The Three Big Mistakes That Nearly Caused Me To Quit The OnlyFans Business

What’s up fellow Gs… today marks the 30th day of my journey to building an OnlyFans management empire, so I figured...

Hello everyone. Let’s talk.

These recent weeks have been… Let’s call it transitional.

I won’t go into too much detail, but suffice it to say that my grand idea of outsourcing things did not go as intended.

It was a worthwhile endeavor, and I learnt a lot along the way. But I did not receive the desired outcome.

What I got instead was a bunch of irritated models, operators, scouts, and one very frustrated me.

And, while we’re talking about how this horrible mistake nearly caused me to leave the business, let’s toss in a few more errors I’ve made in the last 30 days to make things interesting.

I didn’t fail; I simply discovered another way that didn’t work.

As you are aware, my intention with my agency was to outsource everything: recruiting, traffic, and chatting.

Here’s how I thought it would go:

  1. Someone sends me girls
  2. I onboard the girls and inform them what we need for launch
  3. The girls are allocated to an account manager, who manages them
  4. The account manager drives traffic to the girls’ websites and interacts with their followers
  5. Everyone earns a profit
  6. We’re all happy
  7. I move to the next one

Here’s what really happened:

  1. Someone sends me girls
  2. I onboard the girls and inform them what we need for launch
  3. The gals either do not send stuff or send shit content
  4. The account manager goes missing for three days at a time
  5. The girl goes missing for two days at a time
  6. The scout shouts at me for failing to provide results
  7. I fire the account manager
  8. The girl gets mad
  9. I go to the gym for three hours to get away from my troubles and to work off my frustrations

Just shy of a total disaster.

I don’t want to dwell on how disastrous this experiment was.

But what I really want to talk about is what I learnt from it all. At the very least, I learnt a lot.

For one thing, I learnt that it is my responsibility as the person in charge to know exactly what is going on at each stage of the process.

Not only that, but I must be able to describe the system from start to finish to someone who is unfamiliar with it in case I need them to recreate it.

That REALLY implies that if a component of the machine fails, I must be able to replace it promptly with a fungible alternative.

To be fair, not all of my account managers performed admirably.

My French account manager, along with one or two others, is generating good results for a few females.

But, for one reason or another, nearly every other model-operator coupling blew up in my face.

And I had about 30 pairs at one point.

Not all of them were the operator’s fault.

In truth, the models were mostly to blame, or more particularly, because I did not explicitly define expectations and prepare the models for the amount of work they were expected to complete and the timetable for results.

But how could I fully prepare them if I didn’t know what to expect? I was delegating everything to several account managers with varying methods.

It was a tragedy waiting to happen.

It’s similar to an unexpected pizza delivery.

Working with scouts is fantastic.

Instead of seeking for ladies, placing advertising, and scouring your connections for girls who might be interested, scouts deliver models to your door by the hand.

It necessitates no effort at all.

And MY scouts were ferocious.

But, with such a high volume of models, I got lazy.

My BIGGEST MISTAKE was discontinuing Zoom calls with new models.

I assumed that if they came through the scout and read my sales letter that they were solid.

This was not the case.

Looking back, nearly every single solid girl I’ve ever had was one with whom I had a face-to-face Zoom call.

I first wrote my sales letter to avoid having to repeat myself on Zoom calls, but during this chaotic era of messiness – which I’ve nicknamed “The Dark Ages” – I went too far.

I mistakenly believed that reading my sales letter would eliminate the need for a Zoom call totally.

This was simply incorrect.

Nothing beats a face-to-face video conversation with a model for establishing trust and building a bond.

They see your face, recognize you as a genuine person, and (if your game is tight) you may hook them and infect them with the dream.

It’s not like I didn’t KNOW. I just grew lazy since my scouts were always throwing me girls.

However, due to bad administration, disorganization, and a lack of real outcomes, we lost the majority of them.

But losing the females wasn’t even the main issue.

My REAL issue was disappointing my scout.

We’d formed a nice professional relationship and were on excellent terms during the previous few months.

We’d chat about this girl or that girl every day, he’d send me fresh prospects, and we’d plan our future.

Unfortunately, for one reason or another, practically all of the ladies he sent over the course of a month acquired very little momentum (except for one, who we’ll discuss later).

The last straw came when one of the operators I had great expectations for freaked out on me, accusing me of attempting to gaslight him, and made his own arrangement with the girl.

