The Lessons I Learned From Managing My OnlyFans Agency For 30 Days

Hello, fellow Gs. Today is the 30th day of my quest to create an OnlyFans management empire, so I thought I'd put what...

Hello, fellow Gs. Today is the 30th day of my quest to create an OnlyFans management empire, so I figured that I would summarize everything I’ve learned into one handy 3000 word guide and give it to you for free.

Additionally, there are many insights in this article that I haven’t seen mentioned in any threads on the topic before, so if you’re interested in starting a business like this, I believe you’ll benefit significantly from it.

Since I’ve gotten so much value from this community over the years, I felt I may as well give something back, even if I could probably sell this for a couple bucks.

So grab a coffee and settle in, it’s going to be a long one.

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Why I Started This Business

To avoid sounding too cliche, after watching several Andrew Tate interviews, I became intrigued in owning an agency.

Years ago, I watched his camming/OF course and remember thinking, “Ok, it sounds fairly amazing, but there’s no way I could pull it off.” Then I stopped thinking about Tate and that type of business.

However, when he started popping back up everywhere, I watched some of his interviews and really liked what I saw. I went on a hunt to consume any content that I could find of his. All his old courses, podcasts, interviews.. everything.

I gained a ton of respect for his philosophy and approach to life in general.

Listening to his stories, I decided that I wanted to start a webcam/OF business. It seemed like a fun way to make a lot of money.

What then did I do? I invested a large sum of money in a complex coaching and course program.

I was confident that if I followed the guidelines, I would be earning $750/day in a month and a half.

Choosing Models

I was aware that finding models was the first thing I needed to accomplish. I couldn’t really tap anyone I knew in the region because I was in a new city with nothing in the way of a social life or relationships.

Additionally, I wasn’t too keen on the notion of immediately letting everyone know what I was doing on my personal social media sites.

Despite the fact that I have a good game, I am no Andrew Tate, so I didn’t have much faith that I could recruit girls in real life. Not consistently, at least.

I tried using my own account to DM girls from IG, but I didn’t receive many replies. I tried again after creating an agency account. Still nothing.

Finally I had the idea that I would look on an adult jobs website to try to recruit girls. I figured that these girls were already looking to get into the industry and were actively looking for work. Seemed legit to me, so I signed up and started DMing on there.

I would typically send 150–200 DMs every day on average, gradually refining my original outreach message. I used to work in email marketing, so I’m actually quite skilled at it.

I eventually reached a stage where I would receive 5–10 fresh texts from girls asking for additional details every morning. My phone started blowing up non stop.

Sadly, the most majority of these leads turned out to be fruitless.

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Quantity Versus Quality

At first, I would only DM girls I thought were attractive. It seemed like the right thing to do.

The response rate was not as good as I hoped, so I lowered my standards and started DMing pretty much anyone with a pulse.

I soon began receiving a lot more answers after doing that.

My opening pitch would focus only on camming. I would market it as a quick method to make a bazillion bucks. “It’s fun, it’s easy. The money is amazing, omg ur gonna love it”.

The plan was for them to begin camming, and after they established a pattern of consistency, we would create an OF for them and begin marketing it.

I would get these girls on a video call, set up their account on the spot, and we’d agree on a time to schedule their first cam when they were free.

They would inevitably stop communicating with me, disregard my messages, and ghost me entirely. I made around 20 zoom calls in those first two weeks and got 4 girls on camera (one of whom I knew in real life… more on that later).

Some performed better than others, but I soon discovered that camming is really difficult for several reasons:

  1. To make them believe they need your assistance, you must be on camera with them
  2. It requires several hours of your time each day
  3. The money isn’t that great

OF Vs Camming

Despite my best efforts, camming just wasn’t working.

I had one girl who came on and made almost $400 her first cam. She crushed it. But then she flaked on me for the next session and was incredibly unreliable.

I had another girl cam for an hour and a half and make $7. She ghosted me after that, understandably.

I had another girl start camming and was so awkward on camera that I had to turn my sound off because listening to her made me uncomfortable.

I was really hoping camming would work. The idea of having girls handle all the labor and sharing the profits with you seems wonderful in principle. But in practice, things don’t quite work that way.

The majority of those profiting in this industry also didn’t do it via camming. However, they were definitely purging OF.

Consider this: you may either work from home and, at best, earn a few hundred dollars in a few hours.

Or you may spend less than an hour each day producing a few videos, and earn $5 to $10k/month from OF. Obviously, it’s more complex than that.

You require smooth traffic, etc. On the other hand, the reward to effort ratio obviously favors OF.

