What Running An OnlyFans Agency Has Taught Me About Time Management

Good day, everyone. I just wanted to give you another update. When I first started, I was focused on the fundamentals of running...

Good day, everyone. I just wanted to give you another update.

When I first started, I was focused on the fundamentals of running an OnlyFans/webcam agency: recruiting girls, generating traffic, and maintaining the pages.

But I’ve now altered my mind and have a different objective. This post will update you on what I’ve been up to over the last few weeks.

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Why Did I Change My Goal?

When I first started my business, I concentrated on the fundamentals: recruit females, bring them traffic, and manage their profiles.

Unfortunately, those three jobs may be split down into microtasks, many of which I was unfamiliar with.

I rapidly became overwhelmed by all of the minor tasks I needed to first learn how to do, then spend time performing manually, and then try to automate.

It was not enjoyable.

Someone in my agency group approached me one day with an intriguing proposition, asking if I would like to assist them recruit a new model. This person has one successful model and was finally ready to sign another.

At this point, I was still feeling a little lost, so they made me an offer: “If you find me a girl, I’ll walk you through the process of what I do to make her successful.”

That sounded like a good deal to me so I took it.

Over the following two weeks, I observed as this model grew from 0 to 350 fans and 3000+ Reddit followers. Her profile is free, so there isn’t a lot of money coming in, but there is some. And every day, her accounts are expanding more quickly.

Once I made this deal, the amount of “work” I had to do dropped tremendously.

I didn’t have to find out how to do anything complicated, like establish a Reddit bot farm, improve karma, or plan 100s of posts every day. All I had to do was locate the proper individual who already understood how to do everything and send them a model.

Models Are Currency

In the photographic world, there’s a running joke that models are currency. When you photograph models, you generally end up with a decent-sized network of gorgeous girls with whom you get along well. Particularly if you’re any good.

To put it in plain English, once you have attractive women in your life that will show up at a certain time and place, you have an advantage in networking in the real world.

This notion clicked in my head once I started to see the results from partnering with someone to run the traffic.

All I had to do was find models and “transfer” them to someone who didn’t have any in exchange for a piece of the revenues and a look behind the scenes at how they ran their business.

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How To Approach A Model

The next question that makes sense is, “How do you find models?”.

I’m no expert, but when it comes to sales, I have a basic system:

  1. Find a lead source
  2. Send a couple hundred texts every day
  3. Pursue the best and ignore the rest

What you DO NOT want to do is waste time attempting to “convince” prospects that what you are selling them is worthwhile.

In other words, I’m not a pushy salesperson attempting to get women to work with me.

I treat them the same way I would if they came to my house, and I wanted to offer them something to drink.

“Do you want a glass of water?” I’d ask.

I WOULD NOT say, “Hey, you should definitely try this water, it’s so fantastic, OMG, you’re going to adore it; let me explain why it’s the finest water ever. The very first reason is…”

After a few iterations, the success rate of your outgoing message will rise. I not only have an excellent outgoing message, but I also produced a 21-page sales letter to assist me in converting those who are interested.

Here’s a how it starts:


Dear future superstar,

Let’s get right down to business.

In this document, I am going to reveal the secrets of how to make $15,000/month on OnlyFans in 90 days without leaving your home.

Even better, most of the techniques that I describe below can be automated or done-for-you by our modeling agency.

But we’ll talk about that later.

Before we get into the juicy stuff (no pun intended), let me introduce myself.

My name is Mathieu and I am not a pornstar, porn director, or porn casting agent.

My background is in sales and marketing.

Specifically, I am a traffic generation expert.

For you non-techy people out there, that means I am an EXPERT at getting people to pay attention to what I want them to pay attention to.

How To Spot A Time Waster Right Away

Most agency owners will tell you the same thing: getting reputable models is the most difficult part.

I’ve built a very effective screening process over the last several weeks to evaluate whether the female I’m chatting to is serious or a time waster.