My scout and his buddy then put a stop to it: no more girls until I saw some results with the ones they’d provided me.

My roster at the time included:

  1. A “big name” veteran pornstar milf
  2. A fat Russian chick in the BDSM niche
  3. A chubby Ukrainian model
  4. A Ukranian cam girl with tons of content
  5. A smoking hot Russian chick with huge lips

I also have two more girls from various sources:

  1. A 20-year-old blonde American girl
  2. A 20 year old Romanian girl with big poofy hair and a fit body

I recognized I needed to adjust my strategy after taking stock of what I had.

PS: If you don’t want to waste any time and want to get started right away, click this link to access The OnlyFans Masterclass: the #1 OnlyFans Agency Course and learn the strategies we use to scale our models to $2,000/day.

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Problems In Managerville

One of the most significant challenges with my plan of outsourcing everything was that no matter how much experience these account managers claimed to have, I would STILL have to teach them on how to properly interact with models.

I even made a collection of account manager training videos.

Don’t get me wrong: I chose these individuals because they claimed to be traffic specialists. They all claimed to have had prior success with women.

However, one aspect that I entirely neglected was their ability to communicate with the models themselves.

For example, when you initially start managing a new lady, there is a time of limbo between when she submits her first couple batches of content and when she begins obtaining results.

It comes to reason that if you want to ASK a model for anything, you must first SHOW her a favorable outcome from previous work.

This sounds straightforward to me, but I have yet to have an account manager do it on their own without my instruction.

And I’d often have to tell them more than once.

Little holes like those accumulated over time and began to sink the ship.

Another issue with employing account managers to accomplish everything was that I wasn’t paying them enough.

My standard account manager rate is 30%.

If you’re just starting out and don’t have any experience, you could leap at the possibility to manage girls for 30% commission.

But if you’re already established, there’s NO WAY you’d take on a new lady for 30% of revenues if you had to do all the work.

This was an inconvenient truth that I managed to overlook for months, owing to the fact that I received so many bites whenever I went fishing for account managers.

I received several letters from people who were ready to collaborate with me, so I assumed the method was practical.

After all, why was I getting so many messages if it wasn’t?

Why were there so many people interested in becoming account managers?

Regardless of the answers to those questions, the reality of the situation is that for 30%, people just aren’t going to take it that seriously. Especially when they have no skin in the game.

I, on the other hand, had an abundance.

My whole company strategy was built on the assumption that I could locate individuals who were not just eager to perform the work, but who were willing to do an AMAZING JOB.

I believe you can see where I’m headed with this…

After the incident with the operator who lashed out on me, I understood I’d have to handle everything myself.

I had already begun thinking about it, but this was kind of the last straw.

I don’t want you to think I’m blaming my operators (particularly if one of them happens to see this), because it wasn’t their fault that things didn’t work out.

But I know that if I am personally responsible for the outcome, I will work more.

It would also compel me to learn something I had avoided learning about since establishing this business: getting traffic.

I dislike the process of trial and error. The monotony bothers me. I don’t enjoy the sense of being in the dark and not knowing what I’m doing wrong.

People who have figured out the traffic game are naturally tight-lipped about their secret sauce.

Scrapping My Business Model And Relaunching My Agency

I decided to go back to basics and re-watch a course on establishing an OnlyFans agency, as I was starting from zero anyhow.

I purchased this course a long time ago and never finished it.

(To be honest, the major reason I purchased the course was for the private-member Telegram group that came with it.)

When I first started with my business, my sole community was a 20-person Telegram group, but I thought a bigger group would be much more helpful.

So I paid $500 for the course and joined the group.

Of course, I soon forgot about both the training and the group when I joined yet another fast growing Telegram group a few days later.

However, at this point, I felt it would be a good idea to go back and really watch the stupid thing to find out what this guy’s secret was.

And if I were to summarize it in one word, it would be TikTok.

Before we go any further, let me declare unequivocally that I despise TikTok.

Every time I think the human race can’t possibly be much dumber, I open TikTok and my standards are lowered even again.

I despise it so much that I don’t even use it casually.

Having said that, I can understand the attraction.

There are some really skilled creators on there that produce highly entertaining things. There are some real cuties on there as well.

TikTok’s BIGGEST attraction, in my opinion, is that it is essentially a software that makes individuals famous.

