a really bad taste in my mouth and I think it’s best that we no longer work together! I will not allow anyone to talk to me like that.. you’ve got an issue if you’re going to flip out like that on someone just because you’ve gone 24hrs without talking to them! 10 of which I was asleep for… soo really I had a very busy 14 hours. I do have regular work too.. that’s how I am able to currently pay my rent and raise my 4 kids.. I am just shocked at your last message! I don’t have the luxury of jumping every time you snap your fingers! I think it’s best that we no longer work together! Clearly you need someone without kids or who isn’t as involved with them as I am! I will never not be a Mom first!

And I spent the entire day yesterday filming what you asked for.. I shouldn’t have to report to you every second.. I have always done what you have asked for.. and have always told you that I need to know things in advance because I need to do things around everything else.. it’s not my fault they blocked the account and if it has to wait for a day then it has to wait for a day.. if we’re that desperate for the few $7 subscribers that we may miss in those few hours then we’re not focused enough on the big picture! I don’t like not being involved and not knowing what is going on and where you are posting and not having access to see what you are posting – I have been in the dark and yet exposing myself in every possible way and putting that in your hands and I’m not comfortable doing that with you anymore!

Let’s cash out and separate our business together this isn’t going to work.

I tried to play it cool, but inside I was furious.

How could she be so unappreciative? How could she be so sensitive? Did she not want to make money? Wasn’t she impressed with how successfully we handled her case in such a short time?

Was she truly eager to throw it all away because I called her out on being unresponsive for a few days?

Mistake #3 – Arguing With A Model Over Text

I tried to keep my cool (and I like to believe I succeeded) but I made the fatal mistake of arguing with a woman over a text message rather than insisting for a phone call.

You are welcome to ping me any time if you need something from me. And as business partners we need to have the lines of communication open. If you have other issues that you would like to be raised you are welcome to raise them at any time. I’m not a mind reader.

I understand you have other responsibilities. And if you’re not able to do something that’s fine. Just send me a text and let me know so I know what to expect. We work on your account 24 hours a day to promote you, and occasionally there will be issues like this that are beyond our control.

Nobody asked you to abandon your responsibilities as a mother. Just a simple text that lets us know what to expect. Especially after the recent scare where you talked about potentially stopping.

Anyway, if you want to split profits and part ways that’s your decision. However, I would recommend taking a few hours to cool off and then we can have a call later tonight to catch up. Let me know if that works for you‍

[8 screenshots of Reddit post stats]‍

Never, ever argue with anyone over text. You will not win, and it will just make matters worse. Always request for a call, preferably a video call.

What hurt the most was that my Reddit Genius partner had made a deal with another Reddit Genius he knew to send us large quantities of upvotes for every post from our superstar for the next 24 hours.

Until then, we had been boosting with our own money, carefully selecting our posts and subreddits.

But if we were able to open the floodgates and boost 100 posts a day to the top of their respective subreddits, that would be worth big money.

She was ready to quit when the dust settled, one-year contract and million-dollar brand be damned.

The only difficulty was that we still wanted her to re-verify her OnlyFans.

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Mistake #4 – Failing To Set Up A Payment Method Before Launching

We actually had two issues: we needed her to verify her Wise account before we could proceed with the payout.

So I found myself in the unpleasant situation of having to reach out and ask her to do those things so that we could split our income.

Surprisingly, she responded immediately and courteously.

I began to suspect that she didn’t want to quit. Still, she dragged her feet on the reverification, and it wasn’t done for several days.

I pinged her again to ask for what we needed, and despite the circumstances, she responded fairly nicely.

Me: Good morning. Your accounts are at $4.5k combined. Please verify the OF and Wise account so we can send you your share. Thank you

Her: Cool! Working on that now actually! Thanks!

Verified OF $4664 so far! FK!

Me: Yup

That’s what happens when you work with pros

I knew we had her back after this exchange.

Mistake #5 – Allowing The Model Access To The OnlyFans Account

Soon after, I received the following message:

Got Wise done! It may take time to clear I guess though! Meanwhile I have a bunch of messages.. can I respond to them see if I can get us more tips.. I don’t want to quit I’m just not really happy with some stuff.. I’d rather respond to the messages I get during the day..
I’m not happy about some of the things that are being said in the messages, been in sales and marketing for 20 years and some of “my” responses will not retain long term fans, these guys are going to get bored, especially the high paying ones when they’re told by “me” that I’m not really interesting as a person and I basically just get high all night.. these guys want more than that and will get bored and jump ship.. what’s going to set me apart differently is by NOT being like mostly all of the other OF girls.. more classy and respectful and able to connect and actually conversate with these men.. and at the same time be HOT AF and sexually stimulating.. I don’t want to play a fk’d up drugged up girl.. if you’re interested in allowing me to take a little more control of my image by allowing to take over more of my messaging and building more solid foundation with these people.. I think what I’m struggling with the most is that I’m not a sit on the sidelines person.. I’ve worked hard my entire life, I’m an intelligent woman with extensive sales and marketing background and had been making over $150-$200k since I was 17! I’m not at all familiar with the adult industry obviously and I never thought I would be BUT I do know how to sell myself and latch guys long term! And yes I’m so sorry but I do think I can do better than some of the super lame cheesy responses.. Definitely don’t want to handle the ones in the middle of the night though- I need my sleep.. 🤣🤦🏼