What I look for are the following:

  • Follows the guidelines outlined in the initial outreach
  • Completely reads the sales letter (I ask them to do this)
  • Follows the sales letter’s directions (send a pic, name, and a few sentences about why they want to work with us)
  • Responds to my WhatsApp messages in a timely manner
  • Seems to be genuinely excited about the chance
  • Arrives on time for their Zoom call (if they are more than 5 minutes late, I will cancel the session)
  • Verifies their OF within a reasonable period of time after our Zoom call

This is an example of a promising text from someone:

[Hidden for privacy reasons] and the reason I want to do this is because I am a single mom of 4.. who walked away from her 2 million dollar home and the lifestyle that went with it when my X husband plummeted our marriage! Now the kids and I live in a house I can’t stand, and my bank zeros out at the end of the month.. The kids and I house search ALL the time, dreaming over the house that we want to buy again one day.. and I want nothing more than to be able to get us our life back! That’s why I want to do this!

Plus., as I said I’m single with 4 kids, leaves me no time to date.. My hidden folder is full of [hidden for privacy reasons] soo I’d more than likely actually really enjoy producing any content you ask me to! My only question I would have would be at what point does the split go to 60/40.. and does it ever get to a 50/50? But I’m totally [hidden for privacy reasons]

And don’t let the four children confuse you. This model has a lot of promise.

Red flags when recruiting models:

  • Comes out as arrogant (“Why should I sign with you?”)
  • Doesn’t bother to read the sales letter
  • Doesn’t follow the application’s instructions
  • Takes forever to answer my messages
  • Is late for the Zoom meeting
  • Doesn’t verify their OF or gives up after a few ID rejections

This is an example of a text message from someone who is probably not worth following up on:

Me: Great picture

But you should read the entire document and follow the instructions so that you can apply properly. It will also be good for you so you understand our strategy, and the compensation, and everything else

The model: I don’t like to open links. Do you have a website?

Me: Sucks for you

The model: Haha I supposed

If I notice any red flags or resistance from a model early on, I dismiss her as a potential time waster and give up.

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Working In Vs On Your Business

When you see motivational speakers, you’ll hear things like, “I suffered in my business because I was so busy all the time. I was trapped working IN my business when I should have been working ON my business.”.

As internet marketers, I believe we believe we can do it all. We don’t need to outsource our outreach since we can automate it with proxies, bots, and an RDP.

Personally, I’ve been experimenting with this type of stuff for many years. I would get some idea in my head like, “I’m going to build a lot of specialized IG accounts to 100k followers!”.

I’d compulsively work on it for a month or two, realize it was more than I bargained for, and quit up.

I’d have just enough information to seem like I understood what I was talking about, but not enough to produce any results.

But now I’m trying something new. My current objective is to identify all of the critical components of the company machinery and locate providers to connect the dots.

I can tell you straight now that I am terrible at promoting OF pages. I’m also terrible at extracting money from fans through messages or postings.

I could probably figure it out in a week if I concentrated on it, but I’d rather spend that week interacting with other models and agency owners and finding out how to position them somewhere valuable to them for a little (but recurring) return.

1% Of 100 People’s Effort

For example, the most recent model I signed is the wife of an adult film studio owner.

This arrangement has a number of positive aspects (which I’ll discuss in another piece), but one of the finest aspects is that I won’t have to do any work at all.

Someone who is a specialist in TikTok and Reddit marketing contacted me as a result of a post I wrote on Reddit about my OF journey. They liked my post so much that they offered to work for me for free in exchange for me teaching them about the business.

This individual claims to have “figured out” the TikTok algorithm and has grown pages to more than 200-300k followers.

All I had to do was sign this new model, give her over to this guy, and he’d take care of the rest.

I’ll give him a month to do his thing, and if he performs well, I’ll give him a piece of the earnings. But the idea is that he will handle all of the work for this model, freeing me up to focus on increasing the roster.

Sure, I would probably make more money if I learned how to grow a TikTok, effectively promote on Reddit, sell to fans, etc. But I’d also be spending several hours a day on this girl’s account instead of finding new girls to pawn off onto other people who actually want to do that kind of work.

I’m not saying I’m not going to work. I appreciate the sales aspect of the job, such as closing transactions and recruiting. I also appreciate everything writing-related, as well as networking with other agency owners.

I’d rather spend my time focusing on things I like and earning less money per model than doing a bunch of things I despise for more money.

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Forward Motion

Let’s take a look at where I am right now.

Current assets:

It would be fantastic if I could find someone who could help me find reliable girls I could introduce to my model managers.

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Please let me know if you have any suggestions; they are always welcome.

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