There were two factors preventing me from utilizing the app for my models:

  1. It makes me feel “icky”
  2. I would rather use my computer

But after seeing his videos, I began to appreciate his strategy’s simplicity.

He is so reliant on TikTok that his business appears to be more of a TikTok marketing company than an OnlyFans agency.

Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but when you have one really effective strategy that may propel your model to $50,000 per month, why bother distracting yourself with something else?

I made a decision after viewing his videos: I was going to have all of my new models make TikToks.

Not only that, but I planned to include “willingness to do TikToks” in my screening process.

After bragging about my sales letter for months, I fell into the trap of thinking it was wonderful the way it was.

And, while it did assist to filter models, it did not mean that the filter was perfect.

My sales letter excels at the following:

  1. Filters for really motivated models
  2. Filters for models who are susceptible to being influenced by copywriting
  3. Filters for models who love the idea of being successful on OnlyFans
  4. Filters for models who are smart enough to read (not joking)
  5. Describes the remuneration and workload for the first few months
  6. Establishes expectations (for workload)

But why did I have to stop there? Why should it be the only thing it checks?

My sole success with marketing OF girls came via Reddit, and it wasn’t even my partner that did it.

And, while we did get some good outcomes, the difficulty was that they came from a single, very specialized technique.

I’d be screwed if I acquired a different sort of female who wasn’t a good fit for that strategy.

To be more precise, if I had a female who wasn’t interested in creating 100s of short dildo-masturbation video, getting set up on tube sites, and basically turning herself into a porn star, I’d be completely stumped as to how to promote her.

Promote a pornstar? No worries.

Promote a 20-year-old college freshman who “wants to do OnlyFans”? I have no idea.

TikTok appears to be the solution.

And, based on what I’ve learned, the road to success is rather straightforward. You have two choices:

  1. Create content that is both unique and entertaining (quality)
  2. Publish a lot of stuff and hope that something becomes viral (quantity)

I’m not going to spend the time attempting to turn these girls into creative geniuses.

I’d MUCH rather give my models a weekly list of 70 thirst traps to replicate, hand them an iPhone with a US SIM card, and tell them to post 10 pieces of content every day.

I began to fall in love with this notion as I opened my mind to it.

I’m not claiming it’s the only method, but consider the benefits:

  1. The girl uploads the content on her own (I don’t have to do it for her)
  2. TikTok has perhaps the biggest volume of traffic
  3. The content may be reused into IG Reels, YouTube shorts, and TikTok clones (Clapper)

I only had to mail her a $70 iPhone and a SIM card.

With all new girls I bring on, I make them it very clear that this is what they’ll be doing. I still have them create a content bank for another method I’m using, but I’ll go over this later.

These are choices I made only a few days ago, therefore I haven’t put them into action yet.

But I have an iPhone ready to ship to Romania for my favorite model.

In two to three weeks, she’ll submit all she’s got.

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A Glimpse At My Current Roster

Let’s take a step back and talk about my present roster.

A “big name” veteran pornstar milf

I won’t give her name away, but if you’re a baby boomer like me, you’ll probably remember her.

Her issue is that she is also a baby boomer who is digitally illiterate.

It’s also not helping that she’s “inconsistent.”

She’s been with us for months and has only submitted one round of content. I provided her comments the next day, and she only recently contacted me  again.

Rather than letting her go, I’ve kept her around to see whether she’ll ever get her act together. Now I’m kind like that.

A fat Russian chick in the BDSM niche

This girl has two things going for her:

  1. She has about 100 dildos (which I’ve seen)
  2. She produces tons of content

The issue is that she is overweight, and her content is terrible.

And when I say terrible, I mean terrible.

It’s just horrible – dirty camera lens, no sound. I gave her some criticism and am currently awaiting her next round.

There could be a way to monetize what she’s already sent, but it’s simply so horrible that I don’t want to spend any time on it.

And I’m not going to set up accounts for her unless I see evidence that she’ll genuinely improve what I requested her to do.

A chubby Ukrainian model

Unfortunately, after around two weeks, this girl was rejected by my French manager.

I assigned her an English-speaking manager, but he let her down by disappearing for weeks at a time, forcing us to track him down. I’m not sure what her problem is recently, but she also hasn’t been reactive.

A Ukrainian cam girl with tons of content

This one has a lot of potential because she’s supplied us so much material. I have someone looking after her and attempting to increase her traffic. I’m not sure what’s going on now. It’s been roughly two weeks, and I would have expected a result by now.