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Managing Your Models: What To Do And What Not To Do

Finally, I had a girl that I knew in real life cam. She knocked it out of the park and had almost 1000 followers after just a few hours. On her model IG (that I ran), I was getting DMs from guys requesting custom content to the tune of $3k-$5k/month.

Whether or not those deals would have closed is another story. But these kinds of numbers were being thrown around from the beginning.

She was attractive, fun, personable, and totally uninhibited on camera. It was very promising.

To make things even better, we had a good personal connection. Furthermore, she was technologically unsophisticated and barely knew how to use a computer, so she relied on me to get her accounts set up, do social media promotion, etc.

She wasn’t entirely trustworthy, and that was my one complaint with her. She was “polyamorous,” which didn’t concern me because we were only casually dating, and she already had a full-time job.

She was like a refreshing glass of water in the desert, though, after coping with all the unsuccessful rejects.

I made the decision to focus all of my attention on her and make her my star.

In order for me to gather content in bulk and avoid dealing with her schedule, we arranged to do a photoshoot. She flaked and I lost it.

I gave her an ultimatum and she didn’t choose the option that I would have preferred. I paid her her earnings and haven’t spoken to her since. That was two weeks ago.

Even while it still hurts, my ego has mostly healed.

I came to the realization that I needed to change after losing my star.

Up until that point, I treated these females with the utmost professionalism, kindness, and courtesy.

And I got the runaround in return.

Not showing up, being late, and all that other crap.

But as a result of this event, I understood that until they respect you, they won’t listen to you.

They won’t respect you if you don’t establish limits when they do anything bad.

Meanwhile, I had stayed in touch with two girls who were somewhat consistent.

Do you recall the person I told you about, whose awkwardness on camera required me to silence the sound?

She persisted and eventually camming for me three to four times each week, with varied degrees of success.

The other one was a retired 45 year old stripper with a plastic body.

They weren’t the most attractive gals, but they were reliable.

I made the decision to focus all of my efforts on them instead.

Why Is A Good Model Good?

I came to see that there are distinct differences between excellent models and terrible ones as I lost my star and began devoting more time to my two reliable females.

As a 30-day expert, I believe that a good model is one that is:

  • consistent
  • reliable
  • dependable
  • follows instructions
  • communicative

In other words, a good model is pretty much the same as a good employee in any business.

You’ll note that I made no mention of their physical attractiveness, age, or body type.

Yes, given the same circumstances, beautiful girls would prevail over less attractive ones.

But over a stunning female who delivers me content irregularly and is generally unreliable, I will choose an ordinary or even ugly girl who consistently delivers what I request.

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How To Market Your Model

I came to the conclusion that camming was not worth the bother at this time.

Girls don’t want to do it since there is too much effort and not enough money.

It’s like hiring someone for a job; they have to show there on time, work the entire shift, etc.

Things were lot simpler after I made the decision to concentrate on OF.

I could finally focus on getting the girls promoted. I had no knowledge on how to market them, though.

After some trial and error, I finally struck a bargain with an expert: I’d let him handle one of the females, and in exchange, he’d let me watch as he transformed her from zero to hero.

To me, that seemed rather just.

Additionally, it helped that he employed Reddit traffic, which was the strategy I wanted to emphasize.

She received over 100 subscriptions and over $125 in tips her first weekend after we advertised her.

Although it’s not a lot, it proves that there is money there.

I used the same tactics on my other model and had less success, but I think this was because the information she supplied me was so subpar.

But don’t worry; things will get better.

Which is why I contend that having a consistent person is crucial.

Even if they fail the first time, persistent folks don’t quit up.

They’ll carry on.

How To Request For Content (Without Being A Jerk)

I’ve discovered that it also helps to give samples of the content.

Let’s face it, as men, we have undoubtedly watched a lot of adult entertainment throughout the years. We know what makes a good piece of content.

These girls are in the dark.

Girls have a very limited understanding of what it means to be “sexy”; they are trapped with the romantic comedy definition. They desire the emotional build-up, gentle caress, seductive looks… all the qualities that they seek in actual relationships.

Us guys, however, tend to respond to the “wham bam thank you ma’am” attention-grabbing 15 second clip of instant gratification.

They’ll probably give you something when you first request it that has poor video quality, poor lighting, and overacted scenes.

What I’ve discovered is that you need to provide them samples and say, “these are the top trending clips in your category. Copy their ideas.” rather than destroying their ego and telling them it’s bad.

You are cleared of any wrongdoing by this.

After all, you aren’t telling them to change because you dislike what they provided. You’re just telling them to copy the stuff that the algorithm identifies as the most popular.