I was also not happy that even after the switch of identity that the blonde content was still being posted on the OF when I asked for it not too.. really made me feel like you guys aren’t listening to me and like I can’t count on trusting you guys and the whole reason I went with you in the first place was because I felt like I could so I’m in conflict a little.. soo I’m just really confused on what to do! If we part ways I’m just going to start again either on my own or with another management company, I’ve gotten approached a few times.. and I went with you originally because something made me feel comfortable with you and I know you guys are working hard to drive traffic to the OF account and I have appreciated that.. and you may not even want to work with me anymore and I’ll understand that too.. you guys are fast and I’m not fast enough for you sometimes I get that- I wish I had the energy and the time to be but I have so much going on and I’m trying my best.. anyway.. on the way to pick up son for his cardiologist appt.

The NEW issue was that she wanted to be more involved.

That, combined with the fact that she had access to the account and was snooping around, was a major issue.

I will never again give a model access to the account. Once women start to get involved, they’ll only fuck it up.

To be fair, it’s unusual for any of them to be interested enough to look around that much. But when it does happen, it is disastrous. So no more.

Regardless of her personal circumstances, I wanted us to talk so we could clear the air and reset expectations.

If she was under the impression that she would be allowed to work as a chatter, or that she had any say in how chats were handled, she was sorely mistaken.

As an agency owner, I rely on her for one thing (the single thing I can’t do) and that is, to create content.

And if we didn’t need her to create content, if we could make content using deepfakes, we wouldn’t need her at all.

However, it is what it is.

I finally persuaded her to verify her Wise account when we reopened communication.

However, we still didn’t have a clear picture of what to expect in the future.

And every day that went by with her in limbo was a day that I could have devoted to promoting models with their heads screwed on properly.

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Mistake #6 – Texting While Angry

We had the following conversation last night:

Me: Good morning. Make a list of the things you’d like to cover today on our call so we don’t miss anything. Let me know if 6 pm works for you

Her: Hey! Sorry just saw your message.. I hadn’t heard back from you yesterday so I didn’t plan on this evening! 6 wouldn’t have worked anyway the kids don’t leave until 7:30! I think I need to first figure out what I really want to do here and get my thoughts clear.. with my surgery coming up in a few days and with my son I got a lot on my mind and I just can’t think straight and want to make sure I’m making the right decisions! I just haven’t had down time to even think..

Me: Let me know a day and time in the next few days that works for you

Her: Ok will do! I’m going to respond to these messages though if you guys don’t want to because if we do decide to keep working together I don’t want these people to be ignored but I also understand you not wanting to put in the work if we’re parting ways soooo.. I’ll respond to them for now as opposed to losing them! 🤷

Me: Actually, that’s not ok

You are signed with us and under contract for a year

If you want to quit, that’s fine. If you want to continue with us, that’s also fine. But what is not fine is leaving us hanging without an answer, regardless of your personal circumstances. Your account is on hold until we have our conversation

Her: Well I was offering to continue to make money for the both of us instead of just leaving people hanging since you guys stopped responding to them.. I wasn’t asking for anything more in return I thought I’d be doing you a favor… I was just trying to be nice and understanding and helpful.. but WOW OK..

Well you just made my decision for me… please send me my share of funds and close my account!
And NO, actually I am not under contract with you.. so let’s settle funds and close my accounts!

Me: We were on track to bring in $10k in your first month. We don’t need your help chatting to your fans.

What we do need is your agreement that you are committed to working together

But whatever you want

Her: 60% of which would have been yours and then even more money the next month and so on so you would think you’d at least not be rude and disrespectful.. regardless of my personal circumstances.. really, I just found out that my son has a heart problem that he can die from and may need heart surgery and you have the audacity to tell me, “regardless of my personal problems”… a little understanding and compassion is how I would expect to be treated with! Quite honestly I would he ashamed of myself if I continued to work with you after that heartless comment! I’m done! I’m in a state of shock that you would say something like that.. I hope you don’t have kids and if you do then May God forgive you for that one! Let me know when funds have been transferred and my accounts have been closed!

This is where I went wrong.

I just skimmed her text and thought she wrote, “If we DON’T keep working together…”.

There was no “don’t” in there; everything was in my imagination.

In my mind, I thought the REAL reason she wanted to chat with her fans, before we talked, was because she wanted to try her hand at milking them.

And if she did a decent job, then she wouldn’t need us anymore, in her mind.

That was insane of me to think that. But I suppose I’m just a crazy person.

Technically, I was still correct. Her account was effectively suspended until we cleared the air and received a renewed commitment, which she appeared to be avoiding.

Was I too harsh considering the medical diagnosis of her son? Maybe.

After all, she is still a woman. As well as a mother.

However, I do not hire women or mothers. I’m looking for models.

Maybe I’m a cold hearted bastard for expecting her to rise to the occasion. Maybe I could have kept her if I hadn’t rushed her and give her a little more time.

But I made my decision, and I’m sticking to it.

I haven’t finished things with her yet, but I don’t think this relationship can be saved at this time.

“A broken plate cannot be put back together”, we say in Hebrew.

Is it still salvageable? Maybe.

I may throw a hail mary and attempt to apologize, but honestly I think the damage has been done.

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We’ll see.

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