Not encouraging.

A smoking hot Russian chick with huge lips

This young lady is already generating money. The issue is that I no longer own any part of her. I “gave” her to an account manager in return for learning his method.

He’s now teaching me what he’s doing, but it appears extremely ewhore-ish. Lots of one-on-one conversations, selling independent material, and so on.

It appears to be time consuming.

Because it’s the holidays, contact has been sporadic, but before Christmas, he was providing me with plenty of useful information about his strategy and what he was doing. I learned a lot.

I learned a lot from him that I can apply to future models.

A 20-year-old blonde American chick

I mentioned her in a previous piece, but this is the one that gave me superstar feelings.

Spoiler alert: I was wrong.

This girl sounded excellent during our interview, however she vanishes for a week at a time and is difficult to find.

She lives with her family, and they are aware of what she is doing. They support her, which is also strange.

She’s now earning money with my French manager and is up and running. I now have another person running her OF, but he does TikTok and we’re waiting for her  to return from her Christmas festivities and begin posting TikToks.

That being said, she creates really good hardcore stuff, primarily due to the fact that she is one of the few who truly implemented the feedback I offered.

Will most likely keep her for a while.

A 20 year old Romanian girl with big poofy hair and a fit body

This chick is by far my favorite out of all of them.

She’s little, fit, has a huge booty, and enormous poofy hair, and I think she’s the most physically appealing of the lot.

Even better, she reacts quickly to any correspondence we send her.

She also creates whatever content we request almost promptly.

She’s a dream come true.

When I decided to start performing the operation myself, I decided to make her my little pet project.

I created a dozen accounts for her and began advertising her, but my results were mediocre. But I have other ambitions, which I’ll discuss in a later part.

So, I suppose that’s a start.

My New Traffic Man

I’ve already stated it, but I’ve ran a journey thread on HackForums. Every day or two, someone from there contacts me about something business-related.

I got a contact one day from this man who claimed to be an expert in getting traffic for OF females.

Look, I receive these types of texts all the time.

I used to get happy when I got them, but ever since that one operator flipped out and snatched our girl, I’ve been much more cautious about who I work with.

Anyway, I’m talking to this man, and he’s hard pitching me. He is desperate to break into the industry and promises me that as long as I have a regular stream of girls, he can get me  traffic.

I’ll tell you something about myself: whenever I’m talking about business with someone, I’m quite direct.

Not only do I not have the time or energy to waste, but I also want the person I’m speaking with to understand exactly how they can assist me.

I liked his reaction when I did that with him. So I decided to try him out.

This guy’s method takes around 5 days to set up and another week to get up and running.

But then he indicated that depending on the quality of the chatters, we could make $200-$500 every day.

Am I really that naive to believe yet another random stranger I met online? Maybe.

But, ultimately, what did I have to lose by taking a chance? Nothing.

So I emailed him photos and videos of my Romanian model. What’s the big deal?

He’s planning to “saturate the market” with photos of one girl? I have my doubts.

Anyway, as I already stated, I have a good vibe. We’ll see how things proceed.

I Don’t Sell A Course (Yet)

For a long time, the idea of selling information has piqued my interest.

The issue is that I don’t believe I have good enough results with anything to sell information with confidence.

The only exception would be fitness.

I can teach you all you need to know about getting six pack abs, staying healthy, losing weight, taking supplements, and so on.

However, I don’t feel like charging for it because I don’t think it’s that difficult.

In the case of fitness, I believe the oft-repeated comment, “Oh, but you can find all that information for free,” unironically applies.

Sure, I understand that some individuals are prepared to pay thousands of dollars for a coaching program to be in shape, but I just believe the whole thing is super cringe.

It’s really quite simple: eat chicken and lift weights every day, and you’ll be fine.

Running an OnlyFans agency, on the other hand, is an entirely different scenario.

This game is not just complex, but it also has a steep learning curve in several areas.

Yes, the market has been “flooded” with new agencies, but I don’t believe this is a problem.

Do you believe the average individual has experience pretending to be a girl on the internet?

Obviously not.

Maybe some people will instinctively take to it, but I’m ready to guess that’s the exception rather than the rule.

Consider the learning curve required in the most fundamental step: recruiting.