What I Would Have Done Differently

The MOST IMPORTANT thing I’ve learnt in the previous month, looking back, is that you MUST establish clear boundaries with your models from the very beginning.

They are girls, at the end of the day.

They are not fighting in wars. They are not grinding on their projects. They are not digging holes or mining coal.

Everywhere they go, they are regarded as precious commodities. They receive preferential treatment and are treated with greater kindness and empathy.

I’m not being critical. I do this with girls too. Just the way the world is.

In addition, the women you are seeking to recruit have shown a desire to work in a field that primarily compensates them for their attractiveness as women.

They will thus believe that the same rules apply and that they will be treated differently only because they have different organs.

They will be more difficult to control if you allow them to believe this by treating them like girls RATHER than as employees or independent contractors.

They could even adopt a diva attitude in which they believe they are the center of attention, are “doing all the work,” and that you need them.

When I didn’t have models, I thought this was accurate. They probably felt my desperation and took advantage of the fact that I was so determined to succeed. No judgment. I’m certain that I would have acted in the same way.

When I first started, I believed that the main goal was to find the sexiest women. All would be well as long as I could persuade them to cooperate with me.

While there is some truth to it, the fact remains that these females KNOW they are attractive and will take advantage of every opportunity to showcase their attractiveness.

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The Second Part Of Our Guide On Managing Your Models

For instance, I recently spoke with a lovely girl who is already somewhat established on OF. She already has a job with an agency and earns around $5,000 per month (revenue).

In addition, she is stunning. She has a lovely face, a great body, and a nice smile.

We had a lengthy text chat in which I bombarded her with inquiries about her employment, some issues she’s had with her agency, and other topics. She practically begged me to set up a call.

I arrived on time for the call that we scheduled for last week, at 5 PM.

I was overjoyed because this girl appeared like she would be really simple to sell to, and I thought we already got along well.

5:10 arrives, still not there. I texted her asking where she was. No response.

5:20, still nothing. I sent: “?”.

5:30 and still no response, so I sent, “Good luck elsewhere. We don’t work with people who can’t show up on time.”.

I would never have done this in the past.

I would have been the kind and understanding person who responded, “Sure, life happens. Blah, blah, blah.” However, dealing with models frequently results in issues like these, that I just lost it yesterday.

And what did she say in return? “Ohh no I’m so sorry, please can we do the call now?”. She emails me a screenshot of her waiting in the Zoom waiting room.

“Nope, sorry.” And then to twist the knife I wrote, “And here’s a tip: when you’re going be late for a meeting, you let the person you’re supposed to meet know exactly how many minutes you’ll be late.”

“Ohh, I’m really sorry. Could we perhaps reschedule?” etc.

My interpretation is that you’re supposed to be on your best behavior when you meet someone for the first time. Especially if it’s for a job interview!

Imagine what type of bullshit she’s going to come up with after she feels comfortable if she’s arriving 30 minutes late for the initial appointment.

Long story short we ended up rescheduling. I’m not unreasonable.

All you can do when you meet someone new, is establish a barrier and make it clear that crossing it is unacceptable. If they cross it again, then you have to let them go. Otherwise, they’ll think your word means nothing and that you are just full of empty threats.

You’ll spend a lot of time chasing models if you decide to enter this industry.

My advice: don’t.

Instead, cast a wide net and look for the superstars.

You’ll never turn a lazy bum into a superstar. If you somehow manage to pull it off, it’ll take you so much time and effort that you could have saved just by looking for people who are already fully-developed superstars and pitching them instead.

And what is a superstar, in my opinion?

Someone who shows up on time, is dependable, and does what I ask to the specifications I outline. Someone who goes the extra mile without needing to be asked.

In other words, the same as a superstar that you would hire for anything else. Don’t be blinded by the fact that they are girls.

You have my word that it is irrelevant that she is attractive.

Save yourself a headache and let her go if she refused to comply with your request because she “had a migraine” or “had a family emergency.”

The Path Forward

Now that I have the promotion part of the game “figured out,” I am turning my attention back to recruiting models.

I have a few plans for the future.

  • Try my luck again on the adult jobs websites
  • Mass DMs on Twitter
  • Mass DMs on Instagram
  • Sugar Daddy websites

I’m going to try them all out and see which one works the best. But from where I am standing, it seems like a simple scalability issue.

Once you get reliable girls, learn how to manage them, and find a proven system of promotion, all you have to do is make sure that you have regular content from them.

You only need to mine the superstars, once all of those parts are in place.

I hope you all liked this manual.

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Good luck to you all!

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