Just to obtain your first girl, you must:

  • Understand how to approach people in a non-creepy manner
  • Understand how to present yourself as competent, professional, and trustworthy
  • Know how to structure the workload so that they actually show up to the job
  • Learn how to properly onboard them so that they do not abandon ship at the first hint of difficulty
  • Learn how to connect with them such that they trust you and want to work with you
  • Learn how to criticize their content without offending them

And that’s only around 5% of what you need to know about models.

I understand that there are some modest super-geniuses out there who were born with this information, but the majority of regular people will be learning it for the first time.

Not to mention the complexities of traffic generation, page management, social media marketing, branding, and a variety of other factors that go into  running a business.

To be honest, you’d have to be INCREDIBLY astute to pull together a viable business model from Google searches, books, blogs, and YouTube  videos alone.

As a result, I believe it is completely legitimate to offer training, coaching, and consulting about establishing an OnlyFans business.

The adage, “They’re not paying you for information, they’re paying you for expertise,” is also well-known to those in the information-selling business  transformation”.

When I mentioned my internal problem with selling a fitness course, people told me this all the time.

Even though I believed the principle was correct, I had difficulty carrying it out with a clear conscience.

I have no qualms about selling a course on how to manage an OnlyFans agency. In fact, I’m looking forward to it.

This sector intrigues me since it takes a unique combination of dating skills, blackhat abilities, and sales skills that, once perfected, will transform you into a very successful m arketer.

Here’s what I mean: I told my new traffic partner that my ultimate goal was to become a “guru” on the subject and sell info products, coaching, and so on – but I wanted to be able to achieve a result on my own.

This was another issue with my technique of only working with operators.

In theory, they worked their magic, but even if they did, I had no idea what they were doing, so I couldn’t duplicate it.

I made a deal with him: I would let him manage the traffic to the girls in exchange for a share, and he would teach me his method.

We’d keep working together in good faith until it no longer made sense.

Now consider this: I don’t want to actually USE the procedure. I just want to know that it works so that I can achieve an undeniable outcome and teach it for a fee.

I mean, I COULD teach the TikTok approach because I know it works, but I’ve never tried it. So I wouldn’t feel comfortable teaching it.

My original intention was to show folks how to set up a fully-outsourced OnlyFans agency. But as time passed, I realized that was not something the typical individual could do with no prior knowledge.

Sure, if you’re that unique person who already has everything and just wants Filipino virtual assistants to do the dummy work for you, that’s OK.

But if you’re just an Andrew Tate fan who saw some interviews and now considers yourself an e-pimp, you’re in for a rude awakening when you find this shit is fake.

It was far more difficult than Top G made it appear.

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Running IG Ads To Recruit Models (And The Reddit Bot Fiasco)

Another thing I began doing approximately two weeks ago is running Instagram advertisements.

One issue I have in both life and business is that I become SUPER excited about an idea for about 48 hours, work on it really hard, and then turn to something else.

I’ll do something else because I’m easily distracted.

Here’s a rundown of everything I’ve done in the last three and a half months:

  1. I launched a model marketplace
  2. I started a blog
  3. I launched a YouTube channel
  4. I attempted to automate model outreach
  5. I registered for an adult jobs website in order to do outreach
  6. I did SMS outreach to find models
  7. I’ve written (and rewritten) my sales letter
  8. I revised my dating sales letter
  9. I started farming mobile proxies
  10. I worked on constructing a Reddit upvote farm

I completely forgot about my Reddit bot debacle. Let me do that quickly, and then I’ll make my point.

So we all know that Reddit can be an effective traffic generator if:

  • You are posting in the appropriate subreddits
  • You are adhering to the rules of the subreddit on which you are posting
  • You have a sufficient number of upvotes to maintain the post at the top

The first two are based on knowledge. However, you will have to pay for upvotes.

For months, I’ve wanted to build an upvote farm but never got around to it. It is not an easy task.

I ended up buying a complicated Reddit bot that accomplished three things:

  1. Built accounts
  2. Built karma on the accounts
  3. Upvoted

In the demo, the bot looked fantastic. Everything was very straightforward and do-it-yourself.

That crap hardly worked in reality.

The bot was supposed to produce 1000 accounts every day, but in actuality, it only created 500.

The proxies that came with the VPS plan were not only pricey (I won’t even tell you how much I paid), but they were also “a mix of residential, mobile, and public”.

I’m not clear what that means or why they wouldn’t just use mobile proxies because their traffic is the easiest to disguise. But whatever.

The karma builder not only did not work, but my accounts were blocked whenever they attempted to use it.

This occurred at the same time as a major Reddit ban wave that shocked the community.

I never had the opportunity to upvote a single post.

Trying so many different things may be admirable in some ways. But I’d much rather just obtain the desired result.

If I had just taken the plunge and tried TikTok when it first came out, I would have had it worked out by now and wouldn’t have had to deal with all of this bullshit.

Fortunately, one thing I DID try was using Instagram advertisements to find models. And, believe me, that thing works like a charm.

I’m still ironing out the kinks, but I’ve had two new models via Instagram advertisements so far, and perhaps three more.

I’d been meaning to recruit using Instagram advertisements for a while but never got around to it.

However, one of the things I’ve been working on is finding folks willing to let me write case studies about their methods.

This is how it works:

  1. You demonstrate your technique to me
  2. I do it and then write about it, making you appear like a super amazing genius

Some people perceive the value, while others do not.

BTZ – a name you’ll recognize if you’re a member of the community – was one of those who saw the benefit. He has a thriving model marketplace that seemed to appear out of nowhere.

We’ve known one other for a long, but when I saw how well his marketplace was doing, I reached out and requested to pick his brain.

He was fair with the information exchange, so I told him about my case study idea.

He agreed, and we set up a Zoom call.

During the conversation, he demonstrated how he was able to attract so many girls in such a short period of time.

And, to be honest, it wasn’t anything innovative. A lot of outreach and IG advertisements.

My first idea was to concentrate on outreach, but unlike BTZ, who used VAs to send DMs manually, I wanted to automate the process using a Jarvee-like automation tool I’ve  utilized in the past.

My plans came to a halt when I couldn’t find the necessary proxies.

I’ve tried automating on Instagram, and it’s a complete mess unless you utilize mobile proxies.

The only issue is that good US mobile proxies will cost you $100 per month.

And, while you can probably operate roughly 15 accounts on a single proxy, I’d rather have my own mobile proxies and not pay that much.

So my Shiny Object Syndrome kicked in yet again, and this time my rabbit hole of choice was the “setting up your own mobile proxies” one.

I’ll spare you the details of that narrative for now, but suffice it to say that I’ll be setting up my “farm” when my Google Pixel 2 arrives.

I didn’t like the notion of teaching VAs right away, so I decided to start with some adverts.

I’d been holding on 2-3 high-converting Instagram advertisements that I’d stolen from various sources for a while, and now felt like the perfect moment to test them out.

When I launched my new campaign, I did what most people do: I started with South America.

No offense to any South Americans reading this, but I dislike “selling” to folks from that region.

I’ve never done so. They’re too unsure.

So, even if I was getting leads for $.50 each, it wasn’t worth it to me.

A lot of the girls down there also have a weight problem, which kind of destroyed it for me.

I rapidly switched tactics and targeted Eastern Europe, with significantly greater results.

Leads were roughly twice as expensive, but I believe the quality improvement was worthwhile.

One of my first leads came from a 20-year-old Romanian student (not to be confused with the other 20 year old Romanian model I have).

Pay attention, those of you practicing cold outreach. I think I’m about to give you a life-changing nugget.

My approach was really direct because I assumed these girls had already seen my ad.

This is what I wrote to them:

“Hey <name>, quick question. Are you interested in becoming an OnlyFans model?”

There’s none of this “We can make you a bazillion dollars with no work and all you have to do is work for 5 minutes a day and blah blah blah” nonsense that most people like to send.

Just ten or so words – and the response rate was astounding.

The Romanian girl responded by telling me how she worked for another agency, how they were terrible, and how she was looking to try someone else.

If she wanted to apply, I emailed her my sales letter and told her to follow the procedures.

She did, as a matter of fact.

You know how when you meet someone new and you’re like, “There’s something special about this one?” I could tell right away that this girl was like that.

I’m not sure what it is, but she’s unique.

She’s attractive, but she’s not breathtakingly beautiful. She’s just got something about her that I’m not sure what it is.

I decided to set up a Zoom call with this one, and she arrived on schedule. (This is always a positive indication.)

This is when I realized how effective a properly executed Zoom call could be at cementing a model.

Let’s face it: if a girl reads my entire sales letter and believes everything she reads, she’s pretty much “sold” on the notion of working with us.

But, until we have a face-to-face chat, she believes she is doing it alone. She still hasn’t given the words on the screen a face.

As I mentioned previously in the article, my first intention with the sales letter was to answer all of the models’ questions before the call.

As a result, the Zoom call became a formality rather than anything else.

But that’s where I went wrong.

By dismissing it as “just a formality,” I was passing up a fantastic opportunity to solidify a girl.

Here’s the REAL reason for the Zoom call:

  • To reassure the girl that you’re not some creepy pervert who just wants to jerk it to her nudes
  • To show the girl that you are a real human being and not a bot
  • To demonstrate to the girl that you are a legitimate businessman and not some random sex trafficker
  • To get your hooks as deep into her as possible so you can pull her through the difficult onboarding phase

If you have ANY game at all, you must use it on this Zoom call.

All else being equal, these girls will feel MUCH more at ease dealing with you if you are a smiling, cheerful, confident Chad rather than an awkward s tuttering virgin.

To be honest, you don’t even need a GAME; you simply need to be a normal cool guy that knows how to make a girl feel at ease.

You think your life is difficult?

Women are always concerned that they will be overpowered, raped, beaten, killed, or otherwise exploited by an ordinary man.

Showing her that you are NOT that type of guy can help keep her committed to the project.

That being said, I may have gone too far with this one.

We talked for a little longer than I typically do with models, but she was so charming. I just couldn’t stop myself.

This, however, resulted in her recruiting another of her pals to work with me two days later.

“Did you show her my sales letter?”

“Yes” she said. “We actually stayed up all night talking about it.”.

Not the worst thing in the world.

You want them to be so enthusiastic about the opportunity that they tell their friends to join you before they’ve even begun.

The combination of getting her so excited about the chance and an actual personal connection to me – her new silver-tongued step-dad – was so powerful that  SHE persuaded her friend to sign with me.

I haven’t yet made her any money. I didn’t even make her an account.

To be fair, much of that is due to the type of person she is. Right place / right time, and so on. I can’t take full credit.

The one disadvantage of IG advertisements is that you have no influence over the quality of the girls who appear in your inbox.

Not all of them are as adorable as my new Little Sweetheart. Some of them are completely insane.

Once I start making some decent money, I intend to hire VAs to recruit via direct message. But for the time being, Instagram advertisements will suffice.

Special Thanks To The Private The OnlyFans Masterclass Telegram Chat

Yes, I had to redesign things quite a bit after abandoning my ambition of outsourcing everything and functioning as a connector.

It was ultimately for the best.

I’ll be honest: I was down on myself for about two weeks after realizing I wouldn’t be able to complete my goal as planned.

I didn’t want to read Telegram chats, respond to personal messages, or appear in videos.

I felt embarrassed, angry, frustrated, and dumb.

And don’t get me wrong: I seriously pondered quitting.

“Perhaps the haters were right,” I reasoned. Maybe this crap isn’t for me.”

Not to get all sappy on you, but one of the main reasons I kept going was the friends I’d met in the community over the last few months.

Just when I was about to give up, a friend would send me a funny meme on Telegram, a newbie would message me about how my articles helped him, or my scout would email me five photos of a half-naked Russian beauty and ask what I thought.

These weren’t enormous emotional moments, but they were enough to get me to pay attention again.

Work a little harder, send that extra DM, and gradually rev up my own engine.

Perhaps the most helpful was my own private Telegram group, which is full of folks I have either hand-picked or who have come  endorsed by other members.

It’s not just amazing to have access to so many brilliant brains, but all of my friends are there as well.

I no longer have to handle talks across six different threads because everyone is now in the same group.

Because this is a new group, the dynamic is still developing. But so far, I’m quite pleased.

Eliminating “Someday” And Re-Shuffling My Goals

Yesterday, I was watching a video with RSDTyler, aka Owen Cook.

The film spoke on how individuals become locked in the “someday” mindset and how it is bad.

He used the example of how he despises people who tell him that “someday” they will be a billionaire.

He believes that this is a symptom of “someday” thinking, which prevents the person from taking any action toward achieving their goals.

This is common among guys just starting out in pickup.

“Oh, I’ll start doing approaches when I lose 10 pounds/move to a different city/my business becomes more stable” they’ll remark.

I can confirm that this happened to me as well.

I’ve been wanting to go balls out learning pickup for years, but can only force myself to do a few approaches here and there.

(I’m also not a night person, which makes going out difficult. Excuses, I know.).

“When I have a stable location-independent income, I’ll focus on pickup,” has been one of my favorite excuses throughout the years.

In fact, I say that almost every time I’m preparing to relocate to a new place.

“Okay, as soon as I get there, I’m going to go out and start doing approaches!” I’ll say.

I really struck the ground running when I initially got to Minneapolis.

I actually pulled a girl from the day game and slept with her the first weekend I was here. She was also incredibly attractive.

But, while my dating life in Minneapolis is better than it has been in years, it is not as wonderful as it could be.

And I feel a large part of that is due to the fact that I spent a lot of Friday and Saturday evenings alone on my sofa instead of out looking for booty.

But something clicked for me when Tyler mentioned the billionaire idea.

Someone was trashing one of my last articles not long ago in one of the Telegram chats.

For those who haven’t read it, this article was me letting my imagination run wild and thinking about how my agency would function if I could have whatever I wanted.

It was a good creative exercise.

Surprisingly, this video sparked a lot of backlash in the community. People described me as unrealistic, naive, and, yes, crazy.

I used to dismiss them as haters, but after watching Tyler’s videos, I believe I finally understood what they were trying to tell me.

Consider the distinction between the following options:

  • Having a scout that brings me girls
  • Having a squad of killer chatters who have been trained to carry out a system
  • Creating a monthly content calendar for girls to follow ahead of time so they know exactly what they are responsible for in advance
  • Owning a yacht and a mansion

Can you find the one who doesn’t belong?

Having a yacht and a mansion has nothing to do with how my agency operates.

I’m not suggesting it’s wrong to want those things, but owning a yacht and a mansion may provide very little practical benefit.

You may argue that I could throw parties on the yacht in order to attract potential models. But that wasn’t the reason I desired a yacht and a mansion.

According to Tyler’s video, I wanted the yacht for the same reason that the guy he mentioned wanted to be a billionaire: we thought those things would make us happy.

We’re all victims of the “someday” attitude.

I can’t speak for everyone, but “I’ll be happy when” is an unpleasant thinking that I need to get out of my head as soon as possible.

Is a yacht and a mansion required for me to be happy? No.

Similarly, do I need a scout to bring me girls in order to be happy? No.

I can run IG advertisements, employ VAs to spam girls on IG, or go recruit in person (more on this later).

Maybe I’ve never mentioned it on this site, but I have a LIST of things I want to accomplish “when I’m successful.”

I’ll tell you what they are sometime (haha), but for now it’s unimportant.

For one thing, I’m fine without them.

Another reason is that I don’t need money to accomplish them.

So, why am I still waiting? It makes no logical sense.

To answer my own question, I’m waiting because I don’t believe I’m worthy of doing those things “until I’m successful”.

One of the things I’ve been putting off for months is organizing photoshoots like I used to when I lived in Vegas.

  • Is it necessary for me to be financially successful in order to plan a photoshoot? No
  • Is it important that I drive a beater? No
  • Does it make a difference if I can’t flex a $20,000 watch? No

There’s no reason for me to hold off.

The problem is distinguishing between what you DON’T need to wait for and what you CAN’T accomplish because you don’t have the money.

Organizing a photoshoot in my city with local models, photographers, and a venue costs absolutely nothing.

Flying to Jamaica to accomplish the same thing is expensive.

I’m not sure how I got here, but I think what I’m trying to say is that I need to get out of my own way and do everything I can to make progress as rapidly as possible.

One of the things the guy I bought the course from, discusses in his course is the importance of working with girls you know in real life. There is a higher level of implied trust there and you can actually collaborate with them face to face to ensure that sh*t gets done.

I realize that most people don’t associate Minneapolis with attractive ladies, but there are plenty of them here.

Why wouldn’t I do all in my power to recruit from within the city?

I guess what I’m trying to convey is that I’d like to establish a little bit more of a local scene here in the following year by arranging photoshoots and recruiting from people who attend  photoshoots.

Let’s make a brief list of everything else I’d like to do:

  • Begin planning photoshoots
  • Learn how to get traffic without models
  • Make a filter for girls who want to do TikTok
  • Start going out more and recruiting girls from clubs and raves

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Let’s leave it at that